• Mr. Louis DeJoy Postmaster General, United States Postal Service Witness Statement [PDF]
  • The Honorable Robert Duncan Chairman, United States Postal Service Board of Governors Witness Statement [PDF]

Supporting Documentation

  • Memo [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 4-“Some Mail is Delayed Five to Six Days in NYC, Postal Workers’ Union Says.” [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 5-8.21.20 Mucarsel-Powell Letter to Chairwoman Maloney Re. USPS Oversight Hearing [PDF]
  • UC-Massie 2-Ashland Mail Processing Operations Moving to WV [PDF]
  • UC-AOC 1-OGE 201 DeJoy Office of Govt Ethics Combined [PDF]
  • UC-Speier 1-PMG Memorandum Organizational Structure 8-7-2020 [PDF]
  • UC-AOC 2-USPS Top Suppliers Combined [PDF]
  • UC-AOC 3- XPO Solutions SEC Filing [PDF]
  • UC-Armstrong 1-Official Memo on PMG Member Briefing 04-03-20 [PDF]
  • UC-Armstrong 2-USPS, Cease and Desist Letter to MoveOn May 6 [PDF]
  • UC-Comer 1-Politico Playbook Article [PDF]
  • UC-Gomez - UNOFFICIAL Senate Hearing with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy August 21 Transcript [PDF]
  • UC-Speier 2-Letter-to-Postmaster-General-Louis-DeJoy-from-CREW-1 [PDF]
  • UC-Welch 1-DeJoy Political Contributions Chart [PDF]
  • UC-Lynch 1-USPS Letter to APWU on Equipment Reduction, June 2020 [PDF]
  • UC-Massie 1-USPS, Kentuckcy Mail Processing Closings [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 1-PMG Briefing – Service Performance Management 08-12-20 [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 14-Navaho Nation Support for HR 8015, the Delivering for America Act [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 9-CREW Bookbinder Statement for the Record USPS House Hearing 8-24-2020 [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 10-DI-DFAD letter in support of Delivering for America Act [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 11-Leadership conference Delivering_for_America_Support_Letter_8.21.20 [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 15-NCPSSM Letter Endorsing 116 HR 8015 USPS COVID [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 13-NARFE Letter to Congress in Support of Postal Service_FINAL [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 16-Secure Democracy Letter to the Record [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 17-VRL Letter of Support 2020 - HR 8015 USPS (1)-signed [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 18-WILG Postal Address Letter 2020 [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 2-‘Like Armageddon’ Rotting food, dead animals and chaos at postal facilities amid cutbacks [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 3-Postal Service’s Cost Cutting is Frustrating Kentuckians—and Raising Election Concerns [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 7-CAP - LetterPostmasterGenlResignAug2020v9 [PDF]
  • UC - Maloney 8-Cohen DeJoy Statement for the Record (002) [PDF]

Video of Proceedings

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Hearing Record

  • Attendance [PDF]