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Congressional Record Volumes

Congressional Record volume numbers are listed with corresponding Congressional sessions. About the Congressional Record describes all Congressional Record-related data available for research within Congress.gov.

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Volume Year Congress
1672021117th, 1st Session
1662020116th, 2nd Session
1652019116th, 1st Session
1642018115th, 2nd Session
1632017115th, 1st Session
1622016114th, 2nd Session
1612015114th, 1st Session
1602014113th, 2nd Session
1592013113th, 1st Session
1582012112th, 2nd Session
1572011112th, 1st Session
1562010111th, 2nd Session
1552009111th, 1st Session
1542008110th, 2nd Session
1532007110th, 1st Session
1522006109th, 2nd Session
1512005109th, 1st Session
1502004108th, 2nd Session
1492003108th, 1st Session
1482002107th, 2nd Session
1472001107th, 1st Session
1462000106th, 2nd Session
1451999106th, 1st Session
1441998105th, 2nd Session
1431997105th, 1st Session
1421996104th, 2nd Session
1411995104th, 1st Session