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106th Congress                                                   Report
                        HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
 1st Session                                                    106-227


                        APPROPRIATIONS ACT, 2000


    July 12, 1999.--Referred to the House Calendar and ordered to be 


   Mrs. Myrick, from the Committee on Rules, submitted the following

                              R E P O R T

                       [To accompany H. Res. 242]

    The Committee on Rules, having had under consideration 
House Resolution 242, by an nonrecord vote, report the same to 
the House with the recommendation that the resolution be 

                  summary of provisions of resolution

    The resolution provides for the consideration of H.R. 2465, 
the ``Military Construction Appropriations Act, 2000,'' under 
an open rule. The rule provides one hour of general debate 
divided equally between the chairman and ranking minority 
member of the Committee on Appropriations. The rule waives 
points of order against provisions in the bill for failure to 
comply with clause 2 of rule XXI (prohibiting unauthorized or 
legislative provisions in a general appropriations bill). The 
rule authorizes the Chair to accord priority in recognition to 
Members who have preprinted their amendments in the 
Congressional Record. The rule allows for the Chairman of the 
Committee of the Whole to postpone votes during consideration 
of the bill, and to reduce voting time to five minutes on a 
postponed question if the vote follows a fifteen minute vote. 
Finally, the rule provides one motion to recommit with or 
without instructions.
    The waiver of clause 2 of rule XXI is necessary because, as 
indicated on page 45 of the Appropriations Committee Report 
(106-221), there are 20 provisions in the bill that are not 
authorized by law. These provisions include: military 
construction, family housing, Department of Defense Family 
Housing Improvement Fund, and Part IV of the Base Realignment 
and Closure Account.