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    H.Amdt.470   — 112th Congress (2011-2012)

    Description At the end of the bill (before the short title), insert the following new section: SEC. __. Each amount made available by this Act (other than an amount required to be made available by a provision of law) is hereby reduced by 5.88 percent and may not be used to carry out the limitations contained in paragraphs (1) through (8) of section 728.
    Amends Bill: H.R.2112
    Sponsor: Rep. Holden, Tim [D-PA-17] (Offered 06/16/2011)
    Latest Action: 06/16/11 On agreeing to the Holden amendment (A052) Failed by recorded vote: 84 - 335 (Roll no. 451). (consideration: CR H4307-4308)

    H.Amdt.775   — 111th Congress (2009-2010)

    Description Amendment clarifies that loan funds under the bill may not be used to purchase manufactured homes; makes technical corrections to a Comptroller General report; prohibits provision of funds to certain contractors and makes certain Federal Employees ineligible for loans. Amendment also requires the Secretaries of Energy and Agriculture to take steps to prevent misuse of funds; prohibits any additions to direct spending with respect to provisions in the bill; does not allow an entity with an ongoing capital repayment obligation to the Treasury due to the Troubled Assets Relief Program to participate in the programs within the Act; and ensures that funds provided under this bill would supplement and not supplant other energy efficiency funding.
    Amends Bill: H.R.4785
    Sponsor: Rep. Holden, Tim [D-PA-17] (Offered 09/16/2010)
    Latest Action: 09/16/10 On agreeing to the Holden amendment (A001) Agreed to by recorded vote: 402 - 0 (Roll no. 529).

    H.Amdt.514   — 111th Congress (2009-2010)

    Description Amendment makes river rescue organizations eligible for funding under the definition of a rescue organization.
    Amends Bill: H.R.3791
    Sponsor: Rep. Holden, Tim [D-PA-17] (Offered 11/18/2009)
    Latest Action: 11/18/09 On agreeing to the Holden amendment (A004) Agreed to by voice vote.

    H.Amdt.857   — 105th Congress (1997-1998)

    Description Amendment transfers Schuylkill, Pennsylvania from the Eastern Judicial District of Pennsylvania to the Middle Judicial District of Pennsylvania.
    Amends Bill: H.R.4276
    Sponsor: Rep. Holden, Tim [D-PA-6] (Offered 08/05/1998)
    Latest Action: 08/05/98 On agreeing to the Holden amendment (A033) Agreed to by voice vote.