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  1. BILL

    H.R.4 — 107th Congress (2001-2002)

    Energy Policy Act of 2002

    Sponsor: Rep. Tauzin, W. J. (Billy) [R-LA-3] (Introduced 07/27/2001)
    Committees: House - Energy and Commerce, Science, Ways and Means, Resources, Education and the Workforce, Transportation and Infrastructure, Budget, Financial Services
    Latest Action: 10/10/2002 NOTIFICATION OF INTENT TO OFFER MOTIONS - Mr. Waxman notified the House of his intent to offer motions to instruct conferees on the bill H.R. 4. (All Actions)

    This bill has the status Resolving Differences

    Here are the steps for Status of Legislation:

    1. Introduced
    2. Passed House
    3. Passed Senate
    4. Resolving Differences