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                                                      Calendar No. 414
115th Congress     }                                     {      Report
 2d Session        }                                     {     115-261



                  June 4, 2018.--Ordered to be printed


          Mr. Grassley, from the Committee on the Judiciary, 
                        submitted the following

                              R E P O R T

                         [To accompany S. 2559]


    On page 3, strike ``and consistent with the basic concepts, 
practices, and regulations related to legislation'' and insert 
the following: ``and in a manner analogous to the practices and 
    On page 3, strike ``and its definition in the previous 
section 121(d)(2)'' and insert the following: ``and its 
definition in the previous section 121(d)(4)''.
    On page 4, strike ``subsections (1) and (2)'' and insert 
the following: ``subsections (a) and (b)''.


79-010* (Star Print)