• The Honorable José Serrano Member of Congress, Washington D.C. Witness Statement [PDF]
  • The Honorable Joaquin Castro Member of Congress, Washington D.C. Witness Statement [PDF]
  • Mr. Eduardo Díaz Director, Smithsonian Latino Center, Smithsonian Institution Witness Biography [PDF]Witness Statement [PDF]Witness Truth in Testimony [PDF]
  • Dr. Stephen Pitti Professor of History and American Studies, Yale University Witness Biography [PDF]Dr. Pitti - Document FTR [PDF]Witness Statement [PDF]Witness Truth in Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Dolores Huerta President, Dolores Huerta Foundation Witness Statement [PDF]
  • The Honorable Mari Carmen Aponte Former U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, Witness Statement [PDF]Witness Truth in Testimony [PDF]

Supporting Documentation

  • Hearing Notice [PDF]
  • FTR List - Documents Retained in Committee Files [PDF]
  • Hearing: Witness List [PDF]
  • Rep. Cárdenas - Letters FTR [PDF]
  • Mr. Díaz - PowerPoint Presentation [PDF]

Video of Proceedings

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Text of Legislation

  • Bills and Resolutions [PDF]

Member Statements

  • Ranking Member Young - Opening Statement [PDF]
  • Chairwoman Haaland - Opening Statement [PDF]