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    H.Amdt.737 to H.Amdt.734   — 114th Congress (2015-2016)

    Description Amendment clarifies that projects within National Scenic Areas and projects to increase capacity of highway segments to improve mobility are eligible for federal funding under Nationally Significant Freight and Highway Projects.
    Amends Bill: H.R.22
    Sponsor: Rep. Walden, Greg [R-OR-2] (Offered 11/03/2015)
    Latest Action: 11/03/15 On agreeing to the Walden amendment (A004) Agreed to by voice vote.

    H.Amdt.595   — 114th Congress (2015-2016)

    Description Amendment to prohibit the use of funds to complete or implement the rivision of the resource management plans for the Coos Bay, Eugene, Medford, Roseburg, or Salem Districts of the Bureau of Land Management or the Klamath Falls Field Office of the Lakeview District of the Bureau of Land management proposed in the bureau of Land Management Plan Revisions and Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Western Oregon published in the Federal Register on April 24, 2015.
    Amends Bill: H.R.2822
    Sponsor: Rep. Walden, Greg [R-OR-2] (Offered 07/07/2015)
    Latest Action: 07/07/15 On agreeing to the Walden amendment (A065) Agreed to by voice vote.

    H.Amdt.994   — 112th Congress (2011-2012)

    Description Amendment requires the FCC to make additional disclosures on its web site and in its annual budget regarding its processing of Freedom of Information Act requests in order to increase transparency.
    Amends Bill: H.R.3309
    Sponsor: Rep. Walden, Greg [R-OR-2] (Offered 03/27/2012)
    Latest Action: 03/27/12 On agreeing to the Walden amendment (A003) Agreed to by voice vote.

    H.Amdt.80   — 112th Congress (2011-2012)

    Description Amendment prohibits the use of funds by the Federal Communications Commission to implement the Report and Order on net neutrality rules with regard to the Internet.
    Amends Bill: H.R.1
    Sponsor: Rep. Walden, Greg [R-OR-2] (Offered 02/17/2011)
    Latest Action: 02/17/11 On agreeing to the Walden amendment (A070) Agreed to by recorded vote: 244 - 181 (Roll no. 83). (consideration: CR H1139-1140)

    H.Amdt.987   — 110th Congress (2007-2008)

    Description Page 3, strike lines 19 through 23. ***.
    Amends Bill: H.R.2016
    Sponsor: Rep. Walden, Greg [R-OR-2] (Offered 04/09/2008)
    Latest Action: 04/09/08 By unanimous consent, the Walden (OR) amendment was withdrawn.