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Member IDs from the "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress"

Each present and former member of the United States Congress has a unique control number associated with their record in the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Member IDs (also known as "BioGuide IDs") are used as metadata within Congress.gov and legislative documents published by the Government Publishing Office.

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Member Member ID
Abdnor, James (Republican - South Dakota)A000009
Abercrombie, Neil (Democratic - Hawaii)A000014
Abourezk, James (Democratic - South Dakota)A000017
Abraham, Ralph Lee (Republican - Louisiana)A000374
Abraham, Spencer (Republican - Michigan)A000355
Abzug, Bella S. (Democratic - New York)A000018
Acevedo-Vila, Anibal (Democratic - Puerto Rico)A000359
Ackerman, Gary L. (Democratic - New York)A000022
Adams, Alma S. (Democratic - North Carolina)A000370
Adams, Brock (Democratic - Washington)A000031
Adams, Sandy (Republican - Florida)A000366
Addabbo, Joseph P. (Democratic - New York)A000052
Aderholt, Robert B. (Republican - Alabama)A000055
Adler, John H. (Democratic - New Jersey)A000364
Aguilar, Pete (Democratic - California)A000371
Aiken, George (Republican - Vermont)A000062
Akaka, Daniel K. (Democratic - Hawaii)A000069
Akin, W. Todd (Republican - Missouri)A000358
Albert, Carl (Democratic - Oklahoma)A000073
Albosta, Donald J. (Democratic - Michigan)A000076
Alexander, Bill (Democratic - Arkansas)A000103
Alexander, Lamar (Republican - Tennessee)A000360
Alexander, Rodney (Republican - Louisiana)A000361
Allard, Wayne (Republican - Colorado)A000109
Allen, Clifford R. (Democratic - Tennessee)A000118
Allen, George (Republican - Virginia)A000121
Allen, James B. (Democratic - Alabama)A000127
Allen, Maryon (Democratic - Alabama)A000139
Allen, Rick W. (Republican - Georgia)A000372
Allen, Thomas H. (Democratic - Maine)A000357
Allred, Colin Z. (Democratic - Texas)A000376
Altmire, Jason (Democratic - Pennsylvania)A000362
Amash, Justin (Libertarian - Michigan)A000367
Ambro, Jerome A. (Democratic - New York)A000170
Ammerman, Joseph S. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)A000177
Amodei, Mark E. (Republican - Nevada)A000369
Anderson, Glenn M. (Democratic - California)A000189
Anderson, John B. (Republican - Illinois)A000195
Anderson, Wendell R. (Democratic - Minnesota)A000202
Andrews, Ike (Democratic - North Carolina)A000207
Andrews, Mark (Republican - North Dakota)A000208
Andrews, Michael (Democratic - Texas)A000209
Andrews, Robert E. (Democratic - New Jersey)A000210
Andrews, Thomas H. (Democratic - Maine)A000211
Annunzio, Frank (Democratic - Illinois)A000212
Anthony, Beryl, Jr. (Democratic - Arkansas)A000213
Applegate, Douglas (Democratic - Ohio)A000214
Archer, Bill (Republican - Texas)A000215
Arcuri, Michael A. (Democratic - New York)A000363
Arends, Leslie C. (Republican - Illinois)A000216
Armey, Richard K. (Republican - Texas)A000217
Armstrong, Kelly (Republican - North Dakota)A000377
Armstrong, William L. (Republican - Colorado)A000219
Arrington, Jodey C. (Republican - Texas)A000375
Ashbrook, Jean (Republican - Ohio)A000220
Ashbrook, John M. (Republican - Ohio)A000221
Ashcroft, John (Republican - Missouri)A000356
Ashford, Brad (Democratic - Nebraska)A000373
Ashley, Thomas L. (Democratic - Ohio)A000222
Aspin, Les (Democratic - Wisconsin)A000224
Atkins, Chester G. (Democratic - Massachusetts)A000226
Atkinson, Eugene V. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)A000329
AuCoin, Les (Democratic - Oregon)A000337
Austria, Steve (Republican - Ohio)A000365
Axne, Cynthia (Democratic - Iowa)A000378
Ayotte, Kelly (Republican - New Hampshire)A000368
Babin, Brian (Republican - Texas)B001291
Baca, Joe (Democratic - California)B001234
Bacchus, Jim (Democratic - Florida)B000008
Bachmann, Michele (Republican - Minnesota)B001256
Bachus, Spencer (Republican - Alabama)B000013
Bacon, Don (Republican - Nebraska)B001298
Badham, Robert E. (Republican - California)B000024
Badillo, Herman (Democratic - New York)B000025
Baesler, Scotty (Democratic - Kentucky)B000028
Bafalis, L. A. (Skip) (Republican - Florida)B000029
Bailey, Donald A. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)B000037
Bailey, Wendell (Republican - Missouri)B000047
Baird, Brian (Democratic - Washington)B001229
Baird, James R. (Republican - Indiana)B001307
Baker, Bill (Republican - California)B000078
Baker, Howard H., Jr. (Republican - Tennessee)B000063
Baker, LaMar (Republican - Tennessee)B000069
Baker, Richard H. (Republican - Louisiana)B000072
Baldacci, John Elias (Democratic - Maine)B000081
Balderson, Troy (Republican - Ohio)B001306
Baldus, Alvin J. (Democratic - Wisconsin)B000083
Baldwin, Tammy (Democratic - Wisconsin)B001230
Ballance, Frank W., Jr. (Democratic - North Carolina)B001238
Ballenger, Cass (Republican - North Carolina)B000104
Banks, Jim (Republican - Indiana)B001299
Barber, Ron (Democratic - Arizona)B001279
Barca, Peter (Democratic - Wisconsin)B001226
Barcia, James A. (Democratic - Michigan)B000134
Barkley, Dean M. (Independent - Minnesota)B001237
Barletta, Lou (Republican - Pennsylvania)B001269
Barlow, Tom (Democratic - Kentucky)B000151
Barnard, Doug, Jr. (Democratic - Georgia)B000153
Barnes, Michael D. (Democratic - Maryland)B000160
Barr, Andy (Republican - Kentucky)B001282
Barr, Bob (Republican - Georgia)B000169
Barragan, Nanette Diaz (Democratic - California)B001300
Barrasso, John (Republican - Wyoming)B001261
Barrett, Bill (Republican - Nebraska)B000179
Barrett, J. Gresham (Republican - South Carolina)B001239
Barrett, Thomas M. (Democratic - Wisconsin)B000177
Barrett, William A. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)B000178
Barrow, John (Democratic - Georgia)B001252
Bartlett, Dewey F. (Republican - Oklahoma)B000200
Bartlett, Roscoe G. (Republican - Maryland)B000208
Bartlett, Steve (Republican - Texas)B000204
Barton, Joe (Republican - Texas)B000213
Bass, Charles F. (Republican - New Hampshire)B000220
Bass, Karen (Democratic - California)B001270
Bateman, Herbert H. (Republican - Virginia)B000229
Bates, Jim (Democratic - California)B000236
Baucus, Max (Democratic - Montana)B000243
Bauman, Robert E. (Republican - Maryland)B000244
Bayh, Birch (Democratic - Indiana)B000254
Bayh, Evan (Democratic - Indiana)B001233
Beall, J. Glenn, Jr. (Republican - Maryland)B000272
Bean, Melissa L. (Democratic - Illinois)B001253
Beard, Edward (Democratic - Rhode Island)B000279
Beard, Robin (Republican - Tennessee)B000280
Beatty, Joyce (Democratic - Ohio)B001281
Beauprez, Bob (Republican - Colorado)B001240
Becerra, Xavier (Democratic - California)B000287
Bedell, Berkley W. (Democratic - Iowa)B000298
Begich, Mark (Democratic - Alaska)B001265
Beilenson, Anthony C. (Democratic - California)B000318
Bell, Alphonzo (Republican - California)B000330
Bell, Chris (Democratic - Texas)B001241
Bellmon, Henry L. (Republican - Oklahoma)B000351
Benedict, Cleve (Republican - West Virginia)B000358
Benishek, Dan (Republican - Michigan)B001271
Benitez, Jamie (Democratic - Puerto Rico)B000362
Benjamin, Adam, Jr. (Democratic - Indiana)B000363
Bennet, Michael F. (Democratic - Colorado)B001267
Bennett, Charles E. (Democratic - Florida)B000371
Bennett, Robert F. (Republican - Utah)B000382
Bennett, Wallace F. (Republican - Utah)B000384
Bentivolio, Kerry L. (Republican - Michigan)B001280
Bentley, Helen Delich (Republican - Maryland)B000392
Bentsen, Ken (Democratic - Texas)B000400
Bentsen, Lloyd M. (Democratic - Texas)B000401
Bera, Ami (Democratic - California)B001287
Bereuter, Doug (Republican - Nebraska)B000403
Berg, Rick (Republican - North Dakota)B001272
Bergland, Bob (Republican - Minnesota)B000408
Bergman, Jack (Republican - Michigan)B001301
Berkley, Shelley (Democratic - Nevada)B001231
Berman, Howard L. (Democratic - California)B000410
Berry, Marion (Democratic - Arkansas)B000420
Bethune, Ed (Republican - Arkansas)B000422
Bevill, Tom (Democratic - Alabama)B000431
Beyer, Donald S., Jr. (Democratic - Virginia)B001292
Biaggi, Mario (Democratic - New York)B000432
Bible, Alan (Democratic - Nevada)B000436
Biden, Joseph R., Jr. (Democratic - Delaware)B000444
Biester, Edward G., Jr. (Republican - Pennsylvania)B000451
Biggert, Judy (Republican - Illinois)B001232
Biggs, Andy (Republican - Arizona)B001302
Bilbray, Brian P. (Republican - California)B000461
Bilbray, James H. (Democratic - Nevada)B000462
Bilirakis, Gus M. (Republican - Florida)B001257
Bilirakis, Michael (Republican - Florida)B000463
Bingaman, Jeff (Democratic - New Mexico)B000468
Bingham, Jonathan B. (Democratic - New York)B000472
Bishop, Dan (Republican - North Carolina)B001311
Bishop, Mike (Republican - Michigan)B001293
Bishop, Rob (Republican - Utah)B001250
Bishop, Sanford D., Jr. (Democratic - Georgia)B000490
Bishop, Timothy H. (Democratic - New York)B001242
Black, Diane (Republican - Tennessee)B001273
Blackburn, Ben (Republican - Georgia)B000506
Blackburn, Marsha (Republican - Tennessee)B001243
Blackwell, Lucien E. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)B000517
Blagojevich, Rod R. (Democratic - Illinois)B000518
Blanchard, James (Democratic - Michigan)B000538
Blatnik, John Anton (Democratic - Minnesota)B000550
Blaz, Ben G. (Republican - Guam)B000551
Bliley, Tom (Republican - Virginia)B000556
Blouin, Michael (Democratic - Iowa)B000567
Blum, Rod (Republican - Iowa)B001294
Blumenauer, Earl (Democratic - Oregon)B000574
Blumenthal, Richard (Democratic - Connecticut)B001277
Blunt Rochester, Lisa (Democratic - Delaware)B001303
Blunt, Roy (Republican - Missouri)B000575
Blute, Peter I. (Republican - Massachusetts)B000576
Boccieri, John A. (Democratic - Ohio)B001263
Boehlert, Sherwood (Republican - New York)B000586
Boehner, John A. (Republican - Ohio)B000589
Boggs, Corinne C. (Lindy) (Democratic - Louisiana)B000592
Boland, Edward P. (Democratic - Massachusetts)B000600
Bolling, Richard (Democratic - Missouri)B000605
Bonamici, Suzanne (Democratic - Oregon)B001278
Bond, Christopher S. (Republican - Missouri)B000611
Boner, William H. (Democratic - Tennessee)B000615
Bonilla, Henry (Republican - Texas)B000617
Bonior, David E. (Democratic - Michigan)B000619
Bonker, Don (Democratic - Washington)B000620
Bonner, Jo (Republican - Alabama)B001244
Bono Mack, Mary (Republican - California)B001228
Bono, Sonny (Republican - California)B000622
Booker, Cory A. (Democratic - New Jersey)B001288
Boozman, John (Republican - Arkansas)B001236
Bordallo, Madeleine Z. (Democratic - Guam)B001245
Boren, Dan (Democratic - Oklahoma)B001254
Boren, David L. (Democratic - Oklahoma)B000639
Borski, Robert A. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)B000644
Boschwitz, Rudy (Republican - Minnesota)B000647
Bosco, Douglas H. (Democratic - California)B000648
Bost, Mike (Republican - Illinois)B001295
Boswell, Leonard L. (Democratic - Iowa)B000652
Boucher, Rick (Democratic - Virginia)B000657
Boulter, Beau (Republican - Texas)B000666
Boustany, Charles W., Jr. (Republican - Louisiana)B001255
Bowen, David R. (Democratic - Mississippi)B000682
Boxer, Barbara (Democratic - California)B000711
Boyd, Allen (Democratic - Florida)B000716
Boyda, Nancy E. (Democratic - Kansas)B001258
Boyle, Brendan F. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)B001296
Brademas, John (Democratic - Indiana)B000736
Bradley, Bill (Democratic - New Jersey)B001225
Bradley, Jeb (Republican - New Hampshire)B001246
Brady, Kevin (Republican - Texas)B000755
Brady, Nicholas (Republican - New Jersey)B000756
Brady, Robert A. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)B001227
Braley, Bruce L. (Democratic - Iowa)B001259
Brasco, Frank (Democratic - New York)B000771
Brat, Dave (Republican - Virginia)B001290
Braun, Mike (Republican - Indiana)B001310
Bray, William G. (Republican - Indiana)B000778
Breaux, John B. (Democratic - Louisiana)B000780
Breckinridge, John B. (Democratic - Kentucky)B000788
Brennan, Joseph E. (Democratic - Maine)B000798
Brewster, Bill K. (Democratic - Oklahoma)B000817
Bridenstine, Jim (Republican - Oklahoma)B001283
Bright, Bobby (Democratic - Alabama)B001264
Brindisi, Anthony (Democratic - New York)B001308
Brinkley, Jack (Democratic - Georgia)B000839
Britt, Robin (Democratic - North Carolina)B000845
Brock, Bill (Republican - Tennessee)B000851
Brodhead, William (Democratic - Michigan)B000862
Brooke, Edward W. (Republican - Massachusetts)B000871
Brooks, Jack B. (Democratic - Texas)B000880
Brooks, Mo (Republican - Alabama)B001274
Brooks, Susan W. (Republican - Indiana)B001284
Broomfield, William S. (Republican - Michigan)B000890
Brotzman, Donald G. (Republican - Colorado)B000893
Broun, Paul C. (Republican - Georgia)B001262
Browder, Glen (Democratic - Alabama)B000897
Brown, Anthony G. (Democratic - Maryland)B001304
Brown, Clarence, Jr. (Republican - Ohio)B000910
Brown, Corrine (Democratic - Florida)B000911
Brown, Garry E. (Republican - Michigan)B000917
Brown, George E., Jr. (Democratic - California)B000918
Brown, Hank (Republican - Colorado)B000919
Brown, Henry E., Jr. (Republican - South Carolina)B001235
Brown, Scott P. (Republican - Massachusetts)B001268
Brown, Sherrod (Democratic - Ohio)B000944
Brown-Waite, Ginny (Republican - Florida)B001247
Brownback, Sam (Republican - Kansas)B000953
Brownley, Julia (Democratic - California)B001285
Broyhill, James T. (Republican - North Carolina)B000966
Broyhill, Joel T. (Republican - Virginia)B000967
Bruce, Terry L. (Democratic - Illinois)B000971
Bryan, Richard H. (Democratic - Nevada)B000993
Bryant, Ed (Republican - Tennessee)B000996
Bryant, John W. (Democratic - Texas)B000997
Buchanan, John (Republican - Alabama)B001008
Buchanan, Vern (Republican - Florida)B001260
Buck, Ken (Republican - Colorado)B001297
Buckley, James L. (Republican - New York)B001026
Bucshon, Larry (Republican - Indiana)B001275
Budd, Ted (Republican - North Carolina)B001305
Buechner, Jack (Republican - Missouri)B001036
Buerkle, Ann Marie (Republican - New York)B001276
Bumpers, Dale (Democratic - Arkansas)B001057
Bunn, Jim (Republican - Oregon)B001063
Bunning, Jim (Republican - Kentucky)B001066
Burchett, Tim (Republican - Tennessee)B001309
Burdick, Jocelyn (Democratic - North Dakota)B001076
Burdick, Quentin N. (Democratic - North Dakota)B001077
Burgener, Clair W. (Republican - California)B001080
Burgess, Michael C. (Republican - Texas)B001248
Burke, J. Herbert (Republican - Florida)B001091
Burke, James A. (Democratic - Massachusetts)B001092
Burke, Yvonne B. (Democratic - California)B001102
Burleson, Omar (Democratic - Texas)B001111
Burlison, Bill D. (Democratic - Missouri)B001113
Burns, Conrad R. (Republican - Montana)B001126
Burns, Max (Republican - Georgia)B001249
Burr, Richard (Republican - North Carolina)B001135
Burris, Roland (Democratic - Illinois)B001266
Burton, Dan (Republican - Indiana)B001149
Burton, John (Democratic - California)B001153
Burton, Phillip (Democratic - California)B001156
Burton, Sala (Democratic - California)B001158
Bustamante, Albert G. (Democratic - Texas)B001172
Bustos, Cheri (Democratic - Illinois)B001286
Butler, M. Caldwell (Republican - Virginia)B001182
Butterfield, G. K. (Democratic - North Carolina)B001251
Buyer, Steve (Republican - Indiana)B001203
Byrd, Harry F., Jr. (Independent - Virginia)B001209
Byrd, Robert C. (Democratic - West Virginia)B001210
Byrne, Bradley (Republican - Alabama)B001289
Byrne, Leslie L. (Democratic - Virginia)B001213
Byron, Beverly B. (Democratic - Maryland)B001220
Byron, Goodloe E. (Democratic - Maryland)B001221
Callahan, Sonny (Republican - Alabama)C000052
Calvert, Ken (Republican - California)C000059
Camp, Dave (Republican - Michigan)C000071
Camp, John N. Happy (Republican - Oklahoma)C000073
Campbell, Ben Nighthorse (Republican - Colorado)C000077
Campbell, Carroll A., Jr. (Republican - South Carolina)C000079
Campbell, John (Republican - California)C001064
Campbell, Tom (Republican - California)C000100
Canady, Charles T. (Republican - Florida)C000107
Cannon, Chris (Republican - Utah)C000116
Cannon, Howard W. (Democratic - Nevada)C000120
Canseco, Francisco "Quico" (Republican - Texas)C001082
Cantor, Eric (Republican - Virginia)C001046
Cantwell, Maria (Democratic - Washington)C000127
Cao, Anh "Joseph" (Republican - Louisiana)C001079
Capito, Shelley Moore (Republican - West Virginia)C001047
Capps, Lois (Democratic - California)C001036
Capps, Walter (Democratic - California)C000134
Capuano, Michael E. (Democratic - Massachusetts)C001037
Caputo, Bruce F. (Republican - New York)C000137
Carbajal, Salud O. (Democratic - California)C001112
Cardenas, Tony (Democratic - California)C001097
Cardin, Benjamin L. (Democratic - Maryland)C000141
Cardoza, Dennis A. (Democratic - California)C001050
Carey, Hugh L. (Democratic - New York)C000143
Carman, Gregory W. (Republican - New York)C000158
Carnahan, Jean (Democratic - Missouri)C001043
Carnahan, Russ (Democratic - Missouri)C001060
Carney, Charles J. (Democratic - Ohio)C000164
Carney, Christopher P. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)C001065
Carney, John C., Jr. (Democratic - Delaware)C001083
Carney, William (Republican - New York)C000165
Carper, Thomas R. (Democratic - Delaware)C000174
Carr, Bob (Democratic - Michigan)C000178
Carson, Andre (Democratic - Indiana)C001072
Carson, Brad (Democratic - Oklahoma)C001044
Carson, Julia (Democratic - Indiana)C000191
Carter, Earl L. "Buddy" (Republican - Georgia)C001103
Carter, John R. (Republican - Texas)C001051
Carter, Tim Lee (Republican - Kentucky)C000201
Cartwright, Matt (Democratic - Pennsylvania)C001090
Case, Clifford P. (Republican - New Jersey)C000220
Case, Ed (Democratic - Hawaii)C001055
Casey, Bob (Democratic - Texas)C000228
Casey, Robert P., Jr. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)C001070
Cassidy, Bill (Republican - Louisiana)C001075
Casten, Sean (Democratic - Illinois)C001117
Castle, Michael N. (Republican - Delaware)C000243
Castor, Kathy (Democratic - Florida)C001066
Castro, Joaquin (Democratic - Texas)C001091
Cavanaugh, John J. (Democratic - Nebraska)C000261
Cazayoux, Donald J., Jr. (Democratic - Louisiana)C001073
Cederberg, Elford A. (Republican - Michigan)C000263
Chabot, Steve (Republican - Ohio)C000266
Chafee, John H. (Republican - Rhode Island)C000269
Chafee, Lincoln (Republican - Rhode Island)C001040
Chaffetz, Jason (Republican - Utah)C001076
Chamberlain, Charles E. (Republican - Michigan)C000275
Chambliss, Saxby (Republican - Georgia)C000286
Chandler, Ben (Democratic - Kentucky)C001058
Chandler, Rod D. (Republican - Washington)C000293
Chapman, Jim (Democratic - Texas)C000312
Chappell, Bill, Jr. (Democratic - Florida)C000321
Chappie, Eugene A. (Republican - California)C000322
Cheney, Dick (Republican - Wyoming)C000344
Cheney, Liz (Republican - Wyoming)C001109
Chenoweth-Hage, Helen (Republican - Idaho)C000345
Chiesa, Jeff (Republican - New Jersey)C001100
Childers, Travis (Democratic - Mississippi)C001074
Chiles, Lawton (Democratic - Florida)C000356
Chisholm, Shirley (Democratic - New York)C000371
Chocola, Chris (Republican - Indiana)C001052
Christensen, Donna M. (Democratic - Virgin Islands)C000380
Christensen, Jon (Republican - Nebraska)C000377
Chrysler, Dick (Republican - Michigan)C000385
Chu, Judy (Democratic - California)C001080
Church, Frank (Democratic - Idaho)C000388
Cicilline, David N. (Democratic - Rhode Island)C001084
Cisneros, Gilbert Ray, Jr. (Democratic - California)C001123
Clancy, Donald D. (Republican - Ohio)C000409
Clark, Dick (Democratic - Iowa)C000448
Clark, Frank M. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)C000431
Clark, Katherine M. (Democratic - Massachusetts)C001101
Clarke, Hansen (Democratic - Michigan)C001085
Clarke, James McC. (Democratic - North Carolina)C000462
Clarke, Yvette D. (Democratic - New York)C001067
Clausen, Don H. (Republican - California)C000475
Clawson, Curt (Republican - Florida)C001102
Clawson, Del (Republican - California)C000476
Clay, William (Bill) (Democratic - Missouri)C000488
Clay, Wm. Lacy (Democratic - Missouri)C001049
Clayton, Eva M. (Democratic - North Carolina)C000494
Cleaver, Emanuel (Democratic - Missouri)C001061
Cleland, Max (Democratic - Georgia)C001034
Clement, Bob (Democratic - Tennessee)C000503
Cleveland, James C. (Republican - New Hampshire)C000512
Cline, Ben (Republican - Virginia)C001118
Clinger, William F., Jr. (Republican - Pennsylvania)C000523
Clinton, Hillary Rodham (Democratic - New York)C001041
Cloud, Michael (Republican - Texas)C001115
Clyburn, James E. (Democratic - South Carolina)C000537
Coats, Daniel (Republican - Indiana)C000542
Cobey, William W. (Republican - North Carolina)C000555
Coble, Howard (Republican - North Carolina)C000556
Coburn, Tom (Republican - Oklahoma)C000560
Cochran, Thad (Republican - Mississippi)C000567
Coelho, Anthony Lee (Democratic - California)C000581
Coffman, Mike (Republican - Colorado)C001077
Cohen, Steve (Democratic - Tennessee)C001068
Cohen, William S. (Republican - Maine)C000598
Cole, Tom (Republican - Oklahoma)C001053
Coleman, E. Thomas (Republican - Missouri)C000618
Coleman, Norm (Republican - Minnesota)C001057
Coleman, Ronald D. (Democratic - Texas)C000621
Collier, Harold R. (Republican - Illinois)C000629
Collins, Barbara-Rose (Democratic - Michigan)C000633
Collins, Cardiss (Democratic - Illinois)C000634
Collins, Chris (Republican - New York)C001092
Collins, Doug (Republican - Georgia)C001093
Collins, James M. (Republican - Texas)C000638
Collins, Mac (Republican - Georgia)C000640
Collins, Susan M. (Republican - Maine)C001035
Colorado, Antonio (Democratic - Puerto Rico)C000646
Combest, Larry (Republican - Texas)C000653
Comer, James (Republican - Kentucky)C001108
Comstock, Barbara (Republican - Virginia)C001105
Conable, Barber B., Jr. (Republican - New York)C000666
Conaway, K. Michael (Republican - Texas)C001062
Condit, Gary A. (Democratic - California)C000670
Conlan, John B. (Republican - Arizona)C000682
Connolly, Gerald E. (Democratic - Virginia)C001078
Conrad, Kent (Democratic - North Dakota)C000705
Conte, Silvio O. (Republican - Massachusetts)C000709
Conyers, John, Jr. (Democratic - Michigan)C000714
Cook, Marlow W. (Republican - Kentucky)C000721
Cook, Merrill (Republican - Utah)C000722
Cook, Paul (Republican - California)C001094
Cooksey, John (Republican - Louisiana)C000735
Cooley, Wes (Republican - Oregon)C000737
Coons, Christopher A. (Democratic - Delaware)C001088
Cooper, Jim (Democratic - Tennessee)C000754
Coppersmith, Sam (Democratic - Arizona)C000767
Corcoran, Tom (Republican - Illinois)C000773
Corker, Bob (Republican - Tennessee)C001071
Corman, James C. (Democratic - California)C000780
Cornell, Robert J. (Democratic - Wisconsin)C000782
Cornwell, David L. (Democratic - Indiana)C000787
Cornyn, John (Republican - Texas)C001056
Corrada, Baltasar (Independent - Puerto Rico)C000788
Correa, J. Luis (Democratic - California)C001110
Cortez Masto, Catherine (Democratic - Nevada)C001113
Corzine, Jon S. (Democratic - New Jersey)C001042
Costa, Jim (Democratic - California)C001059
Costello, Jerry F. (Democratic - Illinois)C000794
Costello, Ryan A. (Republican - Pennsylvania)C001106
Cotter, William R. (Democratic - Connecticut)C000799
Cotton, Norris (Republican - New Hampshire)C000802
Cotton, Tom (Republican - Arkansas)C001095
Coughlin, Lawrence (Republican - Pennsylvania)C000807
Courter, Jim (Republican - New Jersey)C000809
Courtney, Joe (Democratic - Connecticut)C001069
Coverdell, Paul (Republican - Georgia)C000813
Cowan, William M. (Democratic - Massachusetts)C001099
Cox, Christopher (Republican - California)C000830
Cox, John W., Jr. (Democratic - Illinois)C000836
Cox, TJ (Democratic - California)C001124
Coyne, James K. (Republican - Pennsylvania)C000845
Coyne, William J. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)C000846
Craig, Angie (Democratic - Minnesota)C001119
Craig, Larry E. (Republican - Idaho)C000858
Cramer, Kevin (Republican - North Dakota)C001096
Cramer, Robert E. (Bud), Jr. (Democratic - Alabama)C000868
Crane, Daniel B. (Republican - Illinois)C000871
Crane, Philip M. (Republican - Illinois)C000873
Cranston, Alan (Democratic - California)C000877
Crapo, Mike (Republican - Idaho)C000880
Cravaack, Chip (Republican - Minnesota)C001086
Crawford, Eric A. "Rick" (Republican - Arkansas)C001087
Cremeans, Frank A. (Republican - Ohio)C000903
Crenshaw, Ander (Republican - Florida)C001045
Crenshaw, Dan (Republican - Texas)C001120
Crist, Charlie (Democratic - Florida)C001111
Critz, Mark S. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)C001081
Crockett, George W., Jr. (Democratic - Michigan)C000919
Cronin, Paul W. (Republican - Massachusetts)C000925
Crow, Jason (Democratic - Colorado)C001121
Crowley, Joseph (Democratic - New York)C001038
Cruz, Ted (Republican - Texas)C001098
Cubin, Barbara (Republican - Wyoming)C000962
Cuellar, Henry (Democratic - Texas)C001063
Culberson, John Abney (Republican - Texas)C001048
Culver, John C. (Democratic - Iowa)C000979
Cummings, Elijah E. (Democratic - Maryland)C000984
Cunningham, Joe (Democratic - South Carolina)C001122
Cunningham, John E. (Jack) (Republican - Washington)C000992
Cunningham, Randy (Duke) (Republican - California)C000994
Curbelo, Carlos (Republican - Florida)C001107
Curson, David Alan (Democratic - Michigan)C001089
Curtis, Carl T. (Republican - Nebraska)C001006
Curtis, John R. (Republican - Utah)C001114
D'Amato, Alfonse (Republican - New York)D000018
D'Amours, Norman E. (Democratic - New Hampshire)D000017
Dahlkemper, Kathleen A. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)D000608
Daines, Steve (Republican - Montana)D000618
Danforth, John C. (Republican - Missouri)D000030
Daniel, Robert W., Jr. (Republican - Virginia)D000037
Daniel, W. C. (Dan) (Democratic - Virginia)D000038
Daniels, Dominick V. (Democratic - New Jersey)D000041
Danielson, George E. (Democratic - California)D000043
Dannemeyer, William E. (Republican - California)D000044
Danner, Pat (Democratic - Missouri)D000046
Darden, George (Buddy) (Democratic - Georgia)D000051
Daschle, Thomas A. (Democratic - South Dakota)D000064
Daub, Hal (Republican - Nebraska)D000065
Davids, Sharice (Democratic - Kansas)D000629
Davidson, Warren (Republican - Ohio)D000626
Davis, Artur (Democratic - Alabama)D000602
Davis, Danny K. (Democratic - Illinois)D000096
Davis, David (Republican - Tennessee)D000606
Davis, Geoff (Republican - Kentucky)D000603
Davis, Glenn R. (Republican - Wisconsin)D000102
Davis, Jack (Republican - Illinois)D000106
Davis, Jim (Democratic - Florida)D000114
Davis, Jo Ann (Republican - Virginia)D000597
Davis, John W. (Democratic - Georgia)D000122
Davis, Lincoln (Democratic - Tennessee)D000599
Davis, Mendel J. (Democratic - South Carolina)D000125
Davis, Robert W. (Republican - Michigan)D000131
Davis, Rodney (Republican - Illinois)D000619
Davis, Susan A. (Democratic - California)D000598
Davis, Tom (Republican - Virginia)D000136
Dayton, Mark (Democratic - Minnesota)D000596
de la Garza, E. (Democratic - Texas)D000203
de Lugo, Ron (Democratic - Virgin Islands)D000209
Deal, Nathan (Republican - Georgia)D000168
Dean, Madeleine (Democratic - Pennsylvania)D000631
Deckard, Joel (Republican - Indiana)D000183
DeConcini, Dennis (Democratic - Arizona)D000185
DeFazio, Peter A. (Democratic - Oregon)D000191
DeGette, Diana (Democratic - Colorado)D000197
Delahunt, Bill (Democratic - Massachusetts)D000210
Delaney, James J. (Democratic - New York)D000211
Delaney, John K. (Democratic - Maryland)D000620
DeLauro, Rosa L. (Democratic - Connecticut)D000216
DeLay, Tom (Republican - Texas)D000217
DelBene, Suzan K. (Democratic - Washington)D000617
Delgado, Antonio (Democratic - New York)D000630
Dellenback, John (Republican - Oregon)D000220
Dellums, Ronald V. (Democratic - California)D000222
Demings, Val Butler (Democratic - Florida)D000627
DeMint, Jim (Republican - South Carolina)D000595
DeNardis, Lawrence J. (Republican - Connecticut)D000231
Denham, Jeff (Republican - California)D000612
Denholm, Frank E. (Democratic - South Dakota)D000234
Dennis, David W. (Republican - Indiana)D000241
Dent, Charles W. (Republican - Pennsylvania)D000604
Dent, John H. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)D000255
Denton, Jeremiah (Republican - Alabama)D000259
Derrick, Butler C. (Democratic - South Carolina)D000267
Derwinski, Edward J. (Republican - Illinois)D000269
DeSantis, Ron (Republican - Florida)D000621
DeSaulnier, Mark (Democratic - California)D000623
DesJarlais, Scott (Republican - Tennessee)D000616
Deutch, Theodore E. (Democratic - Florida)D000610
Deutsch, Peter (Democratic - Florida)D000275
Devine, Samuel L. (Republican - Ohio)D000279
DeWine, Mike (Republican - Ohio)D000294
Diaz-Balart, Lincoln (Republican - Florida)D000299
Diaz-Balart, Mario (Republican - Florida)D000600
Dickey, Jay (Republican - Arkansas)D000312
Dickinson, William L. (Republican - Alabama)D000326
Dicks, Norman D. (Democratic - Washington)D000327
Diggs, Charles C., Jr. (Democratic - Michigan)D000344
Dingell, Debbie (Democratic - Michigan)D000624
Dingell, John D. (Democratic - Michigan)D000355
DioGuardi, Joseph J. (Republican - New York)D000359
Dixon, Alan J. (Democratic - Illinois)D000366
Dixon, Julian C. (Democratic - California)D000373
Djou, Charles K. (Republican - Hawaii)D000611
Dodd, Christopher J. (Democratic - Connecticut)D000388
Doggett, Lloyd (Democratic - Texas)D000399
Dold, Robert J. (Republican - Illinois)D000613
Dole, Elizabeth (Republican - North Carolina)D000601
Dole, Robert J. (Republican - Kansas)D000401
Domenici, Pete V. (Republican - New Mexico)D000407
Dominick, Peter H. (Republican - Colorado)D000409
Donnelly, Brian J. (Democratic - Massachusetts)D000416
Donnelly, Joe (Democratic - Indiana)D000607
Donohue, Harold D. (Democratic - Massachusetts)D000419
Donovan, Daniel M., Jr. (Republican - New York)D000625
Dooley, Calvin M. (Democratic - California)D000424
Doolittle, John T. (Republican - California)D000429
Dorgan, Byron L. (Democratic - North Dakota)D000432
Dorn, William Jennings Bryan (Democratic - South Carolina)D000434
Dornan, Robert K. (Republican - California)D000435
Dougherty, Charles F. (Republican - Pennsylvania)D000446
Douglas, Chuck (Republican - New Hampshire)D000451
Dowdy, Wayne (Democratic - Mississippi)D000466
Downey, Thomas J. (Democratic - New York)D000471
Downing, Thomas N. (Democratic - Virginia)D000474
Doyle, Michael F. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)D000482
Drake, Thelma D. (Republican - Virginia)D000605
Dreier, David (Republican - California)D000492
Driehaus, Steve (Democratic - Ohio)D000609
Drinan, Robert F. (Democratic - Massachusetts)D000499
du Pont, Pierre S., IV (Republican - Delaware)D000558
Duckworth, Tammy (Democratic - Illinois)D000622
Duffy, Sean P. (Republican - Wisconsin)D000614
Dulski, Thaddeus J. (Democratic - New York)D000523
Duncan, Jeff (Republican - South Carolina)D000615
Duncan, John J. (Republican - Tennessee)D000534
Duncan, John J., Jr. (Republican - Tennessee)D000533
Duncan, Robert B. (Democratic - Oregon)D000537
Dunn, Jennifer (Republican - Washington)D000549
Dunn, Jim (Republican - Michigan)D000548
Dunn, Neal P. (Republican - Florida)D000628
Durbin, Richard J. (Democratic - Illinois)D000563
Durenberger, Dave (Republican - Minnesota)D000566
Durkin, John A. (Democratic - New Hampshire)D000574
Dwyer, Bernard J. (Democratic - New Jersey)D000586
Dymally, Mervyn M. (Democratic - California)D000592
Dyson, Roy (Democratic - Maryland)D000593
Eagleton, Thomas F. (Democratic - Missouri)E000004
Early, Joseph D. (Democratic - Massachusetts)E000013
East, John P. (Republican - North Carolina)E000017
Eastland, James O. (Democratic - Mississippi)E000018
Eckart, Dennis E. (Democratic - Ohio)E000031
Eckert, Fred J. (Republican - New York)E000033
Eckhardt, Bob (Democratic - Texas)E000035
Edgar, Robert W. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)E000043
Edwards, Chet (Democratic - Texas)E000063
Edwards, Don (Democratic - California)E000064
Edwards, Donna F. (Democratic - Maryland)E000290
Edwards, Jack (Republican - Alabama)E000084
Edwards, John (Democratic - North Carolina)E000286
Edwards, Mickey (Republican - Oklahoma)E000077
Ehlers, Vernon J. (Republican - Michigan)E000092
Ehrlich, Robert L., Jr. (Republican - Maryland)E000093
Eilberg, Joshua (Democratic - Pennsylvania)E000096
Ellison, Keith (Democratic - Minnesota)E000288
Ellmers, Renee L. (Republican - North Carolina)E000291
Ellsworth, Brad (Democratic - Indiana)E000289
Emanuel, Rahm (Democratic - Illinois)E000287
Emerson, Bill (Republican - Missouri)E000174
Emerson, Jo Ann (Republican - Missouri)E000172
Emery, David F. (Republican - Maine)E000175
Emmer, Tom (Republican - Minnesota)E000294
Engel, Eliot L. (Democratic - New York)E000179
English, Glenn (Democratic - Oklahoma)E000184
English, Karan (Democratic - Arizona)E000186
English, Phil (Republican - Pennsylvania)E000187
Ensign, John (Republican - Nevada)E000194
Enyart, William L. (Democratic - Illinois)E000292
Enzi, Michael B. (Republican - Wyoming)E000285
Erdahl, Arlen (Republican - Minnesota)E000198
Erdreich, Ben (Democratic - Alabama)E000201
Erlenborn, John N. (Republican - Illinois)E000204
Ernst, Joni (Republican - Iowa)E000295
Ertel, Allen E. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)E000208
Ervin, Sam J., Jr. (Democratic - North Carolina)E000211
Esch, Marvin L. (Republican - Michigan)E000213
Escobar, Veronica (Democratic - Texas)E000299
Eshleman, Edwin D. (Republican - Pennsylvania)E000214
Eshoo, Anna G. (Democratic - California)E000215
Espaillat, Adriano (Democratic - New York)E000297
Espy, Mike (Democratic - Mississippi)E000218
Estes, Ron (Republican - Kansas)E000298
Esty, Elizabeth H. (Democratic - Connecticut)E000293
Etheridge, Bob (Democratic - North Carolina)E000226
Evans, Billy Lee (Democratic - Georgia)E000233
Evans, Cooper (Republican - Iowa)E000259
Evans, Daniel J. (Republican - Washington)E000236
Evans, David W. (Democratic - Indiana)E000239
Evans, Dwight (Democratic - Pennsylvania)E000296
Evans, Frank E. (Democratic - Colorado)E000240
Evans, Lane (Democratic - Illinois)E000250
Evans, Melvin H. (Republican - Virgin Islands)E000254
Evans, Thomas B., Jr. (Republican - Delaware)E000258
Everett, Terry (Republican - Alabama)E000268
Evins, Joe L. (Democratic - Tennessee)E000273
Ewing, Thomas W. (Republican - Illinois)E000282
Exon, J. James (Democratic - Nebraska)E000284
Faircloth, Lauch (Republican - North Carolina)F000437
Faleomavaega, Eni F. H. (Democratic - American Samoa)F000010
Fallin, Mary (Republican - Oklahoma)F000453
Fannin, Paul J. (Republican - Arizona)F000013
Farenthold, Blake (Republican - Texas)F000460
Farr, Sam (Democratic - California)F000030
Fary, John G. (Democratic - Illinois)F000040
Fascell, Dante B. (Democratic - Florida)F000041
Faso, John J. (Republican - New York)F000464
Fattah, Chaka (Democratic - Pennsylvania)F000043
Fauntroy, Walter E. (Democratic - District of Columbia)F000046
Fawell, Harris W. (Republican - Illinois)F000049
Fazio, Vic (Democratic - California)F000053
Feeney, Tom (Republican - Florida)F000447
Feighan, Edward F. (Democratic - Ohio)F000059
Feingold, Russell D. (Democratic - Wisconsin)F000061
Feinstein, Dianne (Democratic - California)F000062
Fenwick, Millicent H. (Republican - New Jersey)F000078
Ferguson, A. Drew, IV (Republican - Georgia)F000465
Ferguson, Mike (Republican - New Jersey)F000443
Ferraro, Geraldine A. (Democratic - New York)F000088
Fiedler, Bobbi (Republican - California)F000102
Fields, Cleo (Democratic - Louisiana)F000110
Fields, Jack (Republican - Texas)F000111
Filner, Bob (Democratic - California)F000116
Fincher, Stephen Lee (Republican - Tennessee)F000458
Findley, Paul (Republican - Illinois)F000123
Fingerhut, Eric D. (Democratic - Ohio)F000128
Finkenauer, Abby (Democratic - Iowa)F000467
Fischer, Deb (Republican - Nebraska)F000463
Fish, Hamilton, Jr. (Republican - New York)F000141
Fisher, Joesph L. (Democratic - Virginia)F000151
Fisher, O. C. (Democratic - Texas)F000152
Fithian, Floyd J. (Democratic - Indiana)F000161
Fitzgerald, Peter (Republican - Illinois)F000442
Fitzpatrick, Brian K. (Republican - Pennsylvania)F000466
Fitzpatrick, Michael G. (Republican - Pennsylvania)F000451
Flake, Floyd H. (Democratic - New York)F000184
Flake, Jeff (Republican - Arizona)F000444
Flanagan, Michael Patrick (Republican - Illinois)F000187
Fleischmann, Charles J. "Chuck" (Republican - Tennessee)F000459
Fleming, John (Republican - Louisiana)F000456
Fletcher, Ernie (Republican - Kentucky)F000441
Fletcher, Lizzie (Democratic - Texas)F000468
Flippo, Ronnie G. (Democratic - Alabama)F000208
Flood, Daniel J. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)F000209
Flores, Bill (Republican - Texas)F000461
Florio, James J. (Democratic - New Jersey)F000215
Flowers, Walter (Democratic - Alabama)F000218
Flynt, John J., Jr. (Democratic - Georgia)F000229
Foglietta, Thomas M. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)F000235
Foley, Mark (Republican - Florida)F000238
Foley, Thomas S. (Democratic - Washington)F000239
Fong, Hiram L. (Republican - Hawaii)F000245
Forbes, J. Randy (Republican - Virginia)F000445
Forbes, Michael P. (Democratic - New York)F000257
Ford, Gerald R., Jr. (Republican - Michigan)F000260
Ford, Harold E. (Democratic - Tennessee)F000261
Ford, Harold E., Jr. (Democratic - Tennessee)F000262
Ford, Wendell H. (Democratic - Kentucky)F000268
Ford, William D. (Democratic - Michigan)F000270
Forsythe, Edwin B. (Republican - New Jersey)F000286
Fortenberry, Jeff (Republican - Nebraska)F000449
Fortuno, Luis G. (Republican - Puerto Rico)F000452
Fossella, Vito (Republican - New York)F000440
Foster, Bill (Democratic - Illinois)F000454
Fountain, L. H. (Democratic - North Carolina)F000319
Fowler, Tillie (Republican - Florida)F000328
Fowler, Wyche, Jr. (Democratic - Georgia)F000329
Fox, Jon D. (Republican - Pennsylvania)F000332
Foxx, Virginia (Republican - North Carolina)F000450
Frahm, Sheila (Republican - Kansas)F000438
Frank, Barney (Democratic - Massachusetts)F000339
Frankel, Lois (Democratic - Florida)F000462
Franken, Al (Democratic - Minnesota)F000457
Franklin, William W. (Republican - Mississippi)F000347
Franks, Bob (Republican - New Jersey)F000349
Franks, Gary A. (Republican - Connecticut)F000348
Franks, Trent (Republican - Arizona)F000448
Fraser, Donald M. (Democratic - Minnesota)F000350
Frazer, Victor O. (Independent - Virgin Islands)F000351
Frelinghuysen, Peter H. B. (Republican - New Jersey)F000371
Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. (Republican - New Jersey)F000372
Frenzel, Bill (Republican - Minnesota)F000380
Frey, Lou, Jr. (Republican - Florida)F000381
Frisa, Dan (Republican - New York)F000387
Frist, William H. (Republican - Tennessee)F000439
Froehlich, Harold V. (Republican - Wisconsin)F000388
Frost, Martin (Democratic - Texas)F000392
Fudge, Marcia L. (Democratic - Ohio)F000455
Fulbright, James (Democratic - Arkansas)F000401
Fulcher, Russ (Republican - Idaho)F000469
Fulton, Richard (Democratic - Tennessee)F000424
Funderburk, David (Republican - North Carolina)F000426
Fuqua, Don (Democratic - Florida)F000430
Furse, Elizabeth (Democratic - Oregon)F000434
Fuster, Jamie B. (Democratic - Puerto Rico)F000435
Gabbard, Tulsi (Democratic - Hawaii)G000571
Gaetz, Matt (Republican - Florida)G000578
Gallagher, Mike (Republican - Wisconsin)G000579
Gallegly, Elton (Republican - California)G000021
Gallego, Pete P. (Democratic - Texas)G000572
Gallego, Ruben (Democratic - Arizona)G000574
Gallo, Dean A. (Republican - New Jersey)G000025
Gammage, Robert A. (Democratic - Texas)G000036
Ganske, Greg (Republican - Iowa)G000041
Garamendi, John (Democratic - California)G000559
Garcia, Jesus G. "Chuy" (Democratic - Illinois)G000586
Garcia, Joe (Democratic - Florida)G000573
Garcia, Mike (Republican - California)G000061
Garcia, Robert (Democratic - New York)G000047
Garcia, Sylvia R. (Democratic - Texas)G000587
Gardner, Cory (Republican - Colorado)G000562
Garn, E. J. (Jake) (Republican - Utah)G000072
Garrett, Scott (Republican - New Jersey)G000548
Garrett, Thomas A., Jr. (Republican - Virginia)G000580
Gaydos, Joseph M. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)G000105
Gejdenson, Sam (Democratic - Connecticut)G000120
Gekas, George W. (Republican - Pennsylvania)G000121
Gephardt, Richard A. (Democratic - Missouri)G000132
Geren, Pete (Democratic - Texas)G000134
Gerlach, Jim (Republican - Pennsylvania)G000549
Gettys, Tom S. (Democratic - South Carolina)G000144
Giaimo, Robert N. (Democratic - Connecticut)G000151
Gianforte, Greg (Republican - Montana)G000584
Gibbons, Jim (Republican - Nevada)G000152
Gibbons, Sam (Democratic - Florida)G000153
Gibbs, Bob (Republican - Ohio)G000563
Gibson, Christopher P. (Republican - New York)G000564
Giffords, Gabrielle (Democratic - Arizona)G000554
Gilchrest, Wayne T. (Republican - Maryland)G000180
Gillibrand, Kirsten E. (Democratic - New York)G000555
Gillmor, Paul E. (Republican - Ohio)G000210
Gilman, Benjamin A. (Republican - New York)G000212
Gingrey, Phil (Republican - Georgia)G000550
Gingrich, Newt (Republican - Georgia)G000225
Ginn, Bo (Democratic - Georgia)G000226
Glenn, John H., Jr. (Democratic - Ohio)G000236
Glickman, Dan (Democratic - Kansas)G000240
Gohmert, Louie (Republican - Texas)G000552
Golden, Jared F. (Democratic - Maine)G000592
Goldwater, Barry (Republican - Arizona)G000267
Goldwater, Barry, Jr. (Republican - California)G000268
Gomez, Jimmy (Democratic - California)G000585
Gonzalez, Anthony (Republican - Ohio)G000588
Gonzalez, Charles A. (Democratic - Texas)G000544
Gonzalez, Henry B. (Democratic - Texas)G000272
Gonzalez, Vicente (Democratic - Texas)G000581
Gonzalez-Colon, Jenniffer (Republican - Puerto Rico)G000582
Goode, Virgil H., Jr. (Republican - Virginia)G000280
Gooden, Lance (Republican - Texas)G000589
Goodlatte, Bob (Republican - Virginia)G000289
Goodling, George A. (Republican - Pennsylvania)G000290
Goodling, William F. (Republican - Pennsylvania)G000291
Goodwin, Carte Patrick (Democratic - West Virginia)G000561
Gordon, Bart (Democratic - Tennessee)G000309
Gore, Albert, Jr. (Democratic - Tennessee)G000321
Gorton, Slade (Republican - Washington)G000333
Gosar, Paul A. (Republican - Arizona)G000565
Goss, Porter J. (Republican - Florida)G000336
Gottheimer, Josh (Democratic - New Jersey)G000583
Gowdy, Trey (Republican - South Carolina)G000566
Gradison, Willis D., Jr. (Republican - Ohio)G000349
Graham, Bob (Democratic - Florida)G000352
Graham, Gwen (Democratic - Florida)G000575
Graham, Lindsey (Republican - South Carolina)G000359
Gramm, Phil (Republican - Texas)G000365
Grams, Rod (Republican - Minnesota)G000367
Grandy, Fred (Republican - Iowa)G000371
Granger, Kay (Republican - Texas)G000377
Grant, Bill (Republican - Florida)G000382
Grassley, Chuck (Republican - Iowa)G000386
Grasso, Ella T. (Democratic - Connecticut)G000387
Gravel, Mike (Democratic - Alaska)G000388
Graves, Garret (Republican - Louisiana)G000577
Graves, Sam (Republican - Missouri)G000546
Graves, Tom (Republican - Georgia)G000560
Gray, Kenneth J. (Democratic - Illinois)G000400
Gray, William H., III (Democratic - Pennsylvania)G000402
Grayson, Alan (Democratic - Florida)G000556
Green, Al (Democratic - Texas)G000553
Green, Edith (Democratic - Oregon)G000407
Green, Gene (Democratic - Texas)G000410
Green, Mark (Republican - Wisconsin)G000545
Green, Mark E. (Republican - Tennessee)G000590
Green, S. William (Republican - New York)G000417
Green, William J. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)G000420
Greenwood, James C. (Republican - Pennsylvania)G000439
Gregg, Judd (Republican - New Hampshire)G000445
Griffin, Robert P. (Republican - Michigan)G000465
Griffin, Tim (Republican - Arkansas)G000567
Griffith, H. Morgan (Republican - Virginia)G000568
Griffith, Parker (Republican - Alabama)G000557
Griffiths, Martha W. (Democratic - Michigan)G000471
Grijalva, Raul M. (Democratic - Arizona)G000551
Grimm, Michael G. (Republican - New York)G000569
Grisham, Wayne R. (Republican - California)G000480
Gross, H. R. (Republican - Iowa)G000495
Grotberg, John E. (Republican - Illinois)G000499
Grothman, Glenn (Republican - Wisconsin)G000576
Grover, James R., Jr. (Republican - New York)G000504
Grucci, Felix J., Jr. (Republican - New York)G000547
Guarini, Frank J. (Democratic - New Jersey)G000511
Gubser, Charles S. (Republican - California)G000512
Gude, Gilbert (Republican - Maryland)G000513
Gudger, V. Lamar (Democratic - North Carolina)G000515
Guest, Michael (Republican - Mississippi)G000591
Guinta, Frank C. (Republican - New Hampshire)G000570
Gunderson, Steve (Republican - Wisconsin)G000524
Gunter, Bill (Democratic - Florida)G000528
Gurney, Edward J. (Republican - Florida)G000531
Guthrie, Brett (Republican - Kentucky)G000558
Gutierrez, Luis V. (Democratic - Illinois)G000535
Gutknecht, Gil (Republican - Minnesota)G000536
Guyer, Tennyson (Republican - Ohio)G000537
Haaland, Debra A. (Democratic - New Mexico)H001080
Hagan, Kay R. (Democratic - North Carolina)H001049
Hagedorn, Jim (Republican - Minnesota)H001088
Hagedorn, Thomas M. (Republican - Minnesota)H000012
Hagel, Chuck (Republican - Nebraska)H001028
Hahn, Janice (Democratic - California)H001063
Haley, James A. (Democratic - Florida)H000041
Hall, John J. (Democratic - New York)H001039
Hall, Katie (Democratic - Indiana)H000058
Hall, Ralph M. (Republican - Texas)H000067
Hall, Sam B., Jr. (Democratic - Texas)H000070
Hall, Tim L. (Democratic - Illinois)H000073
Hall, Tony P. (Democratic - Ohio)H000074
Halvorson, Deborah L. (Democratic - Illinois)H001044
Hamburg, Dan (Democratic - California)H000096
Hamilton, Lee H. (Democratic - Indiana)H000114
Hammerschmidt, John P. (Republican - Arkansas)H000124
Hanabusa, Colleen (Democratic - Hawaii)H001050
Hance, Kent R. (Democratic - Texas)H000144
Hancock, Mel (Republican - Missouri)H000151
Handel, Karen C. (Republican - Georgia)H001078
Hanley, James M. (Democratic - New York)H000158
Hanna, Richard L. (Republican - New York)H001051
Hanna, Richard T. (Democratic - California)H000164
Hannaford, Mark W. (Democratic - California)H000166
Hanrahan, Robert P. (Republican - Illinois)H000168
Hansen, Clifford P. (Republican - Wyoming)H000170
Hansen, George V. (Republican - Idaho)H000171
Hansen, James V. (Republican - Utah)H000172
Hansen, Julia Butler (Democratic - Washington)H000174
Hansen, Orval (Republican - Idaho)H000175
Harder, Josh (Democratic - California)H001090
Hardy, Cresent (Republican - Nevada)H001070
Hare, Phil (Democratic - Illinois)H001040
Harkin, Tom (Democratic - Iowa)H000206
Harman, Jane (Democratic - California)H000213
Harper, Gregg (Republican - Mississippi)H001045
Harrington, Michael J. (Democratic - Massachusetts)H000230
Harris, Andy (Republican - Maryland)H001052
Harris, Claude (Democratic - Alabama)H000236
Harris, Herbert E., II (Democratic - Virginia)H000241
Harris, Kamala D. (Democratic - California)H001075
Harris, Katherine (Republican - Florida)H001035
Harrison, Frank (Democratic - Pennsylvania)H000269
Harsha, William H. (Republican - Ohio)H000281
Hart, Gary W. (Democratic - Colorado)H000287
Hart, Melissa A. (Republican - Pennsylvania)H001033
Hart, Philip A. (Democratic - Michigan)H000291
Hartke, Vance (Democratic - Indiana)H000297
Hartnett, Thomas F. (Republican - South Carolina)H000302
Hartzler, Vicky (Republican - Missouri)H001053
Harvey, James (Republican - Michigan)H000306
Haskell, Floyd K. (Democratic - Colorado)H000317
Hassan, Margaret Wood (Democratic - New Hampshire)H001076
Hastert, J. Dennis (Republican - Illinois)H000323
Hastings, Alcee L. (Democratic - Florida)H000324
Hastings, Doc (Republican - Washington)H000329
Hastings, James F. (Republican - New York)H000327
Hatch, Orrin G. (Republican - Utah)H000338
Hatcher, Charles (Democratic - Georgia)H000340
Hatfield, Mark O. (Republican - Oregon)H000343
Hatfield, Paul (Democratic - Montana)H000344
Hathaway, William D. (Democratic - Maine)H000346
Hawkins, Augustus F. (Democratic - California)H000367
Hawkins, Paula (Republican - Florida)H000374
Hawley, Josh (Republican - Missouri)H001089
Hayakawa, Samuel Ichiye (Republican - California)H000384
Hayes, Charles A. (Democratic - Illinois)H000388
Hayes, Jahana (Democratic - Connecticut)H001081
Hayes, James A. (Republican - Louisiana)H000390
Hayes, Philip H. (Democratic - Indiana)H000392
Hayes, Robin (Republican - North Carolina)H001029
Hays, Wayne L. (Democratic - Ohio)H000408
Hayworth, J. D. (Republican - Arizona)H000413
Hayworth, Nan A. S. (Republican - New York)H001054
Hebert, F. Edward (Democratic - Louisiana)H000437
Hechler, Ken (Democratic - West Virginia)H000438
Hecht, Chic (Republican - Nevada)H000439
Heck, Denny (Democratic - Washington)H001064
Heck, Joseph J. (Republican - Nevada)H001055
Heckler, Margaret M. (Republican - Massachusetts)H000440
Hefley, Joel (Republican - Colorado)H000444
Heflin, Howell (Democratic - Alabama)H000445
Hefner, W. G. (Bill) (Democratic - North Carolina)H000448
Heftel, Cecil (Democratic - Hawaii)H000449
Heineman, Frederick K. (Fred) (Republican - North Carolina)H000452
Heinrich, Martin (Democratic - New Mexico)H001046
Heinz, John (Republican - Pennsylvania)H000456
Heitkamp, Heidi (Democratic - North Dakota)H001069
Heller, Dean (Republican - Nevada)H001041
Helms, Jesse (Republican - North Carolina)H000463
Helstoski, Henry (Democratic - New Jersey)H000465
Henderson, David N. (Democratic - North Carolina)H000479
Hendon, Bill (Republican - North Carolina)H000490
Henry, Paul B. (Republican - Michigan)H000514
Hensarling, Jeb (Republican - Texas)H001036
Herger, Wally (Republican - California)H000528
Hern, Kevin (Republican - Oklahoma)H001082
Herrera Beutler, Jaime (Republican - Washington)H001056
Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie (Democratic - South Dakota)H001037
Hertel, Dennis M. (Democratic - Michigan)H000547
Hice, Jody B. (Republican - Georgia)H001071
Hicks, Floyd V. (Democratic - Washington)H000563
Higgins, Brian (Democratic - New York)H001038
Higgins, Clay (Republican - Louisiana)H001077
Hightower, Jack E. (Democratic - Texas)H000582
Hiler, John Patrick (Republican - Indiana)H000586
Hill, Baron P. (Democratic - Indiana)H001030
Hill, J. French (Republican - Arkansas)H001072
Hill, Katie (Democratic - California)H001087
Hill, Rick (Republican - Montana)H000605
Hilleary, Van (Republican - Tennessee)H000615
Hilliard, Earl F. (Democratic - Alabama)H000621
Hillis, Elwood H. (Republican - Indiana)H000624
Himes, James A. (Democratic - Connecticut)H001047
Hinchey, Maurice D. (Democratic - New York)H000627
Hinojosa, Ruben (Democratic - Texas)H000636
Hinshaw, Andrew J. (Republican - California)H000638
Hinson, Jon C. (Republican - Mississippi)H000641
Hirono, Mazie K. (Democratic - Hawaii)H001042
Hoagland, Peter (Democratic - Nebraska)H000652
Hobson, David L. (Republican - Ohio)H000666
Hochbrueckner, George J. (Democratic - New York)H000670
Hochul, Kathleen C. (Democratic - New York)H001062
Hodes, Paul W. (Democratic - New Hampshire)H001043
Hodges, Kaneaster, Jr. (Democratic - Arkansas)H000675
Hoeffel, Joseph M. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)H001031
Hoekstra, Peter (Republican - Michigan)H000676
Hoeven, John (Republican - North Dakota)H001061
Hogan, Lawrence J. (Republican - Maryland)H000692
Hoke, Martin R. (Republican - Ohio)H000707
Holden, Tim (Democratic - Pennsylvania)H000712
Holding, George (Republican - North Carolina)H001065
Holifield, Chet (Democratic - California)H000713
Holland, Kenneth L. (Democratic - South Carolina)H000719
Hollenbeck, Harold C. (Republican - New Jersey)H000722
Hollings, Ernest F. (Democratic - South Carolina)H000725
Hollingsworth, Trey (Republican - Indiana)H001074
Holloway, Clyde (Republican - Louisiana)H000729
Holt, Marjorie S. (Republican - Maryland)H000747
Holt, Rush (Democratic - New Jersey)H001032
Holtzman, Elizabeth (Democratic - New York)H000752
Honda, Michael M. (Democratic - California)H001034
Hooley, Darlene (Democratic - Oregon)H000762
Hopkins, Larry J. (Republican - Kentucky)H000776
Horn, Joan Kelly (Democratic - Missouri)H000788
Horn, Kendra S. (Democratic - Oklahoma)H001083
Horn, Stephen (Republican - California)H000789
Horsford, Steven (Democratic - Nevada)H001066
Horton, Frank J. (Republican - New York)H000797
Hosmer, Craig (Republican - California)H000802
Hostettler, John N. (Republican - Indiana)H000807
Houghton, Amo (Republican - New York)H000814
Houlahan, Chrissy (Democratic - Pennsylvania)H001085
Howard, James J. (Democratic - New Jersey)H000840
Howe, Allan (Democratic - Utah)H000851
Hoyer, Steny H. (Democratic - Maryland)H000874
Hruska, Roman L. (Republican - Nebraska)H000875
Hubbard, Carroll, Jr. (Democratic - Kentucky)H000878
Huber, Robert J. (Republican - Michigan)H000897
Huckaby, Thomas J. (Jerry) (Democratic - Louisiana)H000901
Huddleston, Walter (Dee) (Democratic - Kentucky)H000905
Hudnut, William H., III (Republican - Indiana)H000906
Hudson, Richard (Republican - North Carolina)H001067
Huelskamp, Tim (Republican - Kansas)H001057
Huffington, Michael (Republican - California)H000912
Huffman, Jared (Democratic - California)H001068
Hughes, Harold E. (Democratic - Iowa)H000922
Hughes, William J. (Democratic - New Jersey)H000930
Huizenga, Bill (Republican - Michigan)H001058
Hulshof, Kenny C. (Republican - Missouri)H000948
Hultgren, Randy (Republican - Illinois)H001059
Humphrey, Gordon J. (Republican - New Hampshire)H000951
Humphrey, Hubert H. (Democratic - Minnesota)H000953
Humphrey, Muriel (Democratic - Minnesota)H000956
Hungate, William L. (Democratic - Missouri)H000965
Hunt, John E. (Republican - New Jersey)H000972
Hunter, Duncan (Republican - California)H000981
Hunter, Duncan D. (Republican - California)H001048
Hurd, Will (Republican - Texas)H001073
Hurt, Robert (Republican - Virginia)H001060
Hutchinson, Asa (Republican - Arkansas)H001014
Hutchinson, Edward (Republican - Michigan)H001011
Hutchinson, John G. (Democratic - West Virginia)H001013
Hutchinson, Tim (Republican - Arkansas)H001015
Hutchison, Kay Bailey (Republican - Texas)H001016
Hutto, Earl (Democratic - Florida)H001018
Hyde, Henry J. (Republican - Illinois)H001022
Hyde-Smith, Cindy (Republican - Mississippi)H001079
Ichord, Richard H. (Democratic - Missouri)I000001
Inglis, Bob (Republican - South Carolina)I000023
Inhofe, James M. (Republican - Oklahoma)I000024
Inouye, Daniel K. (Democratic - Hawaii)I000025
Inslee, Jay (Democratic - Washington)I000026
Ireland, Andrew P. (Republican - Florida)I000029
Isakson, Johnny (Republican - Georgia)I000055
Israel, Steve (Democratic - New York)I000057
Issa, Darrell E. (Republican - California)I000056
Istook, Ernest J., Jr. (Republican - Oklahoma)I000047
Jackson Lee, Sheila (Democratic - Texas)J000032
Jackson, Henry M. (Democratic - Washington)J000013
Jackson, Jesse L., Jr. (Democratic - Illinois)J000283
Jacobs, Andrew, Jr. (Democratic - Indiana)J000033
Jacobs, Chris (Republican - New York)J000020
James, Craig T. (Republican - Florida)J000047
Janklow, William J. (Republican - South Dakota)J000286
Jarman, John (Democratic - Oklahoma)J000057
Javits, Jacob K. (Republican - New York)J000064
Jayapal, Pramila (Democratic - Washington)J000298
Jefferson, William J. (Democratic - Louisiana)J000070
Jeffords, James M. (Independent - Vermont)J000072
Jeffries, Hakeem S. (Democratic - New York)J000294
Jeffries, Jim (Republican - Kansas)J000074
Jenkins, Edgar L. (Democratic - Georgia)J000083
Jenkins, Evan H. (Republican - West Virginia)J000297
Jenkins, Lynn (Republican - Kansas)J000290
Jenkins, William L. (Republican - Tennessee)J000082
Jenrette, John W., Jr. (Democratic - South Carolina)J000099
Jepsen, Roger W. (Republican - Iowa)J000101
Jindal, Bobby (Republican - Louisiana)J000287
Johanns, Mike (Republican - Nebraska)J000291
John, Christopher (Democratic - Louisiana)J000110
Johnson, Albert W. (Republican - Pennsylvania)J000115
Johnson, Bill (Republican - Ohio)J000292
Johnson, Don (Democratic - Georgia)J000120
Johnson, Dusty (Republican - South Dakota)J000301
Johnson, Eddie Bernice (Democratic - Texas)J000126
Johnson, Harold T. (Democratic - California)J000135
Johnson, Henry C. "Hank," Jr. (Democratic - Georgia)J000288
Johnson, James P. (Jim) (Republican - Colorado)J000148
Johnson, Jay W. (Democratic - Wisconsin)J000149
Johnson, Mike (Republican - Louisiana)J000299
Johnson, Nancy L. (Republican - Connecticut)J000163
Johnson, Ron (Republican - Wisconsin)J000293
Johnson, Sam (Republican - Texas)J000174
Johnson, Tim (Democratic - South Dakota)J000177
Johnson, Timothy V. (Republican - Illinois)J000285
Johnston, Eugene (Gene) (Republican - North Carolina)J000200
Johnston, Harry (Democratic - Florida)J000187
Johnston, J. Bennett (Democratic - Louisiana)J000189
Jolly, David W. (Republican - Florida)J000296
Jones, Ben (Democratic - Georgia)J000211
Jones, Brenda (Democratic - Michigan)J000303
Jones, Doug (Democratic - Alabama)J000300
Jones, Ed (Democratic - Tennessee)J000216
Jones, James R. (Democratic - Oklahoma)J000232
Jones, Robert E., Jr. (Democratic - Alabama)J000248
Jones, Stephanie Tubbs (Democratic - Ohio)J000284
Jones, Walter B. (Democratic - North Carolina)J000256
Jones, Walter B., Jr. (Republican - North Carolina)J000255
Jontz, Jim (Democratic - Indiana)J000265
Jordan, Barbara (Democratic - Texas)J000266
Jordan, Jim (Republican - Ohio)J000289
Joyce, David P. (Republican - Ohio)J000295
Joyce, John (Republican - Pennsylvania)J000302
Kagen, Steve (Democratic - Wisconsin)K000365
Kaine, Tim (Democratic - Virginia)K000384
Kanjorski, Paul E. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)K000008
Kaptur, Marcy (Democratic - Ohio)K000009
Karnes, David K. (Republican - Nebraska)K000011
Karth, Joseph E. (Democratic - Minnesota)K000014
Kasich, John R. (Republican - Ohio)K000016
Kassebaum, Nancy Landon (Republican - Kansas)K000017
Kasten, Robert W., Jr. (Republican - Wisconsin)K000019
Kastenmeier, Robert W. (Democratic - Wisconsin)K000020
Katko, John (Republican - New York)K000386
Kaufman, Edward E. (Democratic - Delaware)K000373
Kazen, Abraham, Jr. (Democratic - Texas)K000025
Keating, William J. (Republican - Ohio)K000037
Keating, William R. (Democratic - Massachusetts)K000375
Keller, Fred (Republican - Pennsylvania)K000395
Keller, Ric (Republican - Florida)K000361
Kelly, Mike (Republican - Pennsylvania)K000376
Kelly, Richard (Republican - Florida)K000077
Kelly, Robin L. (Democratic - Illinois)K000385
Kelly, Sue W. (Republican - New York)K000078
Kelly, Trent (Republican - Mississippi)K000388
Kemp, Jack (Republican - New York)K000086
Kempthorne, Dirk (Republican - Idaho)K000088
Kennedy, Edward M. (Democratic - Massachusetts)K000105
Kennedy, John (Republican - Louisiana)K000393
Kennedy, Joseph P., II (Democratic - Massachusetts)K000110
Kennedy, Joseph P., III (Democratic - Massachusetts)K000379
Kennedy, Mark R. (Republican - Minnesota)K000358
Kennedy, Patrick J. (Democratic - Rhode Island)K000113
Kennelly, Barbara B. (Democratic - Connecticut)K000118
Kerns, Brian D. (Republican - Indiana)K000359
Kerrey, J. Robert (Democratic - Nebraska)K000146
Kerry, John F. (Democratic - Massachusetts)K000148
Ketchum, William M. (Republican - California)K000153
Keys, Martha E. (Democratic - Kansas)K000162
Khanna, Ro (Democratic - California)K000389
Kihuen, Ruben J. (Democratic - Nevada)K000390
Kildee, Dale E. (Democratic - Michigan)K000172
Kildee, Daniel T. (Democratic - Michigan)K000380
Kilmer, Derek (Democratic - Washington)K000381
Kilpatrick, Carolyn C. (Democratic - Michigan)K000180
Kilroy, Mary Jo (Democratic - Ohio)K000372
Kim, Andy (Democratic - New Jersey)K000394
Kim, Jay (Republican - California)K000181
Kind, Ron (Democratic - Wisconsin)K000188
Kindness, Thomas N. (Republican - Ohio)K000190
King, Angus S., Jr. (Independent - Maine)K000383
King, Carleton J. (Republican - New York)K000195
King, Peter T. (Republican - New York)K000210
King, Steve (Republican - Iowa)K000362
Kingston, Jack (Republican - Georgia)K000220
Kinzinger, Adam (Republican - Illinois)K000378
Kirk, Mark Steven (Republican - Illinois)K000360
Kirk, Paul Grattan, Jr. (Democratic - Massachusetts)K000374
Kirkpatrick, Ann (Democratic - Arizona)K000368
Kissell, Larry (Democratic - North Carolina)K000369
Kleczka, Gerald D. (Democratic - Wisconsin)K000259
Klein, Herbert C. (Democratic - New Jersey)K000262
Klein, Ron (Democratic - Florida)K000366
Kline, John (Republican - Minnesota)K000363
Klink, Ron (Democratic - Pennsylvania)K000270
Klobuchar, Amy (Democratic - Minnesota)K000367
Kluczynski, John C. (Democratic - Illinois)K000273
Klug, Scott L. (Republican - Wisconsin)K000274
Knight, Stephen (Republican - California)K000387
Knollenberg, Joe (Republican - Michigan)K000288
Koch, Edward I. (Democratic - New York)K000302
Kogovsek, Ray (Democratic - Colorado)K000304
Kohl, Herb (Democratic - Wisconsin)K000305
Kolbe, Jim (Republican - Arizona)K000306
Kolter, Joseph P. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)K000307
Konnyu, Ernest L. (Republican - California)K000309
Kopetski, Mike (Democratic - Oregon)K000312
Kosmas, Suzanne M. (Democratic - Florida)K000370
Kostmayer, Peter H. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)K000319
Kramer, Ken (Republican - Colorado)K000322
Kratovil, Frank, Jr. (Democratic - Maryland)K000371
Krebs, John H. (Democratic - California)K000325
Kreidler, Mike (Democratic - Washington)K000328
Krishnamoorthi, Raja (Democratic - Illinois)K000391
Krueger, Robert C. (Democratic - Texas)K000333
Kucinich, Dennis J. (Democratic - Ohio)K000336
Kuhl, John R. "Randy", Jr. (Republican - New York)K000364
Kuster, Ann M. (Democratic - New Hampshire)K000382
Kustoff, David (Republican - Tennessee)K000392
Kuykendall, Dan H. (Republican - Tennessee)K000348
Kuykendall, Steven T. (Republican - California)K000357
Kyl, Jon (Republican - Arizona)K000352
Kyros, Peter N. (Democratic - Maine)K000356
Labrador, Raul R. (Republican - Idaho)L000573
LaFalce, John J. (Democratic - New York)L000556
Lagomarsino, Robert J. (Republican - California)L000020
LaHood, Darin (Republican - Illinois)L000585
LaHood, Ray (Republican - Illinois)L000552
LaMalfa, Doug (Republican - California)L000578
Lamb, Conor (Democratic - Pennsylvania)L000588
Lamborn, Doug (Republican - Colorado)L000564
Lampson, Nick (Democratic - Texas)L000043
Lancaster, H. Martin (Democratic - North Carolina)L000045
Lance, Leonard (Republican - New Jersey)L000567
Landgrebe, Earl F. (Republican - Indiana)L000049
Landrieu, Mary L. (Democratic - Louisiana)L000550
Landrum, Phil M. (Democratic - Georgia)L000054
Landry, Jeffrey M. (Republican - Louisiana)L000574
Langevin, James R. (Democratic - Rhode Island)L000559
Lankford, James (Republican - Oklahoma)L000575
Lantos, Tom (Democratic - California)L000090
Largent, Steve (Republican - Oklahoma)L000096
LaRocco, Larry (Democratic - Idaho)L000098
Larsen, Rick (Democratic - Washington)L000560
Larson, John B. (Democratic - Connecticut)L000557
Latham, Tom (Republican - Iowa)L000111
LaTourette, Steven C. (Republican - Ohio)L000553
Latta, Delbert L. (Republican - Ohio)L000116
Latta, Robert E. (Republican - Ohio)L000566
Laughlin, Greg (Republican - Texas)L000119
Lautenberg, Frank R. (Democratic - New Jersey)L000123
Lawrence, Brenda L. (Democratic - Michigan)L000581
Lawson, Al, Jr. (Democratic - Florida)L000586
Laxalt, Paul D. (Republican - Nevada)L000148
Lazio, Rick (Republican - New York)L000155
Leach, Claude (Buddy), Jr. (Democratic - Louisiana)L000167
Leach, James A. (Republican - Iowa)L000169
Leahy, Patrick J. (Democratic - Vermont)L000174
Leath, Marvin (Democratic - Texas)L000180
LeBoutillier, John (Republican - New York)L000547
Lederer, Raymond F. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)L000187
Lee, Barbara (Democratic - California)L000551
Lee, Christopher J. (Republican - New York)L000568
Lee, Gary A. (Republican - New York)L000192
Lee, Mike (Republican - Utah)L000577
Lee, Susie (Democratic - Nevada)L000590
LeFante, Joseph A. (Democratic - New Jersey)L000561
Leggett, Robert L. (Democratic - California)L000221
Lehman, Richard H. (Democratic - California)L000225
Lehman, William (Democratic - Florida)L000226
Leland, Mickey (Democratic - Texas)L000237
LeMieux, George S. (Republican - Florida)L000572
Lent, Norman F. (Republican - New York)L000243
Lesko, Debbie (Republican - Arizona)L000589
Levin, Andy (Democratic - Michigan)L000592
Levin, Carl (Democratic - Michigan)L000261
Levin, Mike (Democratic - California)L000593
Levin, Sander M. (Democratic - Michigan)L000263
Levine, Mel (Democratic - California)L000264
Levitas, Elliott H. (Democratic - Georgia)L000265
Levy, David A. (Republican - New York)L000267
Lewis, Jason (Republican - Minnesota)L000587
Lewis, Jerry (Republican - California)L000274
Lewis, John (Democratic - Georgia)L000287
Lewis, Ron (Republican - Kentucky)L000293
Lewis, Thomas F. (Republican - Florida)L000295
Lieberman, Joseph I. (Independent Democrat - Connecticut)L000304
Lieu, Ted (Democratic - California)L000582
Lightfoot, Jim (Republican - Iowa)L000305
Lincoln, Blanche L. (Democratic - Arkansas)L000035
Linder, John (Republican - Georgia)L000321
Lipinski, Daniel (Democratic - Illinois)L000563
Lipinski, William O. (Democratic - Illinois)L000342
Litton, Jerry (Democratic - Missouri)L000360
Livingston, Bob (Republican - Louisiana)L000371
Lloyd, James F. (Democratic - California)L000379
Lloyd, Marilyn (Democratic - Tennessee)L000381
LoBiondo, Frank A. (Republican - New Jersey)L000554
Loebsack, David (Democratic - Iowa)L000565
Loeffler, Kelly (Republican - Georgia)L000594
Loeffler, Tom (Republican - Texas)L000396
Lofgren, Zoe (Democratic - California)L000397
Long, Billy (Republican - Missouri)L000576
Long, Cathy (Mrs. Gillis) (Democratic - Louisiana)L000411
Long, Clarence D. (Democratic - Maryland)L000413
Long, Gillis W. (Democratic - Louisiana)L000417
Long, Jill L. (Democratic - Indiana)L000420
Long, Russell B. (Democratic - Louisiana)L000428
Longley, James B., Jr. (Republican - Maine)L000431
Lott, Trent (Republican - Mississippi)L000447
Loudermilk, Barry (Republican - Georgia)L000583
Love, Mia B. (Republican - Utah)L000584
Lowenthal, Alan S. (Democratic - California)L000579
Lowery, Bill (Republican - California)L000479
Lowey, Nita M. (Democratic - New York)L000480
Lowry, Mike (Democratic - Washington)L000486
Lucas, Frank D. (Republican - Oklahoma)L000491
Lucas, Ken (Democratic - Kentucky)L000558
Luetkemeyer, Blaine (Republican - Missouri)L000569
Lugar, Richard G. (Republican - Indiana)L000504
Lujan Grisham, Michelle (Democratic - New Mexico)L000580
Lujan, Ben Ray (Democratic - New Mexico)L000570
Lujan, Manuel, Jr. (Republican - New Mexico)L000506
Luken, Charles (Democratic - Ohio)L000507
Luken, Thomas A. (Democratic - Ohio)L000508
Lukens, Donald E. (Republican - Ohio)L000509
Lummis, Cynthia M. (Republican - Wyoming)L000571
Lundine, Stanley N. (Democratic - New York)L000516
Lungren, Daniel E. (Republican - California)L000517
Luria, Elaine G. (Democratic - Virginia)L000591
Luther, Bill (Democratic - Minnesota)L000521
Lynch, Stephen F. (Democratic - Massachusetts)L000562
MacArthur, Thomas (Republican - New Jersey)M001193
Macdonald, Torbert H. (Democratic - Massachusetts)M000005
Machtley, Ronald K. (Republican - Rhode Island)M000015
Mack, Connie (Republican - Florida)M001155
Mack, Connie, III (Republican - Florida)M000019
MacKay, Buddy (Democratic - Florida)M000023
Madden, Ray J. (Democratic - Indiana)M000039
Madigan, Edward R. (Republican - Illinois)M000041
Maffei, Daniel B. (Democratic - New York)M001171
Magnuson, Warren G. (Democratic - Washington)M000053
Maguire, Andrew (Democratic - New Jersey)M000058
Mahon, George H. (Democratic - Texas)M000065
Mahoney, Tim (Democratic - Florida)M001164
Mailliard, William S. (Republican - California)M000070
Majette, Denise L. (Democratic - Georgia)M001145
Malinowski, Tom (Democratic - New Jersey)M001203
Mallary, Richard W. (Republican - Vermont)M000078
Maloney, Carolyn B. (Democratic - New York)M000087
Maloney, James H. (Democratic - Connecticut)M000090
Maloney, Sean Patrick (Democratic - New York)M001185
Manchin, Joe, III (Democratic - West Virginia)M001183
Mann, David (Democratic - Ohio)M000100
Mann, James R. (Democratic - South Carolina)M000105
Mansfield, Mike (Democratic - Montana)M000113
Manton, Thomas J. (Democratic - New York)M000117
Manzullo, Donald A. (Republican - Illinois)M001138
Maraziti, Joseph J. (Republican - New Jersey)M000121
Marchant, Kenny (Republican - Texas)M001158
Margolies-Mezvinsky, Marjorie (Democratic - Pennsylvania)M000129
Marino, Tom (Republican - Pennsylvania)M001179
Markey, Betsy (Democratic - Colorado)M001172
Markey, Edward J. (Democratic - Massachusetts)M000133
Marks, Marc L. (Republican - Pennsylvania)M000136
Marlenee, Ron (Republican - Montana)M000139
Marriott, David Daniel (Republican - Utah)M000143
Marshall, Jim (Democratic - Georgia)M001146
Marshall, Roger W. (Republican - Kansas)M001198
Martin, David O'B. (Republican - New York)M000174
Martin, David T. (Republican - Nebraska)M000175
Martin, James G. (Republican - North Carolina)M000183
Martin, Lynn M. (Republican - Illinois)M000195
Martinez, Matthew G. (Republican - California)M000206
Martinez, Mel (Republican - Florida)M001162
Martini, William J. (Republican - New Jersey)M000207
Mascara, Frank (Democratic - Pennsylvania)M000212
Massa, Eric J. J. (Democratic - New York)M001173
Massie, Thomas (Republican - Kentucky)M001184
Mast, Brian J. (Republican - Florida)M001199
Matheson, Jim (Democratic - Utah)M001142
Mathews, Harlan (Democratic - Tennessee)M000236
Mathias, Charles McC., Jr. (Republican - Maryland)M000241
Mathias, Robert B. (Bob) (Republican - California)M000242
Mathis, Dawson (Democratic - Georgia)M000244
Matsui, Doris O. (Democratic - California)M001163
Matsui, Robert T. (Democratic - California)M000249
Matsunaga, Spark M. (Democratic - Hawaii)M000250
Mattingly, Mack (Republican - Georgia)M000257
Mattox, James A. (Democratic - Texas)M000260
Mavroules, Nicholas (Democratic - Massachusetts)M000264
Mayne, Wiley (Republican - Iowa)M000286
Mazzoli, Romano L. (Democratic - Kentucky)M000291
McAdams, Ben (Democratic - Utah)M001209
McAllister, Vance M. (Republican - Louisiana)M001192
McBath, Lucy (Democratic - Georgia)M001208
McCain, John (Republican - Arizona)M000303
McCandless, Alfred A. (Al) (Republican - California)M000306
McCarthy, Carolyn (Democratic - New York)M000309
McCarthy, Karen (Democratic - Missouri)M000316
McCarthy, Kevin (Republican - California)M001165
McCaskill, Claire (Democratic - Missouri)M001170
McCaul, Michael T. (Republican - Texas)M001157
McClellan, John L. (Democratic - Arkansas)M000332
McClintock, Tom (Republican - California)M001177
McClory, Robert (Republican - Illinois)M000340
McCloskey, Frank (Democratic - Indiana)M000342
McCloskey, Paul N., Jr. (Republican - California)M000343
McClure, James A. (Republican - Idaho)M000346
McCollister, John Y. (Republican - Nebraska)M000349
McCollum, Betty (Democratic - Minnesota)M001143
McCollum, Bill (Republican - Florida)M000350
McConnell, Mitch (Republican - Kentucky)M000355
McCormack, Mike (Democratic - Washington)M000365
McCotter, Thaddeus G. (Republican - Michigan)M001147
McCrery, Jim (Republican - Louisiana)M000388
McCurdy, Dave (Democratic - Oklahoma)M000398
McDade, Joseph M. (Republican - Pennsylvania)M000399
McDermott, Jim (Democratic - Washington)M000404
McDonald, Lawrence P. (Democratic - Georgia)M000413
McEachin, A. Donald (Democratic - Virginia)M001200
McEwen, Bob (Republican - Ohio)M000432
McEwen, Robert C. (Republican - New York)M000433
McFall, John J. (Democratic - California)M000436
McGee, Gale W. (Democratic - Wyoming)M000445
McGovern, George (Democratic - South Dakota)M000452
McGovern, James P. (Democratic - Massachusetts)M000312
McGrath, Raymond J. (Republican - New York)M000458
McHale, Paul (Democratic - Pennsylvania)M000466
McHenry, Patrick T. (Republican - North Carolina)M001156
McHugh, John M. (Republican - New York)M000472
McHugh, Matthew F. (Democratic - New York)M000473
McInnis, Scott (Republican - Colorado)M000477
McIntosh, David M. (Republican - Indiana)M000481
McIntyre, Mike (Democratic - North Carolina)M000485
McIntyre, Thomas J. (Democratic - New Hampshire)M000486
McKay, K. Gunn (Democratic - Utah)M000490
McKeon, Howard P. "Buck" (Republican - California)M000508
McKernan, John R., Jr. (Republican - Maine)M000512
McKinley, David B. (Republican - West Virginia)M001180
McKinney, Cynthia A. (Democratic - Georgia)M000523
McKinney, Stewart B. (Republican - Connecticut)M000527
McMahon, Michael E. (Democratic - New York)M001174
McMillan, J. Alex (Republican - North Carolina)M000566
McMillen, Thomas (Democratic - Maryland)M000573
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy (Republican - Washington)M001159
McNerney, Jerry (Democratic - California)M001166
McNulty, James F., Jr. (Democratic - Arizona)M000589
McNulty, Michael R. (Democratic - New York)M000590
McSally, Martha (Republican - Arizona)M001197
McSpadden, Clem Rogers (Democratic - Oklahoma)M000603
Meadows, Mark (Republican - North Carolina)M001187
Meeds, Lloyd (Democratic - Washington)M000626
Meehan, Martin T. (Democratic - Massachusetts)M000627
Meehan, Patrick (Republican - Pennsylvania)M001181
Meek, Carrie P. (Democratic - Florida)M000628
Meek, Kendrick B. (Democratic - Florida)M001148
Meeks, Gregory W. (Democratic - New York)M001137
Melancon, Charlie (Democratic - Louisiana)M001161
Melcher, John (Democratic - Montana)M000635
Menendez, Robert (Democratic - New Jersey)M000639
Meng, Grace (Democratic - New York)M001188
Merkley, Jeff (Democratic - Oregon)M001176
Messer, Luke (Republican - Indiana)M001189
Metcalf, Jack (Republican - Washington)M000669
Metcalf, Lee (Democratic - Montana)M000671
Metcalfe, Ralph H. (Democratic - Illinois)M000675
Metzenbaum, Howard M. (Democratic - Ohio)M000678
Meuser, Daniel (Republican - Pennsylvania)M001204
Meyers, Jan (Republican - Kansas)M000684
Meyner, Helen S. (Democratic - New Jersey)M000685
Mezvinsky, Edward (Democratic - Iowa)M000686
Mfume, Kweisi (Democratic - Maryland)M000687
Mica, Daniel Andrew (Democratic - Florida)M000688
Mica, John L. (Republican - Florida)M000689
Michaud, Michael H. (Democratic - Maine)M001149
Michel, Robert H. (Republican - Illinois)M000692
Mikulski, Barbara A. (Democratic - Maryland)M000702
Mikva, Abner J. (Democratic - Illinois)M000703
Milford, Dale (Democratic - Texas)M000708
Millender-McDonald, Juanita (Democratic - California)M000714
Miller, Brad (Democratic - North Carolina)M001154
Miller, Candice S. (Republican - Michigan)M001150
Miller, Carol D. (Republican - West Virginia)M001205
Miller, Clarence E. (Republican - Ohio)M000718
Miller, Dan (Republican - Florida)M000720
Miller, Gary G. (Republican - California)M001139
Miller, George (Democratic - California)M000725
Miller, Jeff (Republican - Florida)M001144
Miller, John R. (Republican - Washington)M000736
Miller, Zell (Democratic - Georgia)M001141
Mills, Wilbur D. (Democratic - Arkansas)M000778
Mills, William O. (Republican - Maryland)M000779
Mineta, Norman Y. (Democratic - California)M000794
Minge, David (Democratic - Minnesota)M000795
Minish, Joseph G. (Democratic - New Jersey)M000796
Mink, Patsy T. (Democratic - Hawaii)M000797
Minnick, Walter (Democratic - Idaho)M001175
Minshall, William E. (Republican - Ohio)M000799
Mitchell, Donald J. (Republican - New York)M000808
Mitchell, George J. (Democratic - Maine)M000811
Mitchell, Harry E. (Democratic - Arizona)M001167
Mitchell, Parren J. (Democratic - Maryland)M000826
Mitchell, Paul (Republican - Michigan)M001201
Mizell, Wilmer (Republican - North Carolina)M000833
Moakley, John Joseph (Democratic - Massachusetts)M000834
Moffett, Toby (Democratic - Connecticut)M000839
Molinari, Guy (Republican - New York)M000842
Molinari, Susan (Republican - New York)M000843
Mollohan, Alan B. (Democratic - West Virginia)M000844
Mollohan, Robert H. (Democratic - West Virginia)M000845
Mondale, Walter F. (Democratic - Minnesota)M000851
Monson, David S. (Republican - Utah)M000860
Montgomery, G. V. (Sonny) (Democratic - Mississippi)M000865
Montoya, Joseph M. (Democratic - New Mexico)M000876
Moody, Jim (Democratic - Wisconsin)M000881
Moolenaar, John R. (Republican - Michigan)M001194
Mooney, Alexander X. (Republican - West Virginia)M001195
Moore, Dennis (Democratic - Kansas)M001140
Moore, Gwen (Democratic - Wisconsin)M001160
Moore, W. Henson (Republican - Louisiana)M000923
Moorhead, Carlos J. (Republican - California)M000926
Moorhead, William S. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)M000930
Moran, James P. (Democratic - Virginia)M000933
Moran, Jerry (Republican - Kansas)M000934
Morella, Constance A. (Republican - Maryland)M000941
Morelle, Joseph D. (Democratic - New York)M001206
Morgan, Robert B. (Democratic - North Carolina)M000956
Morgan, Thomas E. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)M000958
Morrison, Bruce A. (Democratic - Connecticut)M000992
Morrison, Sid (Republican - Washington)M000999
Moseley-Braun, Carol (Democratic - Illinois)M001025
Mosher, Charles A. (Republican - Ohio)M001031
Moss, Frank E. (Democratic - Utah)M001033
Moss, John E. (Democratic - California)M001035
Mottl, Ronald M. (Democratic - Ohio)M001044
Moulton, Seth (Democratic - Massachusetts)M001196
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick (Democratic - New York)M001054
Mrazek, Robert J. (Democratic - New York)M001057
Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie (Democratic - Florida)M001207
Mullin, Markwayne (Republican - Oklahoma)M001190
Mulvaney, Mick (Republican - South Carolina)M001182
Murkowski, Frank H. (Republican - Alaska)M001085
Murkowski, Lisa (Republican - Alaska)M001153
Murphy, Austin J. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)M001088
Murphy, Christopher (Democratic - Connecticut)M001169
Murphy, Gregory (Republican - North Carolina)M001210
Murphy, John M. (Democratic - New York)M001098
Murphy, Morgan F. (Democratic - Illinois)M001101
Murphy, Patrick (Democratic - Florida)M001191
Murphy, Patrick J. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)M001168
Murphy, Scott (Democratic - New York)M001178
Murphy, Stephanie N. (Democratic - Florida)M001202
Murphy, Tim (Republican - Pennsylvania)M001151
Murray, Patty (Democratic - Washington)M001111
Murtha, John P. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)M001120
Musgrave, Marilyn N. (Republican - Colorado)M001152
Muskie, Edmund S. (Democratic - Maine)M001121
Musto, Raphael (Democratic - Pennsylvania)M001123
Myers, Gary A. (Republican - Pennsylvania)M001128
Myers, John T. (Republican - Indiana)M001130
Myers, Michael O. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)M001132
Myrick, Sue Wilkins (Republican - North Carolina)M001134
Nadler, Jerrold (Democratic - New York)N000002
Nagle, Dave R, (Democratic - Iowa)N000003
Napier, John L. (Republican - South Carolina)N000005
Napolitano, Grace F. (Democratic - California)N000179
Natcher, William H. (Democratic - Kentucky)N000009
Neal, Richard E. (Democratic - Massachusetts)N000015
Neal, Stephen L. (Democratic - North Carolina)N000016
Nedzi, Lucien N. (Democratic - Michigan)N000019
Negrete McLeod, Gloria (Democratic - California)N000187
Neguse, Joe (Democratic - Colorado)N000191
Nelligan, James L. (Republican - Pennsylvania)N000027
Nelsen, Ancher (Republican - Minnesota)N000028
Nelson, Ben (Democratic - Nebraska)N000180
Nelson, Bill (Democratic - Florida)N000032
Nelson, Gaylord (Democratic - Wisconsin)N000033
Nethercutt, George R., Jr. (Republican - Washington)N000051
Neugebauer, Randy (Republican - Texas)N000182
Neumann, Mark W. (Republican - Wisconsin)N000054
Newhouse, Dan (Republican - Washington)N000189
Ney, Robert W. (Republican - Ohio)N000081
Nichols, Bill (Democratic - Alabama)N000095
Nichols, Dick (Republican - Kansas)N000094
Nickles, Don (Republican - Oklahoma)N000102
Nielson, Howard C. (Republican - Utah)N000106
Nix, Robert N. C. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)N000113
Noem, Kristi L. (Republican - South Dakota)N000184
Nolan, Richard M. (Democratic - Minnesota)N000127
Norcross, Donald (Democratic - New Jersey)N000188
Norman, Ralph (Republican - South Carolina)N000190
Northup, Anne M. (Republican - Kentucky)N000143
Norton, Eleanor Holmes (Democratic - District of Columbia)N000147
Norwood, Charles W. (Republican - Georgia)N000159
Nowak, Henry (Democratic - New York)N000163
Nugent, Richard B. (Republican - Florida)N000185
Nunes, Devin (Republican - California)N000181
Nunn, Sam (Democratic - Georgia)N000171
Nunnelee, Alan (Republican - Mississippi)N000186
Nussle, Jim (Republican - Iowa)N000172
Nye, Glenn C. (Democratic - Virginia)N000183
O'Brien, George M. (Republican - Illinois)O000010
O'Halleran, Tom (Democratic - Arizona)O000171
O'Hara, James G. (Democratic - Michigan)O000055
O'Neill, Thomas P., Jr. (Democratic - Massachusetts)O000098
O'Rourke, Beto (Democratic - Texas)O000170
Oakar, Mary Rose (Democratic - Ohio)O000001
Obama, Barack (Democratic - Illinois)O000167
Oberstar, James L. (Democratic - Minnesota)O000006
Obey, David R. (Democratic - Wisconsin)O000007
Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria (Democratic - New York)O000172
Olin, James R. (Democratic - Virginia)O000069
Olson, Pete (Republican - Texas)O000168
Olver, John W. (Democratic - Massachusetts)O000085
Omar, Ilhan (Democratic - Minnesota)O000173
Ortiz, Solomon P. (Democratic - Texas)O000107
Orton, Bill (Democratic - Utah)O000108
Osborne, Tom (Republican - Nebraska)O000165
Ose, Doug (Republican - California)O000164
Otter, C. L. (Butch) (Republican - Idaho)O000166
Ottinger, Richard L. (Democratic - New York)O000134
Owens, Major R. (Democratic - New York)O000159
Owens, Wayne (Democratic - Utah)O000156
Owens, William L. (Democratic - New York)O000169
Oxley, Michael G. (Republican - Ohio)O000163
Packard, Ron (Republican - California)P000005
Packwood, Bob (Republican - Oregon)P000009
Palazzo, Steven M. (Republican - Mississippi)P000601
Pallone, Frank, Jr. (Democratic - New Jersey)P000034
Palmer, Gary J. (Republican - Alabama)P000609
Panetta, Jimmy (Democratic - California)P000613
Panetta, Leon (Democratic - California)P000047
Pappas, Chris (Democratic - New Hampshire)P000614
Pappas, Michael (Republican - New Jersey)P000049
Parker, Mike (Republican - Mississippi)P000066
Parris, Stanford E. (Stan) (Republican - Virginia)P000080
Pascrell, Bill, Jr. (Democratic - New Jersey)P000096
Pashayan, Charles, Jr. (Republican - California)P000097
Passman, Otto E. (Democratic - Louisiana)P000098
Pastor, Ed (Democratic - Arizona)P000099
Pastore, John O. (Democratic - Rhode Island)P000100
Patman, William N. (Democratic - Texas)P000104
Patman, Wright (Democratic - Texas)P000103
Patten, Edward J. (Democratic - New Jersey)P000106
Patterson, Elizabeth (Democratic - South Carolina)P000112
Patterson, Jerry M. (Democratic - California)P000121
Pattison, Edward W. (Democratic - New York)P000134
Paul, Rand (Republican - Kentucky)P000603
Paul, Ron (Republican - Texas)P000583
Paulsen, Erik (Republican - Minnesota)P000594
Paxon, Bill (Republican - New York)P000148
Payne, Donald M. (Democratic - New Jersey)P000149
Payne, Donald M., Jr. (Democratic - New Jersey)P000604
Payne, Lewis F., Jr. (Democratic - Virginia)P000152
Pearce, Stevan (Republican - New Mexico)P000588
Pearson, James B. (Republican - Kansas)P000166
Pease, Donald J. (Democratic - Ohio)P000170
Pease, Edward A. (Republican - Indiana)P000171
Pell, Claiborne (Democratic - Rhode Island)P000193
Pelosi, Nancy (Democratic - California)P000197
Pence, Greg (Republican - Indiana)P000615
Pence, Mike (Republican - Indiana)P000587
Penny, Timothy J. (Democratic - Minnesota)P000215
Pepper, Claude (Democratic - Florida)P000218
Percy, Charles H. (Republican - Illinois)P000222
Perdue, David (Republican - Georgia)P000612
Perkins, Carl C. (Democratic - Kentucky)P000229
Perkins, Carl Dewey (Democratic - Kentucky)P000230
Perlmutter, Ed (Democratic - Colorado)P000593
Perriello, Thomas S.P. (Democratic - Virginia)P000600
Perry, Scott (Republican - Pennsylvania)P000605
Peters, Gary C. (Democratic - Michigan)P000595
Peters, Scott H. (Democratic - California)P000608
Peterson, Collin C. (Democratic - Minnesota)P000258
Peterson, Douglas (Pete) (Democratic - Florida)P000259
Peterson, John E. (Republican - Pennsylvania)P000263
Petri, Thomas E. (Republican - Wisconsin)P000265
Pettis, Jerry L. (Republican - California)P000272
Pettis, Shirley N. (Republican - California)P000273
Peyser, Peter A. (Democratic - New York)P000280
Phelps, David D. (Democratic - Illinois)P000584
Phillips, Dean (Democratic - Minnesota)P000616
Pickering, Charles W. "Chip" (Republican - Mississippi)P000323
Pickett, Owen B. (Democratic - Virginia)P000326
Pickle, J. J. (Democratic - Texas)P000328
Pierluisi, Pedro R. (Democratic - Puerto Rico)P000596
Pike, Otis G. (Democratic - New York)P000348
Pingree, Chellie (Democratic - Maine)P000597
Pittenger, Robert (Republican - North Carolina)P000606
Pitts, Joseph R. (Republican - Pennsylvania)P000373
Plaskett, Stacey E. (Democratic - Virgin Islands)P000610
Platts, Todd Russell (Republican - Pennsylvania)P000585
Poage, W. R. (Democratic - Texas)P000398
Pocan, Mark (Democratic - Wisconsin)P000607
Podell, Bertram L. (Democratic - New York)P000399
Poe, Ted (Republican - Texas)P000592
Poliquin, Bruce (Republican - Maine)P000611
Polis, Jared (Democratic - Colorado)P000598
Pombo, Richard W. (Republican - California)P000419
Pomeroy, Earl (Democratic - North Dakota)P000422
Pompeo, Mike (Republican - Kansas)P000602
Porter, John Edward (Republican - Illinois)P000444
Porter, Jon C. (Republican - Nevada)P000589
Porter, Katie (Democratic - California)P000618
Portman, Rob (Republican - Ohio)P000449
Posey, Bill (Republican - Florida)P000599
Poshard, Glenn (Democratic - Illinois)P000452
Powell, Walter E. (Republican - Ohio)P000485
Pressler, Larry (Republican - South Dakota)P000513
Pressley, Ayanna (Democratic - Massachusetts)P000617
Preyer, Richardson (Democratic - North Carolina)P000520
Price, David E. (Democratic - North Carolina)P000523
Price, Melvin (Democratic - Illinois)P000522
Price, Robert D. (Republican - Texas)P000528
Price, Tom (Republican - Georgia)P000591
Pritchard, Joel (Republican - Washington)P000546
Proxmire, William (Democratic - Wisconsin)P000553
Pryce, Deborah (Republican - Ohio)P000555
Pryor, David H. (Democratic - Arkansas)P000556
Pryor, Mark L. (Democratic - Arkansas)P000590
Pursell, Carl D. (Republican - Michigan)P000574
Putnam, Adam H. (Republican - Florida)P000586
Quayle, Benjamin (Republican - Arizona)Q000024
Quayle, Dan (Republican - Indiana)Q000007
Quie, Albert H. (Republican - Minnesota)Q000010
Quigley, Mike (Democratic - Illinois)Q000023
Quillen, James H. (Jimmy) (Republican - Tennessee)Q000013
Quinn, Jack (Republican - New York)Q000016
Radanovich, George (Republican - California)R000004
Radel, Trey (Republican - Florida)R000596
Radewagen, Aumua Amata Coleman (Republican - American Samoa)R000600
Rahall, Nick J., II (Democratic - West Virginia)R000011
Railsback, Thomas F. (Republican - Illinois)R000012
Ramstad, Jim (Republican - Minnesota)R000033
Randall, William J. (Democratic - Missouri)R000041
Randolph, Jennings (Democratic - West Virginia)R000046
Rangel, Charles B. (Democratic - New York)R000053
Rarick, John R. (Democratic - Louisiana)R000065
Raskin, Jamie (Democratic - Maryland)R000606
Ratchford, William R. (Democratic - Connecticut)R000067
Ratcliffe, John (Republican - Texas)R000601
Ravenel, Arthur, Jr. (Republican - South Carolina)R000072
Ray, Richard B. (Democratic - Georgia)R000080
Redmond, Bill (Republican - New Mexico)R000567
Reed, Jack (Democratic - Rhode Island)R000122
Reed, Tom (Republican - New York)R000585
Rees, Thomas N. (Democratic - California)R000134
Regula, Ralph (Republican - Ohio)R000141
Rehberg, Denny (Republican - Montana)R000571
Reichert, David G. (Republican - Washington)R000578
Reid, Harry (Democratic - Nevada)R000146
Reid, Ogden R. (Democratic - New York)R000150
Renacci, James B. (Republican - Ohio)R000586
Renzi, Rick (Republican - Arizona)R000574
Reschenthaler, Guy (Republican - Pennsylvania)R000610
Reuss, Henry S. (Democratic - Wisconsin)R000165
Reyes, Silvestre (Democratic - Texas)R000170
Reynolds, Mel (Democratic - Illinois)R000178
Reynolds, Thomas M. (Republican - New York)R000569
Rhodes, John J. (Republican - Arizona)R000188
Rhodes, John J., III (Republican - Arizona)R000189
Ribble, Reid J. (Republican - Wisconsin)R000587
Ribicoff, Abraham A. (Democratic - Connecticut)R000191
Rice, Kathleen M. (Democratic - New York)R000602
Rice, Tom (Republican - South Carolina)R000597
Richardson, Bill (Democratic - New Mexico)R000229
Richardson, Laura (Democratic - California)R000581
Richmond, Cedric L. (Democratic - Louisiana)R000588
Richmond, Frederick W. (Democratic - New York)R000232
Ridge, Thomas J. (Republican - Pennsylvania)R000243
Riegle, Donald W., Jr. (Democratic - Michigan)R000249
Rigell, E. Scott (Republican - Virginia)R000589
Riggleman, Denver (Republican - Virginia)R000611
Riggs, Frank (Republican - California)R000252
Riley, Bob (Republican - Alabama)R000258
Rinaldo, Matthew J. (Republican - New Jersey)R000262
Risch, James E. (Republican - Idaho)R000584
Risenhoover, Theodore M. (Democratic - Oklahoma)R000268
Ritter, Don (Republican - Pennsylvania)R000277
Rivera, David (Republican - Florida)R000590
Rivers, Lynn N. (Democratic - Michigan)R000281
Robb, Charles S. (Democratic - Virginia)R000295
Roberts, Clint (Republican - South Dakota)R000308
Roberts, Pat (Republican - Kansas)R000307
Roberts, Ray (Democratic - Texas)R000312
Robinson, J. Kenneth (Republican - Virginia)R000337
Robinson, Tommy F. (Republican - Arkansas)R000354
Robison, Howard W. (Republican - New York)R000357
Roby, Martha (Republican - Alabama)R000591
Rockefeller, John D., IV (Democratic - West Virginia)R000361
Rodino, Peter W., Jr. (Democratic - New Jersey)R000374
Rodriguez, Ciro D. (Democratic - Texas)R000568
Roe, David P. (Republican - Tennessee)R000582
Roe, Robert A. (Democratic - New Jersey)R000383
Roemer, Buddy (Democratic - Louisiana)R000384
Roemer, Tim (Democratic - Indiana)R000385
Rogan, James E. (Republican - California)R000386
Rogers, Harold (Republican - Kentucky)R000395
Rogers, Mike D. (Republican - Alabama)R000575
Rogers, Mike J. (Republican - Michigan)R000572
Rogers, Paul G. (Democratic - Florida)R000401
Rohrabacher, Dana (Republican - California)R000409
Rokita, Todd (Republican - Indiana)R000592
Romero-Barcelo, Carlos A. (Democratic - Puerto Rico)R000417
Romney, Mitt (Republican - Utah)R000615
Roncalio, Teno (Democratic - Wyoming)R000421
Roncallo, Angelo D. (Republican - New York)R000422
Rooney, Francis (Republican - Florida)R000607
Rooney, Fred B. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)R000423
Rooney, John J. (Democratic - New York)R000424
Rooney, Thomas J. (Republican - Florida)R000583
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (Republican - Florida)R000435
Rose, Charlie (Democratic - North Carolina)R000436
Rose, John W. (Republican - Tennessee)R000612
Rose, Max (Democratic - New York)R000613
Rosen, Jacky (Democratic - Nevada)R000608
Rosenthal, Benjamin S. (Democratic - New York)R000442
Roskam, Peter J. (Republican - Illinois)R000580
Ross, Dennis A. (Republican - Florida)R000593
Ross, Mike (Democratic - Arkansas)R000573
Rostenkowski, Dan (Democratic - Illinois)R000458
Roth Jr., William V. (Republican - Delaware)R000460
Roth, Toby (Republican - Wisconsin)R000459
Rothfus, Keith J. (Republican - Pennsylvania)R000598
Rothman, Steven R. (Democratic - New Jersey)R000462
Rouda, Harley (Democratic - California)R000616
Roukema, Marge (Republican - New Jersey)R000465
Rounds, Mike (Republican - South Dakota)R000605
Roush, J. Edward (Democratic - Indiana)R000467
Rousselot, John H. (Republican - California)R000469
Rouzer, David (Republican - North Carolina)R000603
Rowland, J. Roy (Democratic - Georgia)R000481
Rowland, John G. (Republican - Connecticut)R000482
Roy, Chip (Republican - Texas)R000614
Roy, William R. (Democratic - Kansas)R000484
Roybal, Edward R. (Democratic - California)R000485
Roybal-Allard, Lucille (Democratic - California)R000486
Royce, Edward R. (Republican - California)R000487
Royer, William (Republican - California)R000489
Rubio, Marco (Republican - Florida)R000595
Rudd, Eldon D. (Republican - Arizona)R000495
Rudman, Warren (Republican - New Hampshire)R000497
Ruiz, Raul (Democratic - California)R000599
Runnels, Harold L. (Democratic - New Mexico)R000510
Runyan, Jon (Republican - New Jersey)R000594
Ruppe, Philip E. (Republican - Michigan)R000512
Ruppersberger, C. A. Dutch (Democratic - Maryland)R000576
Rush, Bobby L. (Democratic - Illinois)R000515
Russell, Steve (Republican - Oklahoma)R000604
Russo, Martin A. (Democratic - Illinois)R000543
Ruth, Earl B. (Republican - North Carolina)R000545
Rutherford, John H. (Republican - Florida)R000609
Ryan, Leo J. (Democratic - California)R000558
Ryan, Paul D. (Republican - Wisconsin)R000570
Ryan, Tim (Democratic - Ohio)R000577
Ryun, Jim (Republican - Kansas)R000566
Sablan, Gregorio Kilili Camacho (Democratic - Northern Mariana Islands)S001177
Sabo, Martin Olav (Democratic - Minnesota)S000005
Saiki, Patricia (Republican - Hawaii)S000014
Salazar, John T. (Democratic - Colorado)S001158
Salazar, Ken (Democratic - Colorado)S001163
Sali, Bill (Republican - Idaho)S001167
Salmon, Matt (Republican - Arizona)S000018
San Nicolas, Michael F. Q. (Democratic - Guam)S001204
Sanchez, Linda T. (Democratic - California)S001156
Sanchez, Loretta (Democratic - California)S000030
Sanders, Bernard (Independent - Vermont)S000033
Sandlin, Max (Democratic - Texas)S000044
Sandman, Charles W., Jr. (Republican - New Jersey)S000045
Sanford, Mark (Republican - South Carolina)S000051
Sanford, Terry (Democratic - North Carolina)S000055
Sangmeister, George E. (Democratic - Illinois)S000056
Santini, James D. (Democratic - Nevada)S000058
Santorum, Rick (Republican - Pennsylvania)S000059
Sarasin, Ronald A. (Republican - Connecticut)S000062
Sarbanes, John P. (Democratic - Maryland)S001168
Sarbanes, Paul S. (Democratic - Maryland)S000064
Sarpalius, Bill (Democratic - Texas)S000066
Sasse, Ben (Republican - Nebraska)S001197
Sasser, Jim (Democratic - Tennessee)S000068
Satterfield, David E., III (Democratic - Virginia)S000070
Savage, Gus (Democratic - Illinois)S000081
Sawyer, Harold S. (Republican - Michigan)S000087
Sawyer, Tom (Democratic - Ohio)S000094
Saxbe, William B. (Republican - Ohio)S000096
Saxton, Jim (Republican - New Jersey)S000097
Saylor, John P. (Republican - Pennsylvania)S000102
Scalise, Steve (Republican - Louisiana)S001176
Scanlon, Mary Gay (Democratic - Pennsylvania)S001205
Scarborough, Joe (Republican - Florida)S000106
Schaefer, Dan (Republican - Colorado)S000109
Schaffer, Bob (Republican - Colorado)S000112
Schakowsky, Janice D. (Democratic - Illinois)S001145
Schatz, Brian (Democratic - Hawaii)S001194
Schauer, Mark H. (Democratic - Michigan)S001178
Schenk, Lynn (Democratic - California)S000119
Scherle, William J. (Republican - Iowa)S000121
Scheuer, James H. (Democratic - New York)S000124
Schiff, Adam B. (Democratic - California)S001150
Schiff, Steven (Republican - New Mexico)S000125
Schilling, Robert T. (Republican - Illinois)S001182
Schmidt, Jean (Republican - Ohio)S001164
Schmitt, Harrison H. (Republican - New Mexico)S000132
Schneebeli, Herman T. (Republican - Pennsylvania)S000135
Schneider, Bradley Scott (Democratic - Illinois)S001190
Schneider, Claudine (Republican - Rhode Island)S000136
Schock, Aaron (Republican - Illinois)S001179
Schrader, Kurt (Democratic - Oregon)S001180
Schrier, Kim (Democratic - Washington)S001216
Schrock, Edward L. (Republican - Virginia)S001151
Schroeder, Patricia (Democratic - Colorado)S000142
Schuette, Bill (Republican - Michigan)S000143
Schulze, Richard T. (Republican - Pennsylvania)S000146
Schumer, Charles E. (Democratic - New York)S000148
Schwartz, Allyson Y. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)S001162
Schwarz, John J.H. "Joe" (Republican - Michigan)S001161
Schweiker, Richard S. (Republican - Pennsylvania)S000159
Schweikert, David (Republican - Arizona)S001183
Scott, Austin (Republican - Georgia)S001189
Scott, David (Democratic - Georgia)S001157
Scott, Hugh (Republican - Pennsylvania)S000174
Scott, Rick (Republican - Florida)S001217
Scott, Robert C. "Bobby" (Democratic - Virginia)S000185
Scott, Tim (Republican - South Carolina)S001184
Scott, William Lloyd (Republican - Virginia)S000189
Seastrand, Andrea H. (Republican - California)S000213
Sebelius, Keith G. (Republican - Kansas)S000217
Seiberling, John F. (Democratic - Ohio)S000230
Sekula Gibbs, Shelley (Republican - Texas)S001166
Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. (Republican - Wisconsin)S000244
Serrano, Jose E. (Democratic - New York)S000248
Sessions, Jeff (Republican - Alabama)S001141
Sessions, Pete (Republican - Texas)S000250
Sestak, Joe (Democratic - Pennsylvania)S001169
Sewell, Terri A. (Democratic - Alabama)S001185
Seymour, John (Republican - California)S000269
Shadegg, John B. (Republican - Arizona)S000275
Shaheen, Jeanne (Democratic - New Hampshire)S001181
Shalala, Donna E. (Democratic - Florida)S001206
Shamansky, Bob (Democratic - Ohio)S000282
Shannon, James M. (Democratic - Massachusetts)S000286
Sharp, Philip R. (Democratic - Indiana)S000294
Shaw, E. Clay, Jr. (Republican - Florida)S000303
Shays, Christopher (Republican - Connecticut)S001144
Shea-Porter, Carol (Democratic - New Hampshire)S001170
Shelby, Richard C. (Republican - Alabama)S000320
Shepherd, Karen (Democratic - Utah)S000332
Sherman, Brad (Democratic - California)S000344
Sherrill, Mikie (Democratic - New Jersey)S001207
Sherwood, Don (Republican - Pennsylvania)S001146
Shimkus, John (Republican - Illinois)S000364
Shipley, George E. (Democratic - Illinois)S000367
Shoup, Dick (Republican - Montana)S000383
Shows, Ronnie (Democratic - Mississippi)S001147
Shriver, Garner E. (Republican - Kansas)S000388
Shuler, Heath (Democratic - North Carolina)S001171
Shumway, Norman D. (Republican - California)S000393
Shuster, Bill (Republican - Pennsylvania)S001154
Shuster, Bud (Republican - Pennsylvania)S000394
Sikes, Robert L. F. (Democratic - Florida)S000406
Sikorski, Gerry E. (Democratic - Minnesota)S000407
Siljander, Mark D. (Republican - Michigan)S000409
Simmons, Rob (Republican - Connecticut)S001152
Simon, Paul (Democratic - Illinois)S000423
Simpson, Alan K. (Republican - Wyoming)S000429
Simpson, Michael K. (Republican - Idaho)S001148
Sinema, Kyrsten (Democratic - Arizona)S001191
Sires, Albio (Democratic - New Jersey)S001165
Sisisky, Norman (Democratic - Virginia)S000453
Sisk, B. F. (Democratic - California)S000454
Skaggs, David E. (Democratic - Colorado)S000462
Skeen, Joe (Republican - New Mexico)S000463
Skelton, Ike (Democratic - Missouri)S000465
Skubitz, Joe (Republican - Kansas)S000472
Slack, John (Democratic - West Virginia)S000473
Slattery, Jim (Democratic - Kansas)S000477
Slaughter, D. French, Jr. (Republican - Virginia)S000479
Slaughter, Louise McIntosh (Democratic - New York)S000480
Slotkin, Elissa (Democratic - Michigan)S001208
Smith, Adam (Democratic - Washington)S000510
Smith, Adrian (Republican - Nebraska)S001172
Smith, Albert L., Jr. (Republican - Alabama)S000514
Smith, Bob (Republican - New Hampshire)S000606
Smith, Christopher H. (Republican - New Jersey)S000522
Smith, Denny (Republican - Oregon)S000527
Smith, Gordon H. (Republican - Oregon)S001142
Smith, Henry P., III (Republican - New York)S000548
Smith, Jason (Republican - Missouri)S001195
Smith, Joseph F. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)S000579
Smith, Lamar (Republican - Texas)S000583
Smith, Larkin (Republican - Mississippi)S000584
Smith, Lawrence (Democratic - Florida)S000586
Smith, Linda (Republican - Washington)S000587
Smith, Neal Edward (Democratic - Iowa)S000596
Smith, Nick (Republican - Michigan)S000597
Smith, Peter (Republican - Vermont)S000601
Smith, Robert (Republican - Oregon)S000607
Smith, Tina (Democratic - Minnesota)S001203
Smith, Virginia (Republican - Nebraska)S000622
Smucker, Lloyd (Republican - Pennsylvania)S001199
Snowbarger, Vince (Republican - Kansas)S000662
Snowe, Olympia J. (Republican - Maine)S000663
Snyder, M. G. (Gene) (Republican - Kentucky)S000669
Snyder, Vic (Democratic - Arkansas)S000672
Sodrel, Michael E. (Republican - Indiana)S001160
Solarz, Stephen J. (Democratic - New York)S000673
Solis, Hilda L. (Democratic - California)S001153
Solomon, Gerald B. H. (Republican - New York)S000675
Soto, Darren (Democratic - Florida)S001200
Souder, Mark E. (Republican - Indiana)S001143
Southerland, Steve II (Republican - Florida)S001186
Space, Zachary T. (Democratic - Ohio)S001173
Spanberger, Abigail Davis (Democratic - Virginia)S001209
Spano, Ross (Republican - Florida)S001210
Sparkman, John J. (Democratic - Alabama)S000701
Specter, Arlen (Democratic - Pennsylvania)S000709
Speier, Jackie (Democratic - California)S001175
Spellman, Gladys Noon (Democratic - Maryland)S000716
Spence, Floyd (Republican - South Carolina)S000718
Spratt, John M., Jr. (Democratic - South Carolina)S000749
St Germain, Fernand J. (Democratic - Rhode Island)S000762
Stabenow, Debbie (Democratic - Michigan)S000770
Stack, Edward J. (Democratic - Florida)S000772
Stafford, Robert T. (Republican - Vermont)S000776
Staggers, Harley O. (Democratic - West Virginia)S000778
Staggers, Harley O., Jr. (Democratic - West Virginia)S000779
Stallings, Richard H. (Democratic - Idaho)S000785
Stangeland, Arlan (Republican - Minnesota)S000795
Stanton, Greg (Democratic - Arizona)S001211
Stanton, J. William (Republican - Ohio)S000804
Stanton, James V. (Independent - Ohio)S000803
Stark, Fortney Pete (Democratic - California)S000810
Staton, David Michael (Republican - West Virginia)S000818
Stauber, Pete (Republican - Minnesota)S001212
Stearns, Cliff (Republican - Florida)S000822
Steed, Tom (Democratic - Oklahoma)S000829
Steele, Robert H. (Republican - Connecticut)S000836
Steelman, Alan (Republican - Texas)S000841
Steers, Newton I., Jr. (Republican - Maryland)S000844
Stefanik, Elise M. (Republican - New York)S001196
Steiger, Sam (Republican - Arizona)S000846
Steiger, William A. (Republican - Wisconsin)S000847
Steil, Bryan (Republican - Wisconsin)S001213
Stenholm, Charles W. (Democratic - Texas)S000851
Stennis, John C. (Democratic - Mississippi)S000852
Stephens, Robert G., Jr. (Democratic - Georgia)S000860
Steube, W. Gregory (Republican - Florida)S001214
Stevens, Haley M. (Democratic - Michigan)S001215
Stevens, Ted (Republican - Alaska)S000888
Stevenson, Adlai E., III (Democratic - Illinois)S000890
Stewart, Bennett McVey (Democratic - Illinois)S000902
Stewart, Chris (Republican - Utah)S001192
Stewart, Donald (Democratic - Alabama)S000907
Stivers, Steve (Republican - Ohio)S001187
Stockman, David A. (Republican - Michigan)S000935
Stockman, Steve (Republican - Texas)S000937
Stokes, Louis (Democratic - Ohio)S000948
Stone, Richard (Dick) (Democratic - Florida)S000962
Strang, Michael L. (Republican - Colorado)S000991
Strange, Luther (Republican - Alabama)S001202
Stratton, Samuel S. (Democratic - New York)S000997
Strickland, Ted (Democratic - Ohio)S001004
Stubblefield, Frank A. (Democratic - Kentucky)S001037
Stuckey, W. S. (Bill), Jr. (Democratic - Georgia)S001039
Studds, Gerry E. (Democratic - Massachusetts)S001040
Stump, Bob (Republican - Arizona)S001044
Stupak, Bart (Democratic - Michigan)S001045
Stutzman, Marlin A. (Republican - Indiana)S001188
Sullivan, Dan (Republican - Alaska)S001198
Sullivan, John (Republican - Oklahoma)S001155
Sullivan, Leonor K. (Mrs. John B.) (Democratic - Missouri)S001057
Sundquist, Don (Republican - Tennessee)S001075
Sunia, Foto I. F. (Democratic - American Samoa)S001077
Sununu, John E. (Republican - New Hampshire)S001078
Suozzi, Thomas R. (Democratic - New York)S001201
Sutton, Betty (Democratic - Ohio)S001174
Swalwell, Eric (Democratic - California)S001193
Sweeney, David McCann (Republican - Texas)S001101
Sweeney, John E. (Republican - New York)S001149
Swett, Dick (Democratic - New Hampshire)S001113
Swift, Al (Democratic - Washington)S001115
Swindall, Patrick L. (Republican - Georgia)S001122
Symington, James W. (Democratic - Missouri)S001134
Symington, Stuart (Democratic - Missouri)S001136
Symms, Steven D. (Republican - Idaho)S001138
Synar, Mike (Democratic - Oklahoma)S001139
Taft, Robert, Jr. (Republican - Ohio)T000010
Takai, Mark (Democratic - Hawaii)T000473
Takano, Mark (Democratic - California)T000472
Talcott, Burt L. (Republican - California)T000022
Talent, Jim (Republican - Missouri)T000024
Tallon, Robert M. (Robin) (Democratic - South Carolina)T000034
Talmadge, Herman E. (Democratic - Georgia)T000035
Tancredo, Thomas G. (Republican - Colorado)T000458
Tanner, John S. (Democratic - Tennessee)T000038
Tate, Randy (Republican - Washington)T000048
Tauke, Thomas Joseph (Republican - Iowa)T000053
Tauscher, Ellen O. (Democratic - California)T000057
Tauzin, W. J. (Billy) (Republican - Louisiana)T000058
Taylor, Charles H. (Republican - North Carolina)T000067
Taylor, G. (Republican - Missouri)T000075
Taylor, Gene (Democratic - Mississippi)T000074
Taylor, Roy A. (Democratic - North Carolina)T000099
Taylor, Scott (Republican - Virginia)T000477
Taylor, Van (Republican - Texas)T000479
Teague, Charles M. (Republican - California)T000109
Teague, Harry (Democratic - New Mexico)T000466
Teague, Olin E. (Democratic - Texas)T000110
Tejeda, Frank (Democratic - Texas)T000113
Tenney, Claudia (Republican - New York)T000478
Terry, Lee (Republican - Nebraska)T000459
Tester, Jon (Democratic - Montana)T000464
Thomas, Craig (Republican - Wyoming)T000162
Thomas, Lindsay (Democratic - Georgia)T000184
Thomas, William M. (Republican - California)T000188
Thompson, Bennie G. (Democratic - Mississippi)T000193
Thompson, Frank, Jr. (Democratic - New Jersey)T000200
Thompson, Fred (Republican - Tennessee)T000457
Thompson, Glenn (Republican - Pennsylvania)T000467
Thompson, Mike (Democratic - California)T000460
Thomson, Vernon W. (Republican - Wisconsin)T000233
Thone, Charles (Republican - Nebraska)T000234
Thornberry, Mac (Republican - Texas)T000238
Thornton, Ray (Democratic - Arkansas)T000243
Thune, John (Republican - South Dakota)T000250
Thurman, Karen L. (Democratic - Florida)T000253
Thurmond, Strom (Republican - South Carolina)T000254
Tiahrt, Todd (Republican - Kansas)T000260
Tiberi, Patrick J. (Republican - Ohio)T000462
Tiernan, Robert O. (Democratic - Rhode Island)T000265
Tierney, John F. (Democratic - Massachusetts)T000266
Tiffany, Thomas P. (Republican - Wisconsin)T000165
Tillis, Thom (Republican - North Carolina)T000476
Timmons, William R. IV (Republican - South Carolina)T000480
Tipton, Scott R. (Republican - Colorado)T000470
Titus, Dina (Democratic - Nevada)T000468
Tlaib, Rashida (Democratic - Michigan)T000481
Tonko, Paul (Democratic - New York)T000469
Tonry, Richard A. (Democratic - Louisiana)T000310
Toomey, Pat (Republican - Pennsylvania)T000461
Torkildsen, Peter G. (Republican - Massachusetts)T000314
Torres Small, Xochitl (Democratic - New Mexico)T000484
Torres, Estaban Edward (Democratic - California)T000316
Torres, Norma J. (Democratic - California)T000474
Torricelli, Robert G. (Democratic - New Jersey)T000317
Towell, David (Republican - Nevada)T000321
Tower, John G. (Republican - Texas)T000322
Towns, Edolphus (Democratic - New York)T000326
Traficant, James A., Jr. (Democratic - Ohio)T000350
Trahan, Lori (Democratic - Massachusetts)T000482
Traxler, Bob (Democratic - Michigan)T000356
Treen, David C. (Republican - Louisiana)T000362
Trible, Paul S., Jr. (Republican - Virginia)T000367
Trone, David J. (Democratic - Maryland)T000483
Trott, David A. (Republican - Michigan)T000475
Tsongas, Niki (Democratic - Massachusetts)T000465
Tsongas, Paul E. (Democratic - Massachusetts)T000393
Tucker, James G., Jr. (Jim Guy) (Democratic - Arkansas)T000400
Tucker, Walter R., III (Democratic - California)T000405
Tunney, John V. (Democratic - California)T000410
Turner, Jim (Democratic - Texas)T000424
Turner, Michael R. (Republican - Ohio)T000463
Turner, Robert L. (Republican - New York)T000471
Udall, Mark (Democratic - Colorado)U000038
Udall, Morris K. (Democratic - Arizona)U000001
Udall, Tom (Democratic - New Mexico)U000039
Ullman, Al (Democratic - Oregon)U000004
Underwood, Lauren (Democratic - Illinois)U000040
Underwood, Robert A. (Democratic - Guam)U000014
Unsoeld, Jolene (Democratic - Washington)U000017
Upton, Fred (Republican - Michigan)U000031
Valadao, David G. (Republican - California)V000129
Valentine, Tim (Democratic - North Carolina)V000006
Van Deerlin, Lionel (Democratic - California)V000024
Van Drew, Jefferson (Republican - New Jersey)V000133
Van Hollen, Chris (Democratic - Maryland)V000128
Vander Jagt, Guy (Republican - Michigan)V000027
Vander Veen, Richard F. (Democratic - Michigan)V000029
Vandergriff, Tommy J. (Democratic - Texas)V000026
Vanik, Charles A. (Democratic - Ohio)V000047
Vargas, Juan (Democratic - California)V000130
Veasey, Marc A. (Democratic - Texas)V000131
Vela, Filemon (Democratic - Texas)V000132
Velazquez, Nydia M. (Democratic - New York)V000081
Vento, Bruce F. (Democratic - Minnesota)V000087
Veysey, Victor V. (Republican - California)V000093
Vigorito, Joseph P. (Democratic - Pennsylvania)V000098
Visclosky, Peter J. (Democratic - Indiana)V000108
Vitter, David (Republican - Louisiana)V000127
Voinovich, George V. (Republican - Ohio)V000126
Volkmer, Harold L. (Democratic - Missouri)V000112
Vucanovich, Barbara F. (Republican - Nevada)V000124
Waggonner, Joe D., Jr. (Democratic - Louisiana)W000018
Wagner, Ann (Republican - Missouri)W000812
Walberg, Tim (Republican - Michigan)W000798
Walden, Greg (Republican - Oregon)W000791
Waldholtz, Enid Greene (Republican - Utah)G000408
Waldie, Jerome R. (Democratic - California)W000035
Waldon, Alton R., Jr. (Democratic - New York)W000038
Walgren, Doug (Democratic - Pennsylvania)W000044
Walker, Mark (Republican - North Carolina)W000819
Walker, Robert S. (Republican - Pennsylvania)W000068
Wallop, Malcolm (Republican - Wyoming)W000092
Walorski, Jackie (Republican - Indiana)W000813
Walsh, James T. (Republican - New York)W000099
Walsh, Joe (Republican - Illinois)W000811
Walsh, John E. (Democratic - Montana)W000818
Walsh, William F. (Republican - New York)W000107
Walters, Mimi (Republican - California)W000820
Waltz, Michael (Republican - Florida)W000823
Walz, Timothy J. (Democratic - Minnesota)W000799
Wamp, Zach (Republican - Tennessee)W000119
Wampler, William C. (Republican - Virginia)W000121
Ward, Mike (Democratic - Kentucky)W000139
Ware, John H. (Republican - Pennsylvania)W000147
Warner, John (Republican - Virginia)W000154
Warner, Mark R. (Democratic - Virginia)W000805
Warren, Elizabeth (Democratic - Massachusetts)W000817
Washington, Craig A. (Democratic - Texas)W000177
Washington, Harold (Democratic - Illinois)W000180
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie (Democratic - Florida)W000797
Waters, Maxine (Democratic - California)W000187
Watkins, Steve (Republican - Kansas)W000824
Watkins, Wes (Republican - Oklahoma)W000194
Watson Coleman, Bonnie (Democratic - New Jersey)W000822
Watson, Diane E. (Democratic - California)W000794
Watt, Melvin L. (Democratic - North Carolina)W000207
Watts, J. C., Jr. (Republican - Oklahoma)W000210
Waxman, Henry A. (Democratic - California)W000215
Weaver, James H. (Democratic - Oregon)W000227
Webb, Jim (Democratic - Virginia)W000803
Weber, Ed (Republican - Ohio)W000235
Weber, Randy K., Sr. (Republican - Texas)W000814
Weber, Vin (Republican - Minnesota)W000237
Webster, Daniel (Republican - Florida)W000806
Weicker, Lowell P., Jr. (Republican - Connecticut)W000253
Weiner, Anthony D. (Democratic - New York)W000792
Weiss, Ted (Democratic - New York)W000258
Welch, Peter (Democratic - Vermont)W000800
Weldon, Curt (Republican - Pennsylvania)W000268
Weldon, Dave (Republican - Florida)W000267
Weller, Jerry (Republican - Illinois)W000273
Wellstone, Paul D. (Democratic - Minnesota)W000288
Wenstrup, Brad R. (Republican - Ohio)W000815
West, Allen B. (Republican - Florida)W000807
Westerman, Bruce (Republican - Arkansas)W000821
Westmoreland, Lynn A. (Republican - Georgia)W000796
Wexler, Robert (Democratic - Florida)W000314
Wexton, Jennifer (Democratic - Virginia)W000825
Weygand, Robert A. (Democratic - Rhode Island)W000315
Whalen, Charles W., Jr. (Republican - Ohio)W000317
Wheat, Alan (Democratic - Missouri)W000326
White, Richard C. (Democratic - Texas)W000390
White, Rick (Republican - Washington)W000391
Whitehouse, Sheldon (Democratic - Rhode Island)W000802
Whitehurst, G. William (Republican - Virginia)W000406
Whitfield, Ed (Republican - Kentucky)W000413
Whitley, Charles O., Sr. (Democratic - North Carolina)W000419
Whittaker, Bob (Republican - Kansas)W000426
Whitten, Jamie L. (Democratic - Mississippi)W000428
Wicker, Roger F. (Republican - Mississippi)W000437
Widnall, William B. (Republican - New Jersey)W000445
Wiggins, Charles E. (Republican - California)W000448
Wild, Susan (Democratic - Pennsylvania)W000826
Williams, Harrison A., Jr. (Democratic - New Jersey)W000502
Williams, Lawrence G. (Republican - Pennsylvania)W000525
Williams, Lyle (Republican - Ohio)W000528
Williams, Pat (Democratic - Montana)W000520
Williams, Roger (Republican - Texas)W000816
Wilson, Charles (Democratic - Texas)W000570
Wilson, Charles A. (Democratic - Ohio)W000801
Wilson, Charles H. (Democratic - California)W000571
Wilson, Frederica S. (Democratic - Florida)W000808
Wilson, Heather (Republican - New Mexico)W000789
Wilson, Joe (Republican - South Carolina)W000795
Wilson, Pete (Republican - California)W000607
Wilson, Robert C. (Republican - California)W000610
Winn, Larry, Jr. (Republican - Kansas)W000636
Wirth, Timothy (Democratic - Colorado)W000647
Wise, Robert E., Jr. (Democratic - West Virginia)W000654
Wittman, Robert J. (Republican - Virginia)W000804
Wofford, Harris (Democratic - Pennsylvania)W000665
Wolf, Frank R. (Republican - Virginia)W000672
Wolff, Lester L. (Democratic - New York)W000680
Wolpe, Howard E. (Democratic - Michigan)W000682
Womack, Steve (Republican - Arkansas)W000809
Won Pat, Antonio B. (Democratic - Guam)W000686
Woodall, Rob (Republican - Georgia)W000810
Woolsey, Lynn C. (Democratic - California)W000738
Wortley, George C. (Republican - New York)W000752
Wright, James C., Jr. (Democratic - Texas)W000763
Wright, Ron (Republican - Texas)W000827
Wu, David (Democratic - Oregon)W000793
Wyatt, Joe, Jr. (Democratic - Texas)W000777
Wyatt, Wendell (Republican - Oregon)W000778
Wyden, Ron (Democratic - Oregon)W000779
Wydler, John W. (Republican - New York)W000780
Wylie, Chalmers P. (Republican - Ohio)W000781
Wyman, Louis C. (Republican - New Hampshire)W000782
Wynn, Albert Russell (Democratic - Maryland)W000784
Yarmuth, John A. (Democratic - Kentucky)Y000062
Yates, Sidney R. (Democratic - Illinois)Y000013
Yatron, Gus (Democratic - Pennsylvania)Y000014
Yoder, Kevin (Republican - Kansas)Y000063
Yoho, Ted S. (Republican - Florida)Y000065
Young, Andrew (Democratic - Georgia)Y000028
Young, C. W. Bill (Republican - Florida)Y000031
Young, David (Republican - Iowa)Y000066
Young, Don (Republican - Alaska)Y000033
Young, Edward (Republican - South Carolina)Y000035
Young, John (Democratic - Texas)Y000043
Young, Milton R. (Republican - North Dakota)Y000047
Young, Robert A. (Democratic - Missouri)Y000051
Young, Samuel H. (Republican - Illinois)Y000052
Young, Todd (Republican - Indiana)Y000064
Zablocki, Clement J. (Democratic - Wisconsin)Z000001
Zeferetti, Leo C. (Democratic - New York)Z000002
Zeldin, Lee M. (Republican - New York)Z000017
Zeliff, William H., Jr. (Republican - New Hampshire)Z000004
Zimmer, Dick (Republican - New Jersey)Z000008
Zinke, Ryan K. (Republican - Montana)Z000018
Zion, Roger H. (Republican - Indiana)Z000010
Zorinsky, Edward (Democratic - Nebraska)Z000013
Zschau, Edwin V. W. (Republican - California)Z000014
Zwach, John M. (Republican - Minnesota)Z000016