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About the Congressional Record Index

The Congressional Record Index (CRI) facilitates efficient, topical access to remarks and activities by Members, individuals, and organizations, and legislative business mentioned in the Congressional Record. The History of Bills is a section published within the CRI.

Searching the Congressional Record Index

From the CRI main page, you can browse or search by Congress and session.

Use the alphabet ribbon to browse the index.

Enter a word or phrase in the query box to search the index terms. Use the checkbox below to include the full index entries in your search.

Viewing Congressional Record Index Results

Select an index term from the browse or search results list to see the full index entry. Index entries include a brief description of the reference in the Congressional Record and a linked Congressional Record page number and the date of the daily issue in the format “S1234 [19JA]” (page 1234 in the Senate section from the January 19 issue for that year).

Locate Member’s Remarks

Using the CRI to find floor statements made by members of congress is often easier to navigate than results from a keyword search. Member names frequently appear in the Record in roll call votes, committee rosters, and other times when the member was not actually present and speaking—using the CRI alleviates the researcher from these non-pertinent items.

Index terms are organized alphabetically by subject and last name. Index terms and references under each term can be searched. The index is updated daily. References under each term feature hyperlinked page numbers. The CRI is available in Congress.gov from 1995-present.

BYRD, ROBERT C. (A SENATOR FROM WEST VIRGINIA) is an example index term. Use “CTRL F” to locate the subsection within the entry titled “Remarks.” “Statements” and “Tributes” are also sections within the entry where floor statements may be found.