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108th Congress                                            Rept. 108-724
                        HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
 2d Session                                                      Part 3




                October 4, 2004.--Ordered to be printed


  Mr. Oxley, from the Committee on Financial Services, submitted the 

                              R E P O R T

                             together with

                            DISSENTING VIEWS

                         [To accompany H.R. 10]

    The Committee on Financial Services, to whom was referred 
the bill (H.R. 10) to provide for reform of the intelligence 
community, terrorism prevention and prosecution, border 
security, and international cooperation and coordination, and 
for other purposes, having considered the same, report 
favorably thereon with an amendment and recommend that the bill 
as amended do pass.


Amendment........................................................     1
Purpose and Summary..............................................    49
Background and Need for Legislation..............................    50
Hearings.........................................................    52
Committee Consideration..........................................    52
Committee Votes..................................................    52
Committee Oversight Findings.....................................    56
Performance Goals and Objectives.................................    56
New Budget Authority, Entitlement Authority, and Tax Expenditures    56
Committee and Congressional Budget Act Cost Estimates............    56
Federal Mandates Statement.......................................    56
Advisory Committee Statement.....................................    57
Constitutional Authority Statement...............................    57
Applicability to Legislative Branch..............................    57
Section-by-Section Analysis of the Legislation...................    57
Changes in Existing Law Made by the Bill, as Reported............    87
Dissenting Views.................................................    89


    The amendment is as follows:
    Strike all after the enacting clause and insert the 


  This Act may be cited as the ``9/11 Recommendations Implementation 


  The table of contents for this Act is as follows:


Sec. 1001. Short title.

      Subtitle A--Establishment of National Intelligence Director

Sec. 1011. Reorganization and improvement of management of intelligence 
Sec. 1012. Revised definition of national intelligence.
Sec. 1013. Joint procedures for operational coordination between 
Department of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency.
Sec. 1014. Role of National Intelligence Director in appointment of 
certain officials responsible for intelligence-related activities.
Sec. 1015. Initial appointment of the National Intelligence Director.
Sec. 1016. Executive schedule matters.

   Subtitle B--National Counterterrorism Center and Civil Liberties 

Sec. 1021. National Counterterrorism Center.
Sec. 1022. Civil Liberties Protection Officer.

            Subtitle C--Joint Intelligence Community Council

Sec. 1031. Joint Intelligence Community Council.

         Subtitle D--Improvement of Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

Sec. 1041. Human intelligence as an increasingly critical component of 
the intelligence community.
Sec. 1042. Improvement of human intelligence capacity.

  Subtitle E--Improvement of Education for the Intelligence Community

Sec. 1051. Modification of obligated service requirements under 
National Security Education Program.
Sec. 1052. Improvements to the National Flagship Language Initiative.
Sec. 1053. Establishment of scholarship program for English language 
studies for heritage community citizens of the United States within the 
National Security Education Program.
Sec. 1054. Sense of Congress with respect to language and education for 
the intelligence community; reports.
Sec. 1055. Advancement of foreign languages critical to the 
intelligence community.
Sec. 1056. Pilot project for Civilian Linguist Reserve Corps.
Sec. 1057. Codification of establishment of the National Virtual 
Translation Center.
Sec. 1058. Report on recruitment and retention of qualified instructors 
of the Defense Language Institute.

     Subtitle F--Additional Improvements of Intelligence Activities

Sec. 1061. Permanent extension of Central Intelligence Agency Voluntary 
Separation Incentive Program.
Sec. 1062. National Security Agency Emerging Technologies Panel.

              Subtitle G--Conforming and Other Amendments

Sec. 1071. Conforming amendments relating to roles of National 
Intelligence Director and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Sec. 1072. Other conforming amendments
Sec. 1073. Elements of intelligence community under National Security 
Act of 1947.
Sec. 1074. Redesignation of National Foreign Intelligence Program as 
National Intelligence Program. 
Sec. 1075. Repeal of superseded authorities.
Sec. 1076. Clerical amendments to National Security Act of 1947.
Sec. 1077. Conforming amendments relating to prohibiting dual service 
of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Sec. 1078. Access to Inspector General protections.
Sec. 1079. General references.
Sec. 1080. Application of other laws.

   Subtitle H--Transfer, Termination, Transition and Other Provisions

Sec. 1091. Transfer of community management staff.
Sec. 1092. Transfer of terrorist threat integration center.
Sec. 1093. Termination of positions of Assistant Directors of Central 
Sec. 1094. Implementation plan.
Sec. 1095. Transitional authorities.
Sec. 1096. Effective dates.

               Subtitle I--Grand Jury Information Sharing

Sec. 1101. Grand jury information sharing.

                       Subtitle J--Other Matters

Sec. 1111. Interoperable law enforcement and intelligence data system.
Sec. 1112. Improvement of intelligence capabilities of the Federal 
Bureau of Investigation.


     Subtitle A--Individual Terrorists as Agents of Foreign Powers

Sec. 2001. Individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers.

       Subtitle B--Stop Terrorist and Military Hoaxes Act of 2004

Sec. 2021. Short title.
Sec. 2022. Hoaxes and recovery costs.
Sec. 2023. Obstruction of justice and false statements in terrorism 
Sec. 2024. Clarification of definition.

 Subtitle C--Material Support to Terrorism Prohibition Enhancement Act 
                                of 2004

Sec. 2041. Short title.
Sec. 2042. Receiving military-type training from a foreign terrorist 
Sec. 2043. Providing material support to terrorism.
Sec. 2044. Financing of terrorism.

Subtitle D--Weapons of Mass Destruction Prohibition Improvement Act of 

Sec. 2051. Short title.
Sec. 2052. Weapons of mass destruction.
Sec. 2053. Participation in nuclear and weapons of mass destruction 
threats to the United States.

          Subtitle E--Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

   Chapter 1--Funding to Combat Financial Crimes Including Terrorist 

Sec. 2101. Additional authorization for FinCEN.
Sec. 2102. Money laundering and financial crimes strategy 

   Chapter 2--Enforcement Tools to Combat Financial Crimes Including 
                          Terrorist Financing

   Subchapter A--Money laundering abatement and financial antiterrorism 
                          technical corrections

Sec. 2111. Short title.
Sec. 2112. Technical corrections to Public Law 107-56.
Sec. 2113. Technical corrections to other provisions of law.
Sec. 2114. Repeal of review.
Sec. 2115. Effective date.

                Subchapter B--Additional enforcement tools

Sec. 2121. Bureau of Engraving and Printing security printing.
Sec. 2122. Conduct in aid of counterfeiting.
Sec. 2123. Reporting of cross-border transmittal of funds.
Sec. 2124. Enhanced effectiveness of examinations, including anti-money 
laundering programs.

       Subchapter C--Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition

Sec. 2131. Short title.
Sec. 2132. Findings.
Sec. 2133. Policies and procedures required to prevent payments for 
unlawful internet gambling.
Sec. 2134. Definitions.
Sec. 2135. Common sense rule of construction.

             Subtitle F--Criminal History Background Checks

Sec. 2141. Short title.
Sec. 2142. Criminal history information checks.

Subtitle G--Protection of United States Aviation System from Terrorist 

Sec. 2171. Provision for the use of biometric or other technology.
Sec. 2172. Transportation security strategic planning.
Sec. 2173. Next generation airline passenger prescreening.
Sec. 2174. Deployment and use of explosive detection equipment at 
airport screening checkpoints.
Sec. 2175. Pilot program to evaluate use of blast-resistant cargo and 
baggage containers.
Sec. 2176. Air cargo screening technology.
Sec. 2177. Airport checkpoint screening explosive detection.
Sec. 2178. Next generation security checkpoint.
Sec. 2179. Penalty for failure to secure cockpit door.
Sec. 2180. Federal air marshal anonymity.
Sec. 2181. Federal law enforcement in-flight counterterrorism training.
Sec. 2182. Federal flight deck officer weapon carriage pilot program.
Sec. 2183. Registered traveler program.
Sec. 2184. Wireless communication.
Sec. 2185. Secondary flight deck barriers.
Sec. 2186. Extension.
Sec. 2187. Perimeter Security.
Sec. 2188. Definitions.

                       Subtitle H--Other Matters

Sec. 2191. Grand jury information sharing.
Sec. 2192. Interoperable law enforcement and intelligence data system.
Sec. 2193. Improvement of intelligence capabilities of the Federal 
Bureau of Investigation.


        Subtitle A--Immigration Reform in the National Interest

                     Chapter 1--General Provisions

Sec. 3001. Eliminating the ``Western Hemisphere'' exception for 
Sec. 3002. Modification of waiver authority with respect to 
documentation requirements for nationals of foreign contiguous 
territories and adjacent islands.
Sec. 3003. Increase in full-time border patrol agents.
Sec. 3004. Increase in full-time immigration and customs enforcement 
Sec. 3005. Alien identification standards.
Sec. 3006. Expedited removal.
Sec. 3007. Preventing terrorists from obtaining asylum.
Sec. 3008. Revocation of visas and other travel documentation.
Sec. 3009. Judicial review of orders of removal.

    Chapter 2--Deportation of Terrorists and Supporters of Terrorism

Sec. 3031. Expanded inapplicability of restriction on removal.
Sec. 3032. Exception to restriction on removal for terrorists and 
Sec. 3033. Additional removal authorities.

                Subtitle B--Identity Management Security

    Chapter 1--Improved Security for Drivers' Licenses and Personal 
                          Identification Cards

Sec. 3051. Definitions.
Sec. 3052. Minimum document requirements and issuance standards for 
Federal recognition.
Sec. 3053. Linking of databases.
Sec. 3054. Trafficking in authentication features for use in false 
identification documents.
Sec. 3055. Grants to States.
Sec. 3056. Authority.

          Chapter 2--Improved Security for Birth Certificates

Sec. 3061. Definitions.
Sec. 3062. Applicability of minimum standards to local governments.
Sec. 3063. Minimum standards for Federal recognition.
Sec. 3064. Establishment of electronic birth and death registration 
Sec. 3065. Electronic verification of vital events.
Sec. 3066. Grants to States.
Sec. 3067. Authority.

Chapter 3--Measures To Enhance Privacy and Integrity of Social Security 
                            Account Numbers

Sec. 3071. Prohibition of the display of social security account 
numbers on driver's licenses or motor vehicle registrations.
Sec. 3072. Independent verification of birth records provided in 
support of applications for social security account numbers.
Sec. 3073. Enumeration at birth.
Sec. 3074. Study relating to use of photographic identification in 
connection with applications for benefits, social security account 
numbers, and social security cards.
Sec. 3075. Restrictions on issuance of multiple replacement social 
security cards.
Sec. 3076. Study relating to modification of the social security 
account numbering system to show work authorization status.

                 Subtitle C--Targeting Terrorist Travel

Sec. 3081. Studies on machine-readable passports and travel history 
Sec. 3082. Expanded preinspection at foreign airports.
Sec. 3083. Immigration security initiative.
Sec. 3084. Responsibilities and functions of consular officers.
Sec. 3085. Increase in penalties for fraud and related activity.
Sec. 3086. Criminal penalty for false claim to citizenship.
Sec. 3087. Antiterrorism assistance training of the Department of 
Sec. 3088. International agreements to track and curtail terrorist 
travel through the use of fraudulently obtained documents.
Sec. 3089. International standards for translation of names into the 
Roman alphabet for international travel documents and name-based 
watchlist systems.
Sec. 3090. Biometric entry and exit data system.
Sec. 3091. Enhanced responsibilities of the Coordinator for 
Sec. 3092. Establishment of Office of Visa and Passport Security in the 
Department of State.

                      Subtitle D--Terrorist Travel

Sec. 3101. Information sharing and coordination.
Sec. 3102. Terrorist travel program.
Sec. 3103. Training program.
Sec. 3104. Technology acquisition and dissemination plan.

               Subtitle E--Maritime Security Requirements

Sec. 3111. Deadlines for implementation of maritime security 


         Subtitle A--Attack Terrorists and Their Organizations

        Chapter 1--Provisions Relating to Terrorist Sanctuaries

Sec. 4001. United States policy on terrorist sanctuaries.
Sec. 4002. Reports on terrorist sanctuaries.
Sec. 4003. Amendments to existing law to include terrorist sanctuaries.

                      Chapter 2--Other Provisions

Sec. 4011. Appointments to fill vacancies in Arms Control and 
Nonproliferation Advisory Board.
Sec. 4012. Review of United States policy on proliferation of weapons 
of mass destruction and control of strategic weapons.
Sec. 4013. International agreements to interdict acts of international 
Sec. 4014. Effective Coalition approach toward detention and humane 
treatment of captured terrorists.
Sec. 4015. Sense of Congress and report regarding counter-drug efforts 
in Afghanistan.

         Subtitle B--Prevent the Continued Growth of Terrorism

               Chapter 1--United States Public Diplomacy

Sec. 4021. Annual review and assessment of public diplomacy strategy.
Sec. 4022. Public diplomacy training.
Sec. 4023. Promoting direct exchanges with Muslim countries.
Sec. 4024. Public diplomacy required for promotion in Foreign Service.

            Chapter 2--United States Multilateral Diplomacy

Sec. 4031. Purpose.
Sec. 4032. Support and expansion of democracy caucus.
Sec. 4033. Leadership and membership of international organizations.
Sec. 4034. Increased training in multilateral diplomacy.
Sec. 4035. Implementation and establishment of Office on Multilateral 

                      Chapter 3--Other Provisions

Sec. 4041. Pilot program to provide grants to American-sponsored 
schools in predominantly Muslim countries to provide scholarships.
Sec. 4042. Enhancing free and independent media.
Sec. 4043. Combating biased or false foreign media coverage of the 
United States.
Sec. 4044. Report on broadcast outreach strategy.
Sec. 4045. Office relocation.
Sec. 4046. Strengthening the Community of Democracies for Muslim 

  Subtitle C--Reform of Designation of Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Sec. 4051. Designation of foreign terrorist organizations.
Sec. 4052. Inclusion in annual Department of State country reports on 
terrorism of information on terrorist groups that seek weapons of mass 
destruction and groups that have been designated as foreign terrorist 

     Subtitle D--Afghanistan Freedom Support Act Amendments of 2004

Sec. 4061. Short title.
Sec. 4062. Coordination of assistance for Afghanistan.
Sec. 4063. General provisions relating to the Afghanistan Freedom 
Support Act of 2002.
Sec. 4064. Rule of law and related issues.
Sec. 4065. Monitoring of assistance.
Sec. 4066. United States policy to support disarmament of private 
militias and to support expansion of international peacekeeping and 
security operations in Afghanistan.
Sec. 4067. Efforts to expand international peacekeeping and security 
operations in Afghanistan.
Sec. 4068. Provisions relating to counternarcotics efforts in 
Sec. 4069. Additional amendments to the Afghanistan Freedom Support Act 
of 2002.
Sec. 4070. Repeal.

      Subtitle E--Provisions Relating to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

Sec. 4081. New United States strategy for relationship with Saudi 
Sec. 4082. United States commitment to the future of Pakistan.
Sec. 4083. Extension of Pakistan waivers.

                    Subtitle F--Oversight Provisions

Sec. 4091. Case-Zablocki Act requirements.

  Subtitle G--Additional Protections of United States Aviation System 
                         from Terrorist Attacks

Sec. 4101. International agreements to allow maximum deployment of 
Federal flight deck officers.
Sec. 4102. Federal air marshal training.
Sec. 4103. Man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS).

Subtitle H--Improving International Standards and Cooperation to Fight 
                          Terrorist Financing

Sec. 4111. Sense of the Congress regarding success in multilateral 
Sec. 4112. Expanded reporting and testimony requirements for the 
Secretary of the Treasury.
Sec. 4113. Coordination of United States Government efforts.
Sec. 4114. Definitions.


      Subtitle A--Faster and Smarter Funding for First Responders

Sec. 5001. Short title.
Sec. 5002. Findings.
Sec. 5003. Faster and smarter funding for first responders.
Sec. 5004. Modification of homeland security advisory system.
Sec. 5005. Coordination of industry efforts.
Sec. 5006. Superseded provision.
Sec. 5007. Sense of Congress regarding interoperable communications.
Sec. 5008. Sense of Congress regarding citizen corps councils.
Sec. 5009. Study regarding nationwide emergency notification system.
Sec. 5010. Required coordination.

            Subtitle B--Government Reorganization Authority

Sec. 5021. Authorization of intelligence community reorganization 

   Subtitle C--Restructuring Relating to the Department of Homeland 
                  Security and Congressional Oversight

Sec. 5025. Responsibilities of Counternarcotics Office.
Sec. 5026. Use of counternarcotics enforcement activities in certain 
employee performance appraisals.
Sec. 5027. Sense of the House of Representatives on addressing homeland 
security for the American people.

            Subtitle D--Improvements to Information Security

Sec. 5031. Amendments to Clinger-Cohen provisions to enhance agency 
planning for information security needs.

             Subtitle E--Personnel Management Improvements

                 Chapter 1--Appointments Process Reform

Sec. 5041. Appointments to national security positions.
Sec. 5042. Presidential inaugural transitions.
Sec. 5043. Public financial disclosure for the intelligence community.
Sec. 5044. Reduction of positions requiring appointment with Senate 
Sec. 5045. Effective dates.

       Chapter 2--Federal Bureau of Investigation Revitalization

Sec. 5051. Mandatory separation age.
Sec. 5052. Retention and relocation bonuses.
Sec. 5053. Federal Bureau of Investigation Reserve Service.
Sec. 5054. Critical positions in the Federal Bureau of Investigation 
intelligence directorate.

                    Chapter 3--Management Authority

Sec. 5061. Management authority.

              Subtitle F--Security Clearance Modernization

Sec. 5071. Definitions.
Sec. 5072. Security clearance and investigative programs oversight and 
Sec. 5073. Reciprocity of security clearance and access determinations.
Sec. 5074. Establishment of national database .
Sec. 5075. Use of available technology in clearance investigations.
Sec. 5076. Reduction in length of personnel security clearance process.
Sec. 5077. Security clearances for presidential transition.
Sec. 5078. Reports.

              Subtitle G--Emergency Financial Preparedness

        Chapter 1--Emergency Preparedness for Fiscal Authorities

Sec. 5081. Delegation authority of the Secretary of the Treasury.
Sec. 5081A. Treasury support for financial services industry 
preparedness and response.

                     Chapter 2--Market Preparedness

               Subchapter A--Netting of Financial Contracts

Sec. 5082. Short title.
Sec. 5082A. Treatment of certain agreements by conservators or 
receivers of insured depository institutions.
Sec. 5082B. Authority of the FDIC and NCUAB with respect to failed and 
failing institutions.
Sec. 5082C. Amendments relating to transfers of qualified financial 
Sec. 5082D. Amendments relating to disaffirmance or repudiation of 
qualified financial contracts.
Sec. 5082E. Clarifying amendment relating to master agreements.
Sec. 5082F. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act of 
Sec. 5082G. Bankruptcy code amendments.
Sec. 5082H. Recordkeeping requirements.
Sec. 5082I. Exemptions from contemporaneous execution requirement.
Sec. 5082J. Damage measure.
Sec. 5082K. SIPC stay.
Sec. 5082L. Applicability of other sections to chapter 9.
Sec. 5082M. Effective date; application of amendments.
Sec. 5082N. Savings clause.

                Subchapter B--Emergency Securities Response

Sec. 5086. Short title.
Sec. 5087. Extension of emergency order authority of the Securities and 
Exchange Commission.
Sec. 5088. Parallel authority of the Secretary of the Treasury with 
respect to government securities.
Sec. 5089. Joint report on implementation of financial system 
resilience recommendations.
Sec. 5089A. Private sector preparedness.
Sec. 5089B. Report on public/private partnerships.

                       Subtitle H--Other Matters

                       Chapter 1--Privacy Matters

Sec. 5091. Requirement that agency rulemaking take into consideration 
impacts on individual privacy.
Sec. 5092. Chief privacy officers for agencies with law enforcement or 
anti-terrorism functions.

            Chapter 2--Mutual Aid and Litigation Management

Sec. 5101. Short title.
Sec. 5102. Mutual aid authorized.
Sec. 5103. Litigation management agreements.
Sec. 5104. Additional provisions.
Sec. 5105. Definitions.

                    Chapter 3--Miscellaneous Matters

Sec. 5131. Enhancement of public safety communications 
Sec. 5132. Sense of Congress regarding the incident command system.
Sec. 5133. Sense of Congress regarding United States Northern Command 
plans and strategies.


  [Title I of the Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute consists of 
title I of the bill H.R. 10, as introduced on September 24, 2004]


  [Subtitles A through D of title II of the Amendment in the Nature of 
a Substitute consist of subtitles A through D of title II of the bill 
H.R. 10, as introduced on September 24, 2004]

          Subtitle E--Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing



  Subsection (d) of section 310 of title 31, United States Code, is 
          (1) by striking ``appropriations.--There are authorized'' and 
        inserting ``Appropriations.--
          ``(1) In general.--There are authorized''; and
          (2) by adding at the end the following new paragraph:
          ``(2) Authorization for funding key technological 
        improvements in mission-critical fincen systems.--There are 
        authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 2005 the 
        following amounts, which are authorized to remain available 
        until expended:
                  ``(A) BSA direct.--For technological improvements to 
                provide authorized law enforcement and financial 
                regulatory agencies with Web-based access to FinCEN 
                data, to fully develop and implement the highly secure 
                network required under section 362 of Public Law 107-56 
                to expedite the filing of, and reduce the filing costs 
                for, financial institution reports, including 
                suspicious activity reports, collected by FinCEN under 
                chapter 53 and related provisions of law, and enable 
                FinCEN to immediately alert financial institutions 
                about suspicious activities that warrant immediate and 
                enhanced scrutiny, and to provide and upgrade advanced 
                information-sharing technologies to materially improve 
                the Government's ability to exploit the information in 
                the FinCEN databanks, $16,500,000.
                  ``(B) Advanced analytical technologies.--To provide 
                advanced analytical tools needed to ensure that the 
                data collected by FinCEN under chapter 53 and related 
                provisions of law are utilized fully and appropriately 
                in safeguarding financial institutions and supporting 
                the war on terrorism, $5,000,000.
                  ``(C) Data networking modernization.--To improve the 
                telecommunications infrastructure to support the 
                improved capabilities of the FinCEN systems, 
                  ``(D) Enhanced compliance capability.--To improve the 
                effectiveness of the Office of Compliance in FinCEN, 
                  ``(E) Detection and prevention of financial crimes 
                and terrorism.--To provide development of, and training 
                in the use of, technology to detect and prevent 
                financial crimes and terrorism within and without the 
                United States, $8,000,000.''.


  (a) Program.--Section 5341(a)(2) of title 31, United States Code, is 
amended by striking ``and 2003,'' and inserting ``2003, and 2005,''.
  (b) Reauthorization of Appropriations.--Section 5355 of title 31, 
United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:


                          TERRORIST FINANCING

 Subchapter A--Money laundering abatement and financial antiterrorism 
                         technical corrections


  This subchapter may be cited as the ``Money Laundering Abatement and 
Financial Antiterrorism Technical Corrections Act of 2004''.


  (a) The heading of title III of Public Law 107-56 is amended to read 
as follows:

                      ANTITERRORISM ACT OF 2001''.

  (b) The table of contents of Public Law 107-56 is amended by striking 
the item relating to title III and inserting the following new item:

                      ANTITERRORISM ACT OF 2001''.

  (c) Section 302 of Public Law 107-56 is amended--
          (1) in subsection (a)(4), by striking the comma after 
        ``movement of criminal funds'';
          (2) in subsection (b)(7), by inserting ``or types of 
        accounts'' after ``classes of international transactions''; and
          (3) in subsection (b)(10), by striking ``subchapters II and 
        III'' and inserting ``subchapter II''.
  (d) Section 303(a) of Public Law 107-56 is amended by striking 
``Anti-Terrorist Financing Act'' and inserting ``Financial 
Antiterrorism Act''.
  (e) The heading for section 311 of Public Law 107-56 is amended by 
striking ``or international