Nominees: PN223 — 101st Congress (1989-1990)All Information

Nominees by Position

The following-named persons of the agencies indicated for appointment as Foreign Service Officers of the classes stated, and also for the other appointments indicated herewith: For appointment as Foreign Service Officers of Class one, Consular Officers, and Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

To be Officers Of Class One, Consular Officers, And Secretaries

Michael J. HandVirgin IslandsDepartment of Commerce
Joseph R. FerriVirginiaAgency for International Development
Kent B. HickmanIllinoisAgency for International Development
John Wilson WilesFloridaAgency for International Development

For appointment as Foreign Service Officers of Class two, Consular Officers, and Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

To be Officers Of Class Two, Consular Officers, And Secretaries

Alice Amelia DressTennesseeDepartment of State
Philip M. JonesColoradoDepartment of State
Sandra A. StevensVirginiaDepartment of State
Edward E. RuseTexasDepartment of Commerce
Paul R. DeusterVirginiaAgency for International Development
Walter M. Kindred Jr.VirginiaAgency for International Development
Charles RichterFloridaAgency for International Development
Margaret S. WestmorelandDistrict of ColumbiaUnited States Information Agency

For appointment as Foreign Service Officers of Class three, Coonsular Officers, and Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

To be Officers Of Class Three, Consular Officers, And Secrtaries

David P. McGuireNew YorkDepartment of Agriculture

For appointment as Foreign Service Officers of Class four, Consular Officers, and Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

To be Officers Of Class Four, Consular Officers, And Secretaries

Perry Mason AdairCaliforniaDepartment of State
Cynthia Helen AkuettehMarylandDepartment of State
Susan Elaine AlexanderWashingtonDepartment of State
Ralph D. AnskeTexasDepartment of State
David William BallOhioDepartment of State
Mary F. BentzPennsylvaniaDepartment of State
Sheila G. BerryCaliforniaDepartment of State
Diane Lydia F. CastiglioneNew YorkDepartment of State
Margaret M. ComiskeyNew HampshireDepartment of State
Douglas Stewart DobsonFloridaDepartment of State
Alexander Alfredo FeatherstoneNew HampshireDepartment of State
William Kevin GrantConnecticutDepartment of State
Douglas A. GrayVirginiaDepartment of State
Christa U. GriffinMarylandDepartment of State
Martin P. HoheFloridaDepartment of State
William David JacksonPennsylvaniaDepartment of State
Karen Lee MalzahnMarylandDepartment of State
James C. MartinNew YorkDepartment of State
David Wilson MerrellWashingtonDepartment of State
Cornelia P. J. MillerAlabamaDepartment of State
Jonathan D. MuellerPennsylvaniaDepartment of State
Victoria NulandConnecticutDepartment of State
Peter Adams O'DonohueConnecticutDepartment of State
Mitchell Evan OpticanCaliforniaDepartment of State
Betsy Ross PetersWyomingDepartment of State
Richard Kirk SherrColoradoDepartment of State
Jane Judith TannenbaumVirginiaDepartment of State
Lowry TaylorNew JerseyDepartment of State
Ann Wells TobyKentuckyDepartment of State
J. Patrick TruhnDistrict of ColumbiaDepartment of State
Robert Roger WinshipWashingtonDepartment of State
Peggy Sue Abelmann ZabriskieMarylandDepartment of State
Maria J. AndrewsGeorgiaDepartment of Commerce

The following-named Members of the Foreign Service of the Departments of State, Agriculture and Commerce, and the United States Information Agency to be Consular Officers and/or Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America, as indicated: Consular Officers and Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

To be Consular Officers And Secretaries

Rekha Visvanathan ArnessMinnesotaDepartment of Commerce
Claudette M. AvrakostosPennsylvaniaDepartment of Commerce
Dana Suzanne BakerKentuckyDepartment of Commerce
David Jonathan BameVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Christopher J. BaneVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Peter Henry BarlerinMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Frederic S. BaronIllinoisDepartment of Commerce
Diane Reimer BeanColoradoDepartment of Commerce
Claude Jeffrey BellistonIdahoDepartment of Commerce
Robert W. BoyntonConnecticutDepartment of Commerce
Bertram D. BraunNew YorkDepartment of Commerce
Paul Allen BrownTexasDepartment of Commerce
Raymonde J. BrownMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Stephanie Laforest BrownMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Matthew J. BryzaIllinoisDepartment of Commerce
Robert Walter CarlsonNew JerseyDepartment of Commerce
Christian M. CastroMassachusettsDepartment of Commerce
Michael G. ChardVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
W. Brent ChristensenOregonDepartment of Commerce
Gary Allan ClementsMassachusettsDepartment of Commerce
William H. CookTennesseeDepartment of Commerce
Dwight F. CossittIllinoisDepartment of Commerce
Sandra Ann CrumptonIllinoisDepartment of Commerce
Paul Thomas DaleyPennsylvaniaDepartment of Commerce
Grenville E. DayVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Michael DelPrincipeVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Michael M. DeslooverMarylandDepartment of Commerce
John P. DesrocherNew YorkDepartment of Commerce
Angela Renee DickeyFloridaDepartment of Commerce
David DiGiovannaNew YorkDepartment of Commerce
John Walter DinkelmanUtahDepartment of Commerce
Alice E. DuffyMassachusettsDepartment of Commerce
Ramona G. DunnNew YorkDepartment of Commerce
Beth R. EctorAlabamaDepartment of Commerce
Richard H. EctorAlabamaDepartment of Commerce
John B. Edinger Jr.VirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Sigrid EmrichMinnesotaDepartment of Commerce
Denise A. ErbeVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Arlene Lorraine FerrillCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
Michael J. FitzpatrickVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Cynthia L. FolkPennsylvaniaDepartment of Commerce
Sophie L. FollyMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Charles Augustus Forrest IIIMichiganDepartment of Commerce
Rosemarie Crisostomo ForsytheDistrict of ColumbiaDepartment of Commerce
Robert Patrick FrazierTexasDepartment of Commerce
Jennifer Winslow FurnessDistrict of ColumbiaDepartment of Commerce
Thomas G. GalloNew JerseyDepartment of Commerce
Jennifer Zimdahl GaltDistrict of ColumbiaDepartment of Commerce
David Mark GowdeyCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
Judith GraceColoradoDepartment of Commerce
Julie Lynne GrantCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
John Andrew GreigCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
B. Glenn GriffinTexasDepartment of Commerce
Steven B. GrohTexasDepartment of Commerce
John Fryar GuerraTexasDepartment of Commerce
Lynn D. GutensohnNorth DakotaDepartment of Commerce
Michael A. HammerMarylandDepartment of Commerce
David W. HarringtonVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Gordon K. HellwigIllinoisDepartment of Commerce
George Hamill HogemanVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Michael A. HowardVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
James B. HughesVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
L. Victor HurtadoColoradoDepartment of Commerce
Daniel A. HutchensColoradoDepartment of Commerce
Makila JamesNew YorkDepartment of Commerce
Robert A. JannottaIllinoisDepartment of Commerce
Robert A. KasperOhioDepartment of Commerce
John C. Keely Jr.VirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Kelly KeiderlingCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
Susan KlingMichiganDepartment of Commerce
David J. KostelancikIllinoisDepartment of Commerce
Benito M. KrawczykVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Rex H. LathamVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Jennifer M. LawrenceOregonDepartment of Commerce
Harry C. LenhartMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Oliva LillichNew YorkDepartment of Commerce
Lenhrew E. LovetteVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Kristin E. LydersMinnesotaDepartment of Commerce
John R. Maguire IIMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Barton W. MarcoisCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
Michael W. MastersVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Wm. Thad McArthur Jr.WashingtonDepartment of Commerce
Faith W. McCoyFloridaDepartment of Commerce
Thomas B. McCuddenIllinoisDepartment of Commerce
Nancy E. McEldowneyFloridaDepartment of Commerce
John R. MellorMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Robert L. MerrillMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Robin Diane MeyerDistrict of ColumbiaDepartment of Commerce
Christopher MiduraTennesseeDepartment of Commerce
Thomas Daniel MittnachtWisconsinDepartment of Commerce
Jeffrey A. MoonFloridaDepartment of Commerce
David Taft MorrisDistrict of ColumbiaDepartment of Commerce
Sean MurphyMassachusettsDepartment of Commerce
Eleanor J. NagyOhioDepartment of Commerce
Daniel Enos NeherDistrict of ColumbiaDepartment of Commerce
Ricarda NelsonCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
Teresa C. NelsonVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Harry Anderson NunnemacherWisconsinDepartment of Commerce
H. Thomas Overby Jr.GeorgiaDepartment of Commerce
Susan Lee PazinaWashingtonDepartment of Commerce
Arlin K. PedrickOklahomaDepartment of Commerce
Kathy E. PepperSouth CarolinaDepartment of Commerce
Donald G. PlantsVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Frank C. PrestiGeorgiaDepartment of Commerce
Monique Valerie QuesadaFloridaDepartment of Commerce
William Lee RadaOregonDepartment of Commerce
Andrew K. RakestrawCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
Penelope Adams RogersHawaiiDepartment of Commerce
Sara A. RosenberryVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Jeanne M. RudekCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
Keith J. RussellWashingtonDepartment of Commerce
Alfred SchandlbauerVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Christopher F. ScharfNew YorkDepartment of Commerce
Elin C. SchillingMarylandDepartment of Commerce
David P. SearbyMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Steven K. SeigelVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Valerie E. SeslerPennsylvaniaDepartment of Commerce
George Neil SibleyConnecticutDepartment of Commerce
Carl R. SiebentrittVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
William Arthur SlavenNew JerseyDepartment of Commerce
Kathleen Anne SmithMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Bryan Soderholm-DiFatteVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Kathryn Ann SolonNew MexicoDepartment of Commerce
Frank William StanleyOhioDepartment of Commerce
James A. StewartOregonDepartment of Commerce
Francis S. StopaNew YorkDepartment of Commerce
Alvin H. Streeter Jr.New JerseyDepartment of Commerce
A. James StrudwickWisconsinDepartment of Commerce
Mark A. SullivanMassachusettsDepartment of Commerce
Richard D. SullivanMassachusettsDepartment of Commerce
Thomas J. SullivanIllinoisDepartment of Commerce
Mary Etta TarnowkaCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
William L. TaylorConnecticutDepartment of Commerce
Suzanne Ellen ThibaultVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Daphne Michelle TitusCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
Peter Mark Van BurenMassachusettsDepartment of Commerce
Kennedy L. VealMissouriDepartment of Commerce
Eugene D. VinogradoffVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Vivian S. WalkerCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
Glen J. WellsVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Stacy Elizabeth WhiteTexasDepartment of Commerce
Robert A. WoodNew YorkDepartment of Commerce
Jon B. WooleryCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
Paul D. WoolstonMichiganDepartment of Commerce
Frank J. YacendaFloridaDepartment of Commerce
Hoyt Brian YeeCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce
David S. Yonker ValesVirginiaDepartment of Commerce

Consular Officers of the United States of America:

To be Consular Officers And Secretaries

Stan A. CohenVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Daniel D. DevitoWashingtonDepartment of Commerce
Allan P. MustardWashingtonDepartment of Commerce

Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

To be Consular Officers And/or Secretaries In The Diplomatic Service

Maria AronsonDistrict of ColumbiaDepartment of Commerce
John W. Corris Jr.VirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Alice A. DavenportMarylandDepartment of Commerce
Jeffrey Joseph HardeeVirginiaDepartment of Commerce
Roger Allen MeeceWashingtonDepartment of Commerce
Patrick O. SantilloMarylandDepartment of Commerce

The following-named Career Member of the Foreign Service of the Department of State for promotion into the Senior Foreign Service to the class indicated, effective December 22, 1985. Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service of the United States of America, Class of Counselor:

To be Class Of Counselor

Geoffrey OgdenCaliforniaDepartment of Commerce