• Mr. Patrick Spence CEO, Sonos Patrick Spence Bio [PDF]Patrick Spence Statement [PDF]Patrick Spence Truth in Testimony [PDF]
  • Mr. David Barnett Founder and CEO, PopSockets LLC David Barnett Bio [PDF]David Barnett Statement [PDF]David Barnett Truth in Testimony [PDF]
  • Mr. David Hansson Co-Founder and CTO, Basecamp LLC David H. Hansson Bio [PDF]David H. Hansson Statement [PDF]David H. Hansson Truth in Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Kirsten Daru Vice President and General Counsel, Tile Kirsten Daru Bio [PDF]Kirsten Daru Statement [PDF]Kirsten Daru Truth in Testimony [PDF]

Supporting Documentation

  • Witness List [PDF]
  • Hearing Notice [PDF]

Video of Proceedings

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