• The Honorable Ben Luj├ín Member of Congress, Washington D.C. Biography of Hon. Ben Ray Lujan [PDF]Written Testimony of Hon. Ben Ray Lujan [PDF]
  • Ms. Doreen McPaul Attorney General, Navajo Nation Biography of Doreen McPaul [PDF]Written Testimony of Doreen McPaul [PDF]McPaul Witness Disclosure Form [PDF]
  • Mr. Elvis Norquay Member, Turtle Mountain Reservation Biography of Mr. Elvis A. Norquay [PDF]Written Testimony of Mr. Elvis Norquay [PDF]Norquay Witness Disclosure Form [PDF]
  • Mr. Leonard Forsman Chairman, Suquamish Tribe Biography of Chairman Leonard Forsman [PDF]Written Testimony of Leonard Forsman [PDF]Forsman Witness Disclosure Form [PDF]
  • Ms. Amber Torres Chairperson, Walker River Paiute Tribe Biography of Chairperson Amber Torres [PDF]Written Testimony of Amber Torres [PDF]Torres Witness Disclosure Form [PDF]
  • Ms. Jacqueline De Leon Staff Attorney, Native American Rights Fund Biography of Ms. Jacqueline De Leon [PDF]Written Testimony of Jacqueline De Leon [PDF]De Leon Witness Disclosure Form [PDF]
  • Mrs. Patricia Ferguson-Bohnee Director, Indian Legal Clinic, Sandra Day O' Connor College of Law Biography of Patricia Ferguson-Bohnee [PDF]Written Testimony of Patricia Ferguson-Bohnee [PDF]Ferguson-Bohnee Witness Disclosure Form [PDF]

Supporting Documentation

  • Hearing Announcement [PDF]

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