• Mr. Angelo Logan Campaign Director, The Moving Forward Network Mr. Angelo Logan's Biography [PDF]Mr. Angelo Logan's Testimony [PDF]Mr. Angelo Logan's Truth in Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Michelle Romero National Director, Green For All Ms. Michelle Romero's Biography [PDF]Ms. Michelle Romero's Testimony [PDF]Ms. Michelle Romero's Truth in Testimony [PDF]
  • Mr. Ryan Popple President & CEO, Proterra, Inc. Mr. Ryan Popple's Resume [PDF]Mr. Ryan Popple's Testimony [PDF]Mr. Ryan Popple's Truth in Testimony [PDF]
  • Mr. Tony Satterthwaite Vice President, President - Cummins Distribution Business, Cummins Mr. Tony Satterthwaite's CV [PDF]Mr. Tony Satterthwaite's Testimony [PDF]Mr. Tony Sattherwaite's Truth in Testimony [PDF]

Supporting Documentation

  • Hearing Notice [PDF]

Video of Proceedings

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Member Statements

  • Opening Statement of Chair Kathy Castor [PDF]