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    H.Amdt.836   — 110th Congress (2007-2008)

    Description Amendment adds the provisions specified in the Tom Davis (VA) motion to recommit with instructions.
    Amends Bill: H.R.928
    Sponsor: Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-10] (Offered 10/03/2007)
    Latest Action: 10/03/07 On agreeing to the Towns amendment (A006) Agreed to by voice vote.

    H.Amdt.1198   — 109th Congress (2005-2006)

    Description Amendment requires the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to conduct a study on the development and implementation of health information technology in medically underserved communities.
    Amends Bill: H.R.4157
    Sponsor: Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-10] (Offered 07/27/2006)
    Latest Action: 07/27/06 On agreeing to the Towns amendment (A002) Agreed to by recorded vote: 417 - 1 (Roll no. 414).

    H.Amdt.88   — 105th Congress (1997-1998)

    Description Amendment requires a management assessment indicator to determine whether the housing agency has conducted an assessment to identify any pest control problems in its public housing and its effectiveness in eradicating or controlling such problems.
    Amends Bill: H.R.2
    Sponsor: Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-10] (Offered 05/13/1997)
    Latest Action: 05/13/97 On agreeing to the Towns amendment (A025) Agreed to by voice vote.

    H.Amdt.6   — 104th Congress (1995-1996)

    Description Amendments en bloc sought to exempt from the provisions of bill any Federal law or regulation that regulates States and local governments regarding interstate matters that significantly impact the health or safety of residents of other States, or local governments.
    Amends Bill: H.R.5
    Sponsor: Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-10] (Offered 01/20/1995)
    Latest Action: 01/20/95 On agreeing to the Towns amendments (A004) Failed by recorded vote: 153 - 252 (Roll no. 24).

    H.Amdt.470 to H.Amdt.469   — 102nd Congress (1991-1992)

    Description Substitute amendment to the Coleman (MO) amendment (A023) sought to place restrictions on prisoners receiving Pell grants by specifying that Pell grants shall not be made available to a prisoner under a death sentence, serving a sentence of life without parole, not eligible for parole within five years, or classified as a "habitual criminal".
    Amends Bill: H.R.3553
    Sponsor: Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-11] (Offered 03/26/1992)
    Latest Action: 03/26/92 On agreeing to the Towns amendment (A024) Failed by recorded vote: 85 - 314 (Roll no. 58).

    H.Amdt.446   — 102nd Congress (1991-1992)

    Description Amendment sought to provide fiscal year 1993 new budget authority of $1,203.1 billion; budget outlays of $1,198.4 billion; budget revenues of $1,168.2 billion; and a budget deficit of $322.3 billion. It would have reduced defense budget authority by $49 billion in fiscal year 1993 and a total of $400 billion over 5 years.
    Amends Bill: H.Con.Res.287
    Sponsor: Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-11] (Offered 03/05/1992)
    Latest Action: 03/05/92 On agreeing to the Towns amendment (A003) Failed by recorded vote: 77 - 342 (Roll no. 40).

    H.Amdt.390   — 102nd Congress (1991-1992)

    Description Amendment sought to provide up to $500,000 in deposit insurance to charities and other nonprofit organizations who hold accounts in minority owned banks.
    Amends Bill: H.R.6
    Sponsor: Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-11] (Offered 11/04/1991)
    Latest Action: 11/04/91 On agreeing to the Towns amendment (A017) Failed by recorded vote: 63 - 350 (Roll no. 373).

    H.Amdt.91   — 102nd Congress (1991-1992)

    Description Amendment in the nature of a substitute sought to provide unlimited compensatory and punative damages for intentional job discrimination based on sex, religion, or disability; set a difference in the definition of " business necessity" as a defense against disparate impact practices; exclude provisions in the bill establishing a Glass Ceiling Commission, and a Labor Department program regarding pay equity technical assistance; exclude language regarding hiring or promotion quotas; and amend exisiting law banning sex discrimination in all aspects of private contracts.
    Amends Bill: H.R.1
    Sponsor: Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-11] (Offered 06/04/1991)
    Latest Action: 06/04/91 On agreeing to the Towns amendment (A001) Failed by recorded vote: 152 - 277 (Roll no. 127).

    H.Amdt.490   — 99th Congress (1985-1986)

    Description Amendments en bloc to Title XIII, Credit. It adds the following provisions: 1) Prompt Approval of Loans and Loan Guarantees, 2) Continuation of Small Farmer Training and Technical Assistance Program, and 3) Nonsupervised Credit (under the Consolidated Farm & Rural Development Act), 4) Farm Program Appeals.
    Amends Bill: H.R.2100
    Sponsor: Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-11] (Offered 10/03/1985)
    Latest Action: 10/03/85 Amendment Passed in Committee of the Whole by Voice Vote.