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    H.Amdt.977   — 112th Congress (2011-2012)

    Description Amendment clarifies that the general advertising provision should only apply to Regulation D, rule 506 of the securities offerings; protects investors by allowing for general advertising in the secondary sale of securities, so long as only qualified institutional buyers purchase the securities; and provides consistency in the interpretation for regulators that general advertising should not cause private offerings to be considered public offerings.
    Amends Bill: H.R.3606
    Sponsor: Rep. McCarthy, Kevin [R-CA-22] (Offered 03/07/2012)
    Latest Action: 03/07/12 On agreeing to the McCarthy (CA) amendment (A010) Agreed to by voice vote.

    H.Amdt.528   — 111th Congress (2009-2010)

    Description Amendment sought to strike section 6012 from the bill, which is increased liability language that would be a barrier to entry, inhibiting increased competition in the rating agency market.
    Amends Bill: H.R.4173
    Sponsor: Rep. McCarthy, Kevin [R-CA-22] (Offered 12/10/2009)
    Latest Action: 12/11/09 On agreeing to the McCarthy (CA) amendment (A012) Failed by recorded vote: 166 - 259 (Roll no. 961). (consideration: CR H14762-14763; text: CR H14762)