• Dr. Harold Varmus Lewis Thomas University Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine Dr. Varmus Biography [PDF]Dr. Varmus Presentation [PDF]Dr. Varmus Testimony [PDF]Dr. Varmus Truth-in-Testimony Form [PDF]
  • Dr. Mark Chance Director of the Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics, School of Medicine, Case Western University Dr. Chance Biography [PDF]Dr. Chance Presentation [PDF]Dr. Mark Chance Witness Testimony [PDF]Dr. Chance Truth-in-Testimony Form [PDF]
  • Dr. Narayanan “Bobby” Kasthuri Neuroscientist, Argonne National Laboratory Dr. Kasthuri CV [PDF]Dr. Kasthuri Truth-in-Testimony [PDF]Dr. Kasthuri Testimony [PDF]

Video of Proceedings

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Member Statements

  • Chairwoman Marcy Kaptur Opening Statement [PDF]