NEGUSE, JOE (a Representative from Colorado)

NEGUSE, JOE (a Representative from Colorado)

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Armed Forces: prohibit use of funds for unauthorized military force against Iran (see H.R. 5543), H149 [9JA]

——— repeal authority to use against Iraq (see H.R. 2456), H149 [9JA]

——— terminate authority to engage in hostilities against Iran (see H. Con. Res. 83), H63 [8JA]

Bureau of Prisons: regulate monitoring of electronic communications between a prisoner and that prisoner’s attorney or other legal representative (see H.R. 5546), H748 [30JA]

Climate: address disparate impact of climate change on women and support efforts of women globally to address climate change (see H.R. 1880), H537 [24JA]

Conservation of natural resources: establish a national goal on conserving U.S. lands and oceans (see H. Res. 835), H935 [6FE]

Corporations: constitutional amendment to exclude from rights given to natural persons and affirm power of Congress and States to regulate political contributions and expenditures (see H.J. Res. 48), H566 [27JA]

Courts: allow judges greater discretion in sentencing decisions in Federal cases involving mandatory minimum sentences (see H.R. 1097), H977 [7FE]

Dept. of HHS: ensure that healthy research dogs and cats are adopted into suitable homes (see H.R. 2850), H149 [9JA]

Dept. of Labor: provide increased labor law protections for agricultural workers (see H.R. 1080), H239 [14JA]

Dept. of Transportation: establish a grant program for installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and hydrogen fueling infrastructure along National Highway System (see H.R. 2616), H300 [15JA]

Diseases and disorders: issue semipostal stamp to support lyme disease research (see H.R. 5299), H748 [30JA]

Employment: allow employees to earn paid sick time to address their health needs, the health needs of their families, or to seek assistance relative to domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault (see H.R. 1784), H634 [28JA]

EPA: cancel registration for all uses of the pesticide paraquat (see H.R. 3817), H331 [17JA]

——— grant authority to regulate a transition to refrigerants, solvents, fire suppressants, foam blowing agents, aerosols, and propellants that do not use hydrofluorocarbons (see H.R. 5544), H634 [28JA]

——— maintain and strengthen requirements under Clean Water Act and reverse administrative actions to weaken landmark law and protections for U.S. waters (see H. Res. 797), H238 [14JA]

Eritrea: defer removal of certain nationals (see H.R. 5767), H847 [5FE]

FAA: provide for a full annuity supplement for air traffic controllers that participate in Federal Contract Tower Program (see H.R. 5297), H714 [29JA]

Family Violence Prevention and Services Act: make improvements (see H.R. 5041), H1047 [11FE]

FBI: provide information on suicide rates and attempted suicides of current and former law enforcement officers (see H.R. 3735), H1158 [13FE]

FCC: establish Telecommunications Workforce Development Advisory Council (see H.R. 3255), H714 [29JA]

——— improve collection and aggregation of fixed and mobile broadband Internet access coverage data (see H.R. 4128), H748 [30JA]

——— make Wi-Fi access on schoolbuses eligible for support from Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support (E-rate) program (see H.R. 1693), H748 [30JA]

Federal firefighters: establish presumptive disability benefits for certain diseases and disabilities (see H.R. 1174), H300 [15JA]

Green Spaces, Green Vehicles Initiative: establish to facilitate installation of zero-emissions vehicle infrastructure on National Forest System land, National Park System land, and certain other public lands (see H.R. 3681), H1126 [12FE]

History: recognize importance of Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the laws derived therefrom (see H. Res. 694), H301 [15JA]

Immigration: promote family unity by reducing visa backlogs and implementing policies to facilitate immigrant family reunification (see H.R. 3799), H64 [8JA]

Medicaid: provide coverage of nonemergency transportation to medically necessary services (see H.R. 3935), H208 [13JA]

——— provide the same level of Federal matching assistance for every State that chooses to expand coverage to newly eligible individuals, regardless of when such expansion takes place (see H.R. 584), H748 [30JA]

Medicare: provide for direct payment to physician assistants (see H.R. 1052), H1158 [13FE]

Minnesota: withdraw from mineral exploration Federal lands and waters in the Rainy River Watershed, including in Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Voyageurs National Park, and Superior National Forest (see H.R. 5598), H566 [27JA]

Motor vehicles: ensure that vehicles in Federal fleets comply with certain low greenhouse gas emission standards (see H.R. 5554), H1126 [12FE]

Orphan Drug Act: affirm importance, commend life-saving accomplishments, and recognize need and continued support for research in development of therapies, treatments, and cures for rare diseases (see H. Res. 242), H566 [27JA]

Public Radio Music Day: designate (see H. Res. 848), H1046 [11FE]

Social Security: provide an equitable formula for individuals with non-covered employment and provide relief for individuals currently affected by the Windfall Elimination Provision (see H.R. 4540), H1017 [10FE]

Space policy: improve understanding and forecasting of space weather events (see H.R. 5260), H149 [9JA]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: affirm that prohibition on unauthorized take or killing of migratory birds includes incidental take by commercial activities and regulate such activity (see H.R. 5552), H1126 [12FE]

——— establish National Wildlife Corridors Program and other initiatives to protect and restore native fish, wildlife, and plant species and their habitats (see H.R. 2795), H634 [28JA]

Bills and resolutions introduced

Dept. of State: establish position of Special Envoy for Refugees (see H.R. 5791), H935 [6FE]

GAO: report on structural and economic impacts of climate resiliency at FEMA, including recommendations on improving building codes and standards used to prepare for climate change and address resiliency (see H.R. 5709), H712 [29JA]

Constitutional authority statements

Dept. of State: establish position of Special Envoy for Refugees (H.R. 5791), H936 [6FE]

GAO: report on structural and economic impacts of climate resiliency at FEMA, including recommendations on improving building codes and standards used to prepare for climate change and address resiliency (H.R. 5709), H713 [29JA]


Armed Forces: repeal authority to use against Iraq, H733 [30JA]

Buckner, John: Cherry Creek, CO, Board of Education Legacy Stadium Educational Leadership Wall of Fame inductee, E135• [5FE]

Colorado: designate certain lands as components of the National Wilderness Preservation System (H.R. 2546), H1064 [12FE]

Firearms: call for Senate consideration of gun control legislation, H855 [6FE]

Women: remove deadline for ratification of constitutional amendment to ensure equal rights (H.J. Res. 79), H1135 [13FE]

World War II: award a Congressional Gold Medal to U.S. merchant mariners of World War II (H.R. 550), Senate amendment, H733 [30JA]


McBeth, Ian, E93• [28JA]

Roberts, Mark, E17• [9JA]