Nominees: PN374 — 101st Congress (1989-1990)All Information

The following candidates for personnel action in the regular corps of the Public Health Service subject to qualifications therefor as provided by law and regulations:

Nominee Position
Thomas R BenderMedical Director
James E BernerMedical Director
George S BowenMedical Director
Gerald A FaichMedical Director
Timothy G FlemingMedical Director
Harold M GinzburgMedical Director
Mary E GuinanMedical Director
Alan R HinmanMedical Director
Charles L HostetterMedical Director
Michael P HudginsMedical Director
William D LassekMedical Director
Misael A MorenoMedical Director
Fitzhugh S M MullanMedical Director
Allan S NoonanMedical Director
Roger J PorterMedical Director
Kenneth E PowellMedical Director
Susan S CarlsonSenior Surgeon
Edwin P Ewing JrSenior Surgeon
Frederick L Ferris IIISenior Surgeon
John C FinleySenior Surgeon
Dorothy M GohdesSenior Surgeon
William C KnowlerSenior Surgeon
Dale N LawrenceSenior Surgeon
Richard C Moore JrSenior Surgeon
Richard J Obrien JrSenior Surgeon
Richard D OlsonSenior Surgeon
Dorothy D SognSenior Surgeon
Angelita J SungaSenior Surgeon
Carl J TjerandsenSenior Surgeon
Jay S WeisfeldSenior Surgeon
Joyce M JohnsonSurgeon
C Michael BeckDental Director
John L DragerDental Director
Ernest HardawayDental Director
Clifford C ScharkeDental Director
Conrad A SchwalmDental Director
Gene R SterrittDental Director
John R SundellDental Director
Patrick C BlakeSenior Dental Surgeon
Anthony R CavalliSenior Dental Surgeon
Jan R GoldsmithSenior Dental Surgeon
Jeffrey T HoffeldSenior Dental Surgeon
Melvin L LernerSenior Dental Surgeon
James A LiptonSenior Dental Surgeon
Ronald A LortsSenior Dental Surgeon
Reginald LouieSenior Dental Surgeon
William J NiendorffSenior Dental Surgeon
Larry D PraterSenior Dental Surgeon
John P RossettiSenior Dental Surgeon
Donald A SchneiderSenior Dental Surgeon
Michael R WalkerSenior Dental Surgeon
Tonie M WallerSenior Dental Surgeon
James E AdamoDental Surgeon
John F AntonDental Surgeon
John D LevyDental Surgeon
Thomas O OasDental Surgeon
Forrest H PeeblesDental Surgeon
Gregory T SmithDental Surgeon
Jonathan C SmithDental Surgeon
Eileen P GunterNurse Director
Joan A HartwellNurse Director
Bernadine B KuchinskiNurse Director
Lillie A SlebodnickNurse Director
M Elizabeth DickeySenior Nurse Officer
Jean E HastingsSenior Nurse Officer
Janet M JonesSenior Nurse Officer
Bette Louise LemperleSenior Nurse Officer
Daniel J WalzSenior Nurse Officer
William S CampbellNurse Officer
Theresa M McDonaldNurse Officer
Daniel A NapolielloNurse Officer
Carroll G OneillNurse Officer
Eleanor B SchronNurse Officer
Michael D SmithNurse Officer
Maria J TavorminaNurse Officer
David L GriffithSenior Assistant Nurse Officer
Keith E EndersEngineer Director
Bruce T FerrisEngineer Director
David L LarsonEngineer Director
John N LeoEngineer Director
Wayne R MathisEngineer Director
W A Mullen IIIEngineer Director
Malcolm B ReddochEngineer Director
Darryl D TylerEngineer Director
Thomas M BedickSenior Engineer Officer
Herbert Caudill JrSenior Engineer Officer
Clarence H Emmett JrSenior Engineer Officer
C Lewis Fox JrSenior Engineer Officer
Marius J GedgaudasSenior Engineer Officer
Robert W HardingSenior Engineer Officer
Gary C HawthornSenior Engineer Officer
Tobias A HegdahlSenior Engineer Officer
Ralph L HoggeSenior Engineer Officer
Roger C JensenSenior Engineer Officer
Brock M NicholsonSenior Engineer Officer
Carl A RothSenior Engineer Officer
Merle M WassonSenior Engineer Officer
Fredrick W WellerSenior Engineer Officer
David L WestSenior Engineer Officer
Gerald V BabigianEngineer Officer
Robert A YoungEngineer Officer
William R ZobelEngineer Officer
William A BettsScientist Director
Bobby D BrayboyScientist Director
David G BrownScientist Director
James M EvertsScientist Director
Richard C HenneberryScientist Director
James R KingScientist Director
Harvey RudolphScientist Director
Hugh S Sloan JrScientist Director
Michael L AdessSenior Scientist
Douglas L ArcherSenior Scientist
Jeanne R BurgSenior Scientist
Donald L CampbellSenior Scientist
David L ConoverSenior Scientist
Laurence J DoemenySenior Scientist
Donald D DollbergSenior Scientist
Lireka P JosephSenior Scientist
Kenneth KrellSenior Scientist
Thomas B Shope JrSenior Scientist
Robert SpirtasSenior Scientist
Alice L GreifeScientist
Troy W ColeSanitarian Director
W Allen KingsburySanitarian Director
Truman L McCaslandSanitarian Director
Richard A LemenSenior Sanitarian
Ervin L MooreSenior Sanitarian
Thomas E CrowSanitarian
Richard W HartleSanitarian
Paul D PryorSanitarian
Ronald W MochVeterinary Director
Morris E PotterSenior Veterinary Officer
Norman C DittmanPharmacist Director
Gayle R DolecekPharmacist Director
Jimmy R MitchellPharmacist Director
Francis X Osullivan JrPharmacist Director
Theodore B PukasPharmacist Director
Jerome C ShortPharmacist Director
George D Armstrong JrSenior Pharmacist
Gary J BuehlerSenior Pharmacist
Gary L ChadwickSenior Pharmacist
Frank A DodgeSenior Pharmacist
Louis D FairfieldSenior Pharmacist
Wyman M FordSenior Pharmacist
Richard N HerrierSenior Pharmacist
Stephen A MaurerSenior Pharmacist
Frank J NiceSenior Pharmacist
Dennis A PhilippSenior Pharmacist
James E Riley JrSenior Pharmacist
Eugene B Smith JrSenior Pharmacist
Richard M TaffetSenior Pharmacist
Lawrence A TrisselSenior Pharmacist
Ray D WesterlageSenior Pharmacist
Alan M YamashitaSenior Pharmacist
Thomas M DolanPharmacist
Steven J DonelanPharmacist
Michael W DreisPharmacist
Stephan L FosterPharmacist
Paul F JarosinskiPharmacist
Gordon R JohnstonPharmacist
Rick S LarrabeePharmacist
Halron J MartinPharmacist
Anastasia E PerezPharmacist
Thomas H PerezPharmacist
Mark E RameyPharmacist
Richard A StowePharmacist
Carolyn PrzekuratDietitian Director
Michael A BernsteinSenior Dietitian
Alberta C BournSenior Dietitian
Peter M StegmayerSenior Dietitian
Robert K BausTherapist Director
James A BirkeSenior Therapist
Robert E MansellSenior Therapist
B Thomas ScheibSenior Therapist
Andrew NovickTherapist
Wayne S SmithTherapist
Joel G BostromHealth Services Director
Ralph E BungeHealth Services Director
Norman E ChildsHealth Services Director
John H Eilert JrHealth Services Director
Kenneth R EnvallHealth Services Director
John E HubbardHealth Services Director
Carl G LeukefeldHealth Services Director
Edwin A MillerHealth Services Director
Alan F SchmiererHealth Services Director
Wilbur F VanpeltHealth Services Director
Michael B BeckermanSenior Health Services Officer
Barry BraginSenior Health Services Officer
Joseph E Brantley JrSenior Health Services Officer
John J CohnSenior Health Services Officer
Larry D EdmondsSenior Health Services Officer
Arthur J ForestSenior Health Services Officer
Ellery F GraySenior Health Services Officer
John H HaireSenior Health Services Officer
Michael J KennedySenior Health Services Officer
John M Kutch JrSenior Health Services Officer
Solomon LevySenior Health Services Officer
Gary O MaupinSenior Health Services Officer
Roland M McPhearson JrSenior Health Services Officer
Daniel L MintzSenior Health Services Officer
Judith L MunstermanSenior Health Services Officer
Lary S SchneidermanSenior Health Services Officer
Kenneth F SchulzSenior Health Services Officer
Robert A ZoonSenior Health Services Officer
Jesse L GlidewellHealth Services Officer
Michael R HannaHealth Services Officer
William G JonesHealth Services Officer
Marion A JordanHealth Services Officer
Ernest H Kimball IVHealth Services Officer
Klaus D KrachtHealth Services Officer
Bruce E LeonardHealth Services Officer
Susan J LockhartHealth Services Officer
Keith C LongieHealth Services Officer
Barbara G LubranHealth Services Officer
Kathleen F MartinHealth Services Officer
James D McGlothlinHealth Services Officer
Latham R MorrisHealth Services Officer
Von NakayamaHealth Services Officer
Linda M PotternHealth Services Officer
Charles A SchableHealth Services Officer
David G ShombertHealth Services Officer
Stephen A SouzaHealth Services Officer
Francis P Wagner JrHealth Services Officer
George E Foley IIISenior Assistant Health Services Officer