Bills and resolutions

Human rights: impose sanctions on foreign countries in violation of international human rights or humanitarian law amd establish U.S. Commission on Atrocity Accountability and Human Rights (see H.R. 5880), H1124 [12FE]


Proposed sale of defense articles and services: Committee on Foreign Relations (Senate), S121 [9JA], S269–S271 [16JA], S955, S956 [10FE], S1182, S1183 [27FE], S1292, S1293 [3MR], S1468 [4MR], S2206–S2212 [4MY], S2339–S2341 [11MY], S3010 [16JN]

Remarks in House

Dept. of State: allow direct loans to countries for procurement of defense articles, defense services, and design and construction services (H.R. 2444), H1546, H1547 [9MR]

Israel: authorize military assistance, support ability to address conventional and emerging threats, and enhance cooperation in areas of mutual interest (H.R. 1837), E390 [23AP]

Texts of

H.R. 2444, Eastern European Security Act, H1546 [9MR]