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109th Congress                                              Rept. 109-9
                        HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
 1st Session                                                     Part 2


                  JOB TRAINING IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2005


                 March 1, 2005.--Ordered to be printed


    Mr. Boehner, from the Committee on Education and the Workforce, 
                        submitted the following

                          SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT

                         [To accompany H.R. 27]

    The Committee on Education and the Workforce, to whom was 
referred the bill (H.R. 27) to enhance the workforce investment 
system of the Nation by strengthening one-stop career centers, 
providing for more effective governance arrangements, promoting 
access to a more comprehensive array of employment, training, 
and related services, establishing a targeted approach to 
serving youth, and improving performance accountability, and 
for other purposes, having considered the same, reported 
favorably thereon with an amendment and recommended that the 
bill do pass.

                      CORRECTION--COMMITTEE VOTES

    Pursuant to clause 3(a)(2) of rule XIII of the Rules of the 
House of Representatives for the 109th Congress, the Committee 
on Education and the Workforce is filing this supplemental 
report to correct errors in the report to accompany H.R. 27, 
the Job Training Improvement Act of 2005 (H. Rept. 109-9).
    The table listing the names of Members voting for and 
against for record vote number 3, amendment number 7 contained 
an error. On record vote number 3, Mr. Fortuno is incorrectly 
shown having voted `no' when he was recorded as having not 
voted. The vote totals in the description accompanying the 
table were correct.
    The corrected vote, along with the description of the 
amendment, is printed below for reference:

          An amendment to the amendment in the nature of a 
        substitute by Mr. Owens, to require the Secretary of 
        Labor to set up an interstate transfer demonstration 
        program, was not agreed to by a record vote of 12 yeas 
        and 17 noes.

    Record Vote Number 3, amendment number 7:

          Representatives Boehner, Petri, McKeon, Souder, 
        Norwood, Biggert, Keller, Osborne, Wilson (SC), Porter, 
        Kline, Musgrave, Marchant, Price (GA), Jindal, Drake, 
        and Kuhl voted ``no''.

          Representatives Kildee, Owens, Payne, Andrews, Scott 
        (VA), Woolsey, Wu, Holt, McCollum, Davis (IL), Bishop 
        (NY), and Barrow voted ``aye''.