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Download Search Results

You can download search results from Congress.gov for any search against a single collection, such as Legislation. Downloading search results for a multi-collection search, such as All Sources, is not available at this time.

Follow these steps to download search results.

  1. Execute a search from any search page including the search bar, search forms, query builder, or advanced legislation search form.
    NOTE: Downloading results for a command line search is not available at this time.
  2. Look for the Download Results link on the top left side of the search results page, next to the Save this Search link.
  3. Click on the Download Results link.
  4. Click OK on the popup that appears.
  5. Use your browser controls to open or save the file.

Congress.gov search results are delivered as a comma-separated file, with a .csv filename extension. This format works well when opened by a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel.

When you open the file as a spreadsheet, you will see the date and time of your download in the first row, and the URL of the search used to retrieve the results in the second row.

After a blank third row, column headers are included in the fourth row. Data from your search results are included in the following rows, with each item retrieved by your search in its own row. Data is current as of the date of your download.

Only the data fields that appear on your search results page are available in the downloaded file.

Only the first 1000 results can be downloaded. If your search returns more than 1000 results, you can narrow your result set using filters such as Congress or Policy Area. After downloading the first set of results, change your filter selection to download other sets.