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    H.R.6516 — 94th Congress (1975-1976)

    An Act to amend title VII of the Consumer Credit Protection Act to include discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, and age, and for other purposes.

    Sponsor: Rep. Annunzio, Frank [D-IL-11] (Introduced 04/30/1975)
    Committees: House - Banking | Senate - Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
    Committee Reports: H.Rept 94-210; H.Rept 94-873; S.Rept 94-589; S.Rept 94-685
    Latest Action: 03/23/1976 Public law 94-239. (All Actions)

    This bill has the status Became Law

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    1. Introduced
    2. Passed House
    3. Passed Senate
    4. Resolving Differences
    5. To President
    6. Became Law