AGUILAR, PETE (a Representative from California)

AGUILAR, PETE (a Representative from California)

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

African Americans: mint coins in commemoration of Negro Leagues baseball establishment anniversary (see H.R. 4104), H1471 [3MR]

Air pollution: preserve appropriate and achievable Federal standards for greenhouse gas emissions and corporate average fuel economy for cars and light trucks (see H.R. 978), H765 [4FE]

Australia: recognize longstanding partnership with the U.S. to share critical firefighting resources during times of crisis (see H. Res. 803), H538 [24JA]

Committee on Aging (House, Select): establish (see H. Res. 821), H1506 [4MR]

DEA: eliminate separate registration requirement for dispensing narcotic drugs categorized in schedules with lower potential for abuse that are intended for maintenance or detoxification treatment (see H.R. 2482), H64 [8JA]

Dept. of Education: provide grants to States to establish a comprehensive school career counseling program (see H.R. 5092), H13 [7JA]

Dept. of HHS: award grants to States to provide safety measures to social workers, health workers, and human services professionals in high-risk and potentially dangerous situations (see H.R. 5138), H13 [7JA]

Dept. of Transportation: improve transportation alternatives program (see H.R. 5231), H65 [8JA]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: credit applicable medical facilities accounts at the West Los Angeles, CA, Medical Center with revenues received pursuant to the use of easements at the Center (see H.R. 5094), H766 [4FE]

——— provide for eligibility of certain individuals exposed to burn pits for hospital care, medical services, and nursing home care (see H.R. 4137), H766 [4FE]

——— provide for presumption of service connection for diseases associated with herbicide exposure for certain veterans who served in Vietnam (see H.R. 2200), H766 [4FE]

——— provide for presumption of service connection for illnesses associated with firefighting (see H.R. 5637), H848 [5FE]

——— provide for treatment of proceeds from seized or forfeited assets in connection with certain third-party land use at the West Los Angeles, CA, Medical Center (see H.R. 5093), H766 [4FE]

Firearms: require firearm assembly kits to be considered as firearms (see H.R. 1266), H537 [24JA]

Immigration: expand access to health care services, including sexual, reproductive, and maternal health services, for immigrants by removing legal and policy barriers to health insurance coverage (see H.R. 4701), H13 [7JA]

Medicare/Medicaid: modify skilled nursing facility training lockout penalties to allow certain facilities to continue certified nurse assistant training (see H.R. 4468), H1165 [18FE]

National Native American Heritage Month: observance (see H. Res. 682), H13 [7JA]

National World War II Memorial: mint coins in commemoration (see H.R. 4681), H538 [24JA]

Native American Heritage Day: observance (see H. Res. 682), H13 [7JA]

Privacy: allow domestic violence victims who are participating in State Address Confidentiality Programs to use their confidential substitute address when creating new public records at the Federal level (see H.R. 4705), H766 [4FE]

Taxation: amend definition of qualified amateur sports organization in the Internal Revenue Code to remove restriction on student-athletes using or being compensated for use of their name, image, or likeness (see H.R. 1804), H937 [6FE]

——— modify rehabilitation credit for certain small projects, eliminate requirement that the taxpayer’s basis in a building be reduced by the amount of rehabilitation credit determined relative to such building (see H.R. 2825), H64 [8JA]

Tuskegee Airman Lieutenant Colonel Robert J. Friend Memorial Post Office Building, Irvine, CA: designate (see H.R. 5711), H1018 [10FE]

Woodie Rucker-Hughes Post Office Building, Riverside, CA: designate (see H.R. 5983), H1224 [26FE]


Staples, Tim, H241 [15JA]