Enact (S. 2657), S1260, S1261, S1262, S1263, S1264, S1266, S1267 [2MR], S1303, S1304, S1305, S1306, S1307, S1308, S1311, S1312, S1313, S1314, S1315, S1316, S1317, S1326, S1327, S1328, S1329, S1330, S1331, S1332, S1333, S1334, S1336, S1337, S1338, S1342, S1346, S1347, S1348, S1351, S1406, S1407, S1408, S1409, S1410, S1411, S1413, S1414, S1415, S1416, S1417, S1418, S1419, S1422, S1424, S1425, S1426, S1428, S1439, S1440, S1441, S1442 [3MR], S1452, S1480, S1482, S1483, S1484, S1486, S1487, S1489, S1490, S1491, S1492, S1494, S1495, S1499, S1500, S1502, S1505 [4MR], S1522, S1604, S1607, S1610 [5MR], S1615, S1628, S1629, S1636, S1637, S1638, S1639, S1640 [9MR]

Cloture motions

Enact (S. 2657), S1582 [5MR], S1619 [9MR]

——— motion to proceed, S1173 [27FE], S1246 [2MR]


Enact (S. 2657), S1173 [27FE]

Remarks in Senate

BLM: increase certain royalty rates, minimum bid amounts, and rental rates for leasing on Federal lands for oil and gas drilling, S1280, S1283 [3MR]

——— promote timely exploration for geothermal resources under geothermal leases, S1282 [3MR]

Credit: require Federal mortgage agencies to consider energy costs in the underwriting process, reduce home energy consumption, and facilitate creation of energy efficiency retrofit and construction jobs, S1250 [2MR]

Dept. of Energy: establish a research, development, and demonstration program for grid-scale energy storage systems, S1286 [3MR]

——— establish advanced nuclear energy goals and provide versatile, reactor-based fast neutron source and high-assay, low-enriched uranium for research, development, and demonstration of advanced reactor concepts, S1282 [3MR]

——— establish an integrated energy systems program to promote research, development, and deployment of nuclear hybrid energy systems, S1282 [3MR]

——— establish Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy as the lead Federal agency for coordinating Federal, State, and local assistance to promote the energy retrofitting of schools, S1287 [3MR]

——— Office of Science funding, S1457 [4MR]

——— promote energy savings in residential buildings and industry, S1249 [2MR], S1287 [3MR], S1582 [5MR]

——— provide energy cybersecurity investment incentives and establish a grant and technical assistance program for cybersecurity investments, S1282 [3MR], S1454 [4MR]

——— provide for a program of wind energy research, development, and demonstration, S1287 [3MR]

——— provide for certain programs and developments relative to cybersecurity and vulnerabilities of, and physical threats to, the electric grid, S1454 [4MR]

——— provide for modernization, security, and resiliency of electric grid and carry out programs for research, development, demonstration, and information-sharing for cybersecurity for energy sector, S1454 [4MR]

——— publish, in consultation with States, tribes, and local governments, an update to model building energy codes, S1250 [2MR]

——— reauthorize Weatherization Assistance Program, S1286 [3MR]

Dept. of the Interior: facilitate availability, development, and environmentally responsible production of domestic resources to meet national material or critical mineral needs, S1282 [3MR], S1453 [4MR]

Enact (S. 2657), S1452–S1455, S1457, S1465–S1467 [4MR], S1582, S1586 [5MR], S1615, S1616, S1618 [9MR], S1641, S1642, S1643 [10MR], S1678 [11MR], S1717 [12MR]

——— motion to proceed, S1173 [27FE], S1240, S1244–S1251 [2MR], S1273–S1275, S1280–S1283, S1286–S1290 [3MR], S1450 [4MR]

EPA: grant authority to regulate a transition to refrigerants, solvents, fire suppressants, foam blowing agents, aerosols, and propellants that do not use hydrofluorocarbons, S1465–S1467 [4MR], S1616 [9MR]