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Word Variants and Case

When searching in the Words and Phrases box on a search form or Advanced search form, you have two controls for expanding or narrowing your search query.

Word Variants is a way to specify if you want plurals and other common forms of your word or words to be included in your search. For example, a search for 'assist' also returns results for 'assists', 'assisted', 'assisting', 'assistance' and 'assistive'. Likewise, a search for 'assistance' also returns results for 'assist', 'assists', 'assisted', 'assisting', and 'assistive'.

Irregular forms are not included. For example, 'child' will not return results for 'children'. 'Goose' will not return results for 'geese'.

Word Variants is turned on by default. Uncheck the box to turn off Word Variants and search only the word or words entered.

Case Sensitive is a way to specify that you want to search for the word or words in the exact case (upper, lower or mixed) that you have typed. This control is especially useful if you are searching for an acronym that is also a common word, such as AIDS or FAST.

Case Sensitive is turned off by default. Check the box to turn on Case Sensitive searching.

To apply word variant and/or case-sensitive restrictions to a single word in a query, use a field label from the list below.

Collection Field Label
Communications abstract_case:
Communications abstract_nostem:
Communications abstract_nostem_case:
Congressional Record text_case:
Congressional Record text_nostem:
Congressional Record text_nostem_case:
Legislation allBillTitles_case:
Legislation allBillTitles_nostem:
Legislation allBillTitles_nostem_case:
Legislation title_case:
Legislation title_nostem:
Legislation title_nostem_case:
Legislation billAction_case:
Legislation billAction_nostem:
Legislation billAction_nostem_case:
Legislation billSummaryLatest_case:
Legislation billSummaryLatest_nostem:
Legislation billSummaryLatest_nostem_case:
Legislation billSummary_case:
Legislation billSummary_nostem:
Legislation billSummary_nostem_case:
Legislation billText_case:
Legislation billText_nostem:
Legislation billText_nostem_case:
Legislation metadata_case:
Legislation metadata_nostem:
Legislation metadata_nostem_case:
Legislation text_case:
Legislation text_nostem:
Legislation text_nostem_case:
Treaty Documents allTreatyTitles_case:
Treaty Documents allTreatyTitles_nostem:
Treaty Documents allTreatyTitles_nostem_case:
Treaty Documents treatyIndexTerm_case:
Treaty Documents treatyIndexTerm_nostem:
Treaty Documents treatyIndexTerm_nostem_case:
Treaty Documents treatyResolutionText_case:
Treaty Documents treatyResolutionText_nostem:
Treaty Documents treatyResolutionText_nostem_case: