ALLRED, COLIN Z. (a Representative from Texas)

ALLRED, COLIN Z. (a Representative from Texas)

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Alcoholic beverages: recognize successful State-based alcohol regulation since the creation of an effective system of independent beer, wine, and spirits distribution (see H. Res. 285), H1663 [11MR]

Animals: prohibit transportation of horses in vehicles containing 2 or more levels stacked on top of one another (see H.R. 1400), H326 [16JA]

Armed Forces: prohibit use of funds for unauthorized military force against Iran (see H.R. 5543), H65 [8JA]

——— terminate authority to engage in hostilities against Iran (see H. Con. Res. 83), H63 [8JA]

Audie Murphy Post Office Building, Greenville, TX: designate (see H.R. 5988), H1250 [27FE]

Black History Month: observance (see H. Res. 96), H753 [3FE]

CFTC: extend jurisdiction to include setting of reference prices for aluminum premiums (see H.R. 1406), H1505 [4MR]

Courts: allow claims against foreign states for unlawful computer intrusion (see H.R. 4189), H1158 [13FE]

Crime: specify lynching as a hate crime (see H.R. 3536), H239 [14JA]

Daughters of the Republic of Texas (organization): establish Republic of Texas Legation Memorial as a commemorative work in the District of Columbia (see H.R. 3349), H1537 [5MR]

Dept. of Education: authorize grants to support new and expand existing voluntary community-driven strategies to increase diversity in schools (see H.R. 2639), H978 [7FE]

——— translate Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) into foreign languages (see H.R. 4567), H1126 [12FE]

Dept. of HHS: address health, hygiene, and limited child care options available for infants and toddlers who lack sufficient diapers (see H.R. 1846), H1047 [11FE]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: carry out a pilot program on dog training therapy (see H.R. 4305), H334 [21JA]

——— eliminate copayments for medicines relative to preventive health services (see H.R. 3932), H1505 [4MR]

——— extend increased dependency and indemnity compensation paid to surviving spouses of veterans who die from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (see H.R. 4748), H848 [5FE]

——— prohibit denial of benefits due to participation in a State-approved marijuana program (see H.R. 2191), H1158 [13FE]

——— provide for circumstances under which reimbursement for emergency ambulance services shall be provided (see H.R. 485), H1158 [13FE]

——— study feasibility of establishing a pilot program to assign certain Armed Forces officers to serve as directors of medical centers (see H.R. 5732), H746 [30JA]

Dionne Phillips Bagsby Post Office Building, Fort Worth, TX: designate (see H.R. 5562), H63 [8JA]

Family Violence Prevention and Services Act: make improvements (see H.R. 5041), H1047 [11FE]

Federal Labor Relations Authority: ensure public sector employees are able to form and join unions and enter into a written contract with employers and reaffirm policy to encourage collective bargaining (see H.R. 3463), H1165 [18FE]

Foreign aid: authorize a comprehensive, strategic approach for U.S. foreign assistance to developing countries to strengthen global health security (see H.R. 2166), H1695 [13MR]

Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act: amend (see H.R. 3814), H1165 [18FE]

History: recognize importance of Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the laws derived therefrom (see H. Res. 694), H301 [15JA]

Insurance: require group and individual health insurance coverage for treatment of a congenital anomaly or birth defect (see H.R. 1379), H937 [6FE]

——— require group health plans and insurance issuers offering group or individual coverage provide 30-day prescription drug refills to individuals residing in emergency designated areas (see H.R. 6193), H1660 [11MR]

——— require health insurance providers to cover oral cancer drugs on terms no less favorable than for cancer medications administered by a health care provider (see H.R. 1730), H1505 [4MR]

Korea, Republic of: express importance of U.S. alliance and strengthen and broaden diplomatic, economic, and security ties (see H. Res. 809), H714 [29JA]

Medal of Honor: tribute to African American recipients (see H. Res. 96), H753 [3FE]

Medicare: exclude ventilators from competitive acquisition programs for a certain period of time (see H.R. 4945), H1662 [11MR]

——— extend coverage of immunosuppressive drugs for kidney transplant patients (see H.R. 5534), H1557 [9MR]

——— protect coverage for screening mammography (see H.R. 2777), H848 [5FE]

Miller, Doris: award Medal of Honor posthumously (see H.R. 5549), H1253 [27FE]

National Telecommunications and Information Administration: establish a mobile hotspot grant program (see H.R. 5243), H1663 [11MR]

Public Health Service: designate Chief Nurse Officer as National Nurse for Public Health (see H.R. 1597), H12 [7JA]

Ralph Hall Post Office, Fate, TX: designate (see H.R. 5987), H1250 [27FE]

Social Security: eliminate waiting periods for disability insurance benefits and Medicare coverage for individuals with metastatic breast cancer (see H.R. 2178), H64 [8JA]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: make supplemental funding available for management of fish and wildlife species of greatest conservation need as determined by State fish and wildlife agencies (see H.R. 3742), H714 [29JA]

Vietnam: prioritize protection of internationally-recognized human rights and development of rule of law in U.S. relations (see H.R. 1383), H1556 [9MR]

Weissmandl, Michoel Ber: award Congressional Gold Medal posthumously (see H.R. 929), H330 [17JA]

Women: ensure reasonable workplace accommodations for workers whose ability to perform the functions of a job are limited by pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition (see H.R. 2694), H239 [14JA]

World War II: award a Congressional Gold Medal to 23d Headquarters Special Troops known as the ‘‘Ghost Army’’ (see H.R. 2350), H1126 [12FE]

Bills and resolutions introduced

Repp, Jack: tribute (see H. Res. 892), H1587 [10MR]


Firearms: call for Senate consideration of gun control legislation, H858 [6FE]

National Gun Violence Survivors’ Week: observance, H858 [6FE]

Votes: position on missed, H1434• [2MR], E256• [4MR]