Bills and resolutions

Courts: authorize additional judgeships and convert a temporary judgeship for the district of Arizona (see S. 3321), S1075 [13FE]

Dept. of Justice: expand areas eligible under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program for those exposed to atmospheric nuclear testing and extend deadline for filing claims (see H.R. 5992), H1250 [27FE]

Tucson, AZ: establish a national memorial to honor victims of 2011 shooting at ‘‘Congress on Your Corner’’ event (see S. 3156), S93 [8JA] (see H.R. 5559), H63 [8JA]

Remarks in House

Bureau of Reclamation: provide for water security, reliability, modernization, and abundance in Western States, H1209 [26FE]

House of Representatives: moment of silence in honor of the anniversary of Tucson, AZ, ‘‘Congress on your Corner’’ shooting attacks, H50 [8JA]

Ma, Emilie: Prudential Insurance Co., of America Spirit of Community Award distinguished finalist for Arizona, E173 [12FE]

Phoenix, AZ: anniversary of Greater Phoenix Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, E173 [12FE]

Statehood: anniversary, H1128 [13FE]

Reports filed

Nomination of John C. Hinderaker To Be District Judge: Committee on the Judiciary (Senate), S1597 [5MR]

Nomination of Scott H. Rash To Be District Judge: Committee on the Judiciary (Senate), S276 [16JA]