APPROPRIATIONS related term(s) Budget-U.S.

APPROPRIATIONS related term(s) Budget—U.S.

Bills and resolutions

Armed Forces: prohibit use of funds for unauthorized military force against Iran (see S. 3159), S93 [8JA] (see H.R. 5543), H11 [7JA]

Dept. of Education: establish competitive grants to empower community colleges and minority-serving institutions to become incubators for infant and toddler child care talent, training, campus and community access (see S. 3168), S93 [8JA]

——— increase maximum Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant award and protect program from sequester funding cuts (see S. 3158), S93 [8JA]

Dept. of the Treasury: establish Biomedical Innovation Fund (see S. 3161), S93 [8JA]

Health: require certain drug manufacturers entering into settlement agreements for violations of law to make supplemental payments to be used to increase medical research funding (see S. 3163), S93 [8JA]

Remarks in House

Dept. of Education: school rehabilitation and rebuilding projects funding, H53 [8JA]

U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change: prohibit funding to advance withdrawal from Paris Agreement and require the President to develop a plan for the U.S. to meet its pollution reduction goals under such agreement (H.R. 9), H17 [8JA]

Remarks in Senate

Congress: accomplishments of the 116th Congress, S16 [6JA]

Iran: limit use of funds for military operations in or against Iran (S. 1039), S84 [8JA]

Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (H.R. 1585), S71 [8JA]

——— reauthorize (S. 2920), S71 [8JA]

Reports filed

America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act: Committee on Environment and Public Works (Senate) (S. 2302) (S. Rept. 116–200), S93 [8JA]

Reauthorize Dept. of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E): Committee on Energy and Natural Resources (Senate) (S. 2714) (S. Rept. 116–195), S58 [7JA]