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104th Congress                                                   Report
                        HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

 2d Session                                                     104-464



 February 29, 1996.--Referred to the House Calendar and ordered to be 


     Mr. Goss, from the Committee on Rules, submitted the following

                              R E P O R T

                       [To accompany H. Res. 368]

    The Committee on Rules, having had under consideration 
House Resolution 368, by a nonrecord vote, report the same to 
the House with the recommendation that the resolution be 

               brief summary of provisions of resolution

    The resolution provides for the consideration of H.R. 994, 
the ``Small Business Growth and Administrative Accountability 
Act of 1996'' under an open rule. The rule provides one hour of 
general debate divided equally between the chairman and ranking 
minority members of the Committees on Government Reform and 
Oversight and Judiciary.
    The rule makes the amendment in the nature of a substitute 
by Rep. Hyde printed in the Congressional Record on February 29 
as amendment number 1 in order as an original bill for the 
purpose of amendment. The rule further provides that the 
amendment in the nature of a substitute be considered by title, 
that the first section and each title shall be considered as 
read, and waives points of order against the amendment in the 
nature of a substitute for failure to comply with clause 7 of 
rule XVI (germaneness).
    The rule accords priority in recognition to Members who 
have preprinted their amendments in the Congressional Record.
    The rule provides for one motion to recommit, with or 
without instructions.
    Section 2 of the rule vacates the action by which the House 
amended and passed S. 219. The rule provides further that it be 
in order to take S. 219 from the Speaker's table and a motion 
be in order by Government Reform Chairman Clinger to strike all 
after the enacting clause of the Senate bill and insert the 
text of H.R. 994 as passed by the House. The rule allows one 
hour of debate on the motion to be equally divided and 
controlled by the chairman and ranking minority member of the 
Government Reform and Oversight Committee, waives germaneness 
points of order against the motion, and allows one motion to 
commit. The rule finally provides that if the motion to amend 
the Senate bill is adopted, then it shall be in order to move 
that the House insist on its amendments and request a