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                          HON. ROSA L. DeLAURO

                             of connecticut

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, June 13, 2013

  Ms. DeLAURO. Mr. Speaker, It gives me great pleasure to rise today to 
join the many who have gathered this evening in celebration of the 
125th Anniversary of the Rodrigo Council, No. 44--one of the original 
Councils of the Knights of Columbus. Described as the ``strong right 
arm of the Church,'' Councils have long been an extension not only of 
the fraternal order, but of the Catholic Church as well. Today, Rodrigo 
Council focuses its effort in service of the needs of St. Bernadette's 
Church, St. Bernadette School, the parishioners, the local community 
and charitable organizations across the country.
  As you may know, the Knights of Columbus was formed when a group of 
men, called together by Father Michael J. McGivney in the basement of 
St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Connecticut, vowed to defend their 
country, their families, and their faith. With strength in solidarity, 
security in their unity of purpose, and devotion to their cause, the 
Knights of Columbus has grown into the world's largest Catholic family 
fraternal service organization.
  Just a few short years following the establishment of the Knights, 
membership had grown at such a rate that additional Council's were 
established. On June 6, 1888 the Rodrigo Council No. 44 was 
established. Welcoming any man, aged eighteen or older, of Catholic 
faith, this Live Council continues to thrive today. In addition to 
their support of St. Bernadette's and the parish school, members 
dedicate much of their time to raising funds to support social and 
civic services throughout the community. Just this year alone their 
annual banquet will benefit Mount St. John's, a residential treatment 
facility for at-risk young men; Emergency Shelter Services, a shelter 
for homeless men; The Camp, a summer camp for inner-city youth in New 
Haven; Life Haven, a temporary shelter for homeless pregnant women and 
women with children; Farnam Neighborhood House, a thriving multi-
service neighborhood center which provides a continuum of services for 
people of all ages; and a local family in need of financial assistance 
because of an illness.
  The strength of any community lies within the willingness of its 
members to make a difference. Over the course of its 125-year history, 
the members of Rodrigo Council No. 44 have exemplified community 
service. Through their faith and their commitment, they have enriched 
the lives of others and made our community a better place for our 
families to live, learn, and grow. Today, as they celebrate their 125th 
Anniversary--a remarkable milestone by any measure--I am honored to 
stand today and extend my deepest thanks and appreciation to their 
members, past and present, for their invaluable contributions. They 
have set a standard of service to which we should all strive.