• Ms. Katie Huffling Executive Director, Alliance for Nurses for Healthy Environments Witness Statement [PDF]
  • Rev. Mitchell Hescox President/CEO, Evangelical Environmental Health Network Witness Biography [PDF]Witness Statement [PDF]Witness Truth in Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Heather Toney National Field Director, Mon's Clean Air Force Witness Statement [PDF]
  • Ms. Mandy Gunasekara Founder, Energy 45 Witness Statement [PDF]

Supporting Documentation

  • Chairman Rouda UC¬ – Letter from Senators Alexander, Carper, Collins, Manchin, Tillis, and Brown to Secretary Wheeler [PDF]
  • Chairman Rouda UC - Press Release from Rep. Elisa Stefanik Opposing Weakening of MATS Rule [PDF]
  • Chairman Rouda UC – Letter from Rep. Rooney to EPA Administrator Wheeler [PDF]
  • Chairman Rouda UC – Memo from Bob Murray, CEO of Murray Energy Corporation [PDF]
  • Rep. Tlaib – Opinion Piece from Senator Alexander and Senator Carper [PDF]
  • Rep. Tlaib – Letter from Power Industry Groups to Assistant Administrator Wehrum, EPA [PDF]

Video of Proceedings

Data will display when it becomes available.

Hearing Record

  • Hearing: Member Roster [PDF]