Appropriations and Budget

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Basic guide to amending appropriations bills (House Committee on Rules)
Budget process (Senate Committee on Appropriations)
Glossary of federal budget process terms (PDF) (GAO) (See appendixes for an overview of the federal budget and appropriation process)
House Committee on Appropriations website
Senate Committee on Appropriations website | FAQs

Budget of the United States Government

FY2018 federal budget documents (GPO)
Federal budget documents archive (GPO) (FY1996-present)

Economic Report of the President

2017 report (GPO)
Archived issues (GPO) (1995-present)

Congressional Budget Office Resources

Expired and expiring authorizations of appropriations Jan 2017 | Archive (formerly titled Unauthorized Appropriations and Expiring Authorizations; see reports Jan 2000-2016)
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Legislative Histories

Tables that list legislative bills, reports and hearings by fiscal year.