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Action Codes

Use the Action Code search field in combination with one or multiple codes listed below. Action Codes can be combined with other field values. For example, the search congressId:112 AND (actionCode:9000 OR actionCode:18000) returns the 31 measures that were not agreed to, or failed passage, in the House or Senate during the 112th Congress. Action Search Scope Notes provides explanatory notes on these Action Codes, as well as a large set of prepared queries featuring Action Code search fields.

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Action Code
Introduced in House1000
Referred to House committee2000
Referred to House subcommittee3000
House committee/subcommittee actions4000
House committee/subcommittee hearings4100
House committee/subcommittee markups4200
House committee time extension4900
House discharge petition filed4950
Reported to House5000
House committee discharged5500
House floor actions7000
Passed/agreed to in House8000
Failed of passage/not agreed to in House9000
Introduced in Senate10000
Referred to Senate committee11000
Referred to Senate subcommittee12000
Senate committee/subcommittee actions13000
Senate committee/subcommittee hearings13100
Senate committee/subcommittee markups13200
Senate committee time extension13900
Reported to Senate14000
Senate committee discharged14500
Senate committee report filed after reporting14900
Senate floor actions16000
Passed/agreed to in Senate17000
Failed of passage/not agreed to in Senate18000
Resolving differences -- House actions19000
Resolving differences -- Senate actions20000
Conference committee actions20800
Conference report filed20900
Conference report agreed to in House21000
Conference report disagreed to in House22000
Conference report agreed to in Senate23000
Conference report disagreed to in Senate24000
Roll call votes on measures in House25000
Roll call votes on measures in Senate26000
Presented to President28000
Signed by President29000
Sent to Archivist unsigned by President29100
Pocket vetoed by President30000
Vetoed by President31000
Passed House over veto32000
Failed of passage in House over veto33000
Passed Senate over veto34000
Failed of passage in Senate over veto35000
Became Public Law36000
Public Law signed by President37000
Public Law unsigned by President38000
Public Law enacted over veto39000
Public Law by other means40000
Became Private Law41000
Private Law signed by President42000
Private Law unsigned by President43000
Private Law enacted over veto44000
Private Law by other means45000
Line item veto by President46000
Disapproval bill in House47000
Disapproval bill in Senate48000
House amendment offered71000
House amendment agreed to72000
House amendment considered as adopted72500
House amendment not agreed to73000
Other House amendment actions74000
Roll call votes on amendments in House75000
Senate amendment submitted91000
Senate amendment referred to committee92000
Senate amendment proposed (on the floor)93000
Senate amendment agreed to94000
Senate amendment not agreed to95000
Other Senate amendment actions96000
Roll call votes on amendments in Senate97000