Nominees: PN1061 — 101st Congress (1989-1990)All Information

The following officers for appointment in the Reserve of the Air Force to the grade indicated, under the provisions of Sections 593, 8218, and 8373, Title 10, United States Code:

Nominee Position
Brig. Gen. Dale R. BaumlerMajor General
Brig. Gen. Shirley M. CarpenterMajor General
Brig. Gen. Glenn W. RedmondMajor General
Brig. Gen. James E. SimonMajor General
Brig. Gen. Raymond B. Stewart Jr.Major General
Col. Almon B. BallardBrigadier General
Col. Gerald F. CrumpBrigadier General
Col. Jimmy G. DishnerBrigadier General
Col. Ray F. GarmanBrigadier General
Col. David C. GildartBrigadier General
Col. James W. Hart Jr.Brigadier General
Col. John F. HarveyBrigadier General
Col. William H. LawsonBrigadier General
Col. David R. SmithBrigadier General
Col. William D. TracyBrigadier General
Col. Frank D. WatsonBrigadier General
Col. Wallace W. WhaleyBrigadier General
Col. Walter L. Winters Jr.Brigadier General