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Committee Profiles

Committees of the U.S. Congress is a directory of committees active in the current congress. Committee names link to committee profiles that facilitate access to business conducted and documents produced by House and Senate committees. Each profile features an interactive list of legislation, committee publications and meetings, and executive communications, as well as nominations and treaty documents for Senate committees.

Use the filters to the left of the list to limit your results by collection (‘Limit Your Search’), Congress, Chamber (of origin), Bill Type, Status of Legislation, Status of Amendment, Subject – Policy Area, Communication Type, Committee, Committee-related Activity, Sponsor, Cosponsor and Party. Note that your filter selections may change when you limit your search by collection.

Committee profiles also include links to the committee’s website, committee membership, committee documents on GPO’s govinfo.gov and House committee videos. To access printed hearings transcripts for any committee, use the “GPO Publications” link from the committee’s profile, under More on This Committee.

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Committee Schedule (Meetings)

The Committee Schedule combines announcements about future House and Senate meetings into a single calendar. Data sources for the schedule are the House Committee Repository and Hearings & Meetings on Senate.gov.

You can get a weekly alert for the committee schedule by clicking on the link from the weekly or daily view of the schedule. You will receive an email every Monday with the updated committee schedule for that week.

Congress.gov include House meeting announcements from January 2017 to the present. Senate meeting announcements are available from June 2019 to the present.

House and Senate meetings are searchable from the search bar by selecting Committee Materials from the dropdown list and then using the Limit Your Search filter to check only Committee Meetings.

Committee meeting pages include the date and location of the meeting and a link to the committee’s website. As available, the meeting page may contain a list of witnesses, statements, testimony, supporting documentation, video of proceedings and links to related legislation, nominations and/or treaty documents.

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Committee Prints

Committees prints are published by committees and may contain committee rules, full committee and subcommittee memberships, draft legislation, and reports on policy issues and other matters of interest to a committee. Committee prints are similar to committee reports but their contents are not specified by chamber rules and statutes the way committee reports are governed, and committee prints may or may not be numbered by the committee.

Congress.gov includes committee prints from the 103rd Congress (1993) to the present.

Committee prints are searchable from the search bar by selecting Committee Materials from the dropdown list and then using the Limit Your Search filter to check only Committee Publications.
Bill actions and amendment purposes or descriptions may include a link to a committee print.

Committee print pages include the title of the committee print, committee name, date of the print and the print text. In most cases the text is available as XML/HTML, plain text (TXT) and PDF. The PDF provides the most accurate and complete text.

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Committee Hearings

Committee hearings are a method by which committee members gather information to inform committee business. Business dealt with by hearings may be broadly classified into four types: legislative, oversight, investigative, and consideration of presidential nominations. The Committee Consideration video tutorial explains hearings within the context of the legislative process. Nomination hearings are explained in the Executive Business in the Senate video tutorial. Hearings may be held on Capitol Hill or elsewhere (e.g., a committee member’s district or state, or a site related to the subject of the hearing).

Legislation with Hearings

Action Codes can be used to retrieve bills and resolutions with hearings.

Action Code Returns Bills With Sample Search
4100 House committee/subcommittee hearings House committee hearings held on these 115th Congress measures
13100 Senate committee/subcommittee hearings Senate committee hearings held on these 115th Congress measures

The “Committees” tab in legislative records is a good place to find the date and name of committees that held hearings. The Tualatin River Basin Water Supply Enhancement Act of 2003 is an example of a bill for which both House and Senate committees held hearings.

Nominations with Hearings

The “Status of Nominations” filter can be used to retrieve nominations with hearings by committee.

House Committee Hearings and Meeting Video

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