• Ms. Joyce Cofield Executive Director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Witness Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Sheila Clark Director, OMWI, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Witness Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Lacey Dingman Director, OMWI, Federal Reserve Bank of New York Witness Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Nikita Pearson Acting Director, OMWI, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Witness Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Monica Davy Director, OMWI, National Credit Union Administration Witness Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Lorraine Cole Director, OMWI, U.S. Department of the Treasury Witness Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Pamela Gibbs Director, OMWI, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Witness Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Sharron Levine Director, OMWI, Federal Housing Finance Agency Witness Testimony [PDF]
  • Ms. Lora McCray Director, OMWI, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Witness Testimony [PDF]

Supporting Documentation

  • Hearing Notice [PDF]
  • Hearing Memo [PDF]

Video of Proceedings

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Text of Legislation

  • H.R. 7946- Federal Reserve Racial and Economic Equity Act (Waters) [PDF]
  • H.R.___: Federal Reserve Bank Board Diversity Act (Beatty) [PDF]
  • H.R.___:Diversity Data Accountability Act [PDF]
  • H.R.___: Federal Home Loan Bank Board Diversity Act [PDF]
  • H.R.___: Diversity in Financial Regulatory Advisory Committees Act [PDF]
  • H.R.8160: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Banking Act (Green) [PDF]