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Actions (5)

Date Senate Actions
10/06/1992Confirmed by the Senate by Unanimous Consent.
10/01/1992Placed on Senate Executive Calendar. Calendar No. Desk.
10/01/1992Reported by Mr. Pell, Committee on Foreign Relations, without printed report.
10/01/1992Committee on Foreign Relations. Ordered to be reported favorably.
09/23/1992Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Nominees (110)

The following-named Career Members of the Senior Foreign Service of the Department of State for promotion in the Senior Foreign Service to the classes indicated: Career Members of the Senior Foreign Service of the United States of America, Class of Career Minister:

Foreign Service


  • Mary A. Ryan, of TX
  • Thomas W. Simons Jr., of DC
  • William Graham Walker, of CA

Career Members of the Senior Foreign Service of the United States of America, Class of Minister-Counselor:


  • Janice Friesen Bay, of CA
  • Randolph M. Bell, of VA
  • William R. Brew, of CA
  • Edward Brynn, of CA
  • James F. Creagan, of VA
  • Craig G. Dunkerley, of MA
  • Morton R. Dworken Jr., of VA
  • Stanley T. Escudero, of FL
  • Robert C. Felder, of FL
  • Ronald D. Flack, of MN
  • Robert C. Frasure, of WV
  • Wayne G. Griffith, of FL
  • David Crane Halsted, of VT
  • Dennis G. Harter, of NJ
  • William J. Hudson, of VA
  • Douglas Hugh Jones, of CA
  • Theodore H. Kattouf, of MD
  • Douglas R. Keene, of ME
  • Michael J. McLaughlin Jr., of AZ
  • John F. Mermel, of VA
  • Geoffrey Ogden, of CA
  • Anne Woods Patterson, of AR
  • W. Robert Pearson, of CA
  • Arlene Render, of VA
  • Max Newton Robinson, of WA
  • Eleanor Wallace Savage, of CA
  • Herbert W. Schulz, of PA
  • Raymond F. Smith, of DC
  • Joel S. Spiro, of VA
  • Alexander Russell Vershbow, of DC
  • William A. Weingarten, of CA
  • Donald B. Westmore, of WA
  • Edward H. Wilkinson, of IN
  • Kenneth Yalowitz, of VA

The following-named Career Members of the Foreign Service for promotion into the Senior Foreign Service, and for appointment, as Consular Officer and Secretary in the Diplomatic Service, as indicated: Career Members of the Senior Foreign Service of the United States of America, Class of Counselor:


  • Charles Russell Allegrone, of VA
  • Janet Stoddard Andres, of FL
  • Ned W. Arcement, of LA
  • Lawrence Rea Baer, of CA
  • John A. Barcas, of VA
  • Robert W. Becker, of MD
  • Richard Warren Behrend, of PA
  • William M. Bellamy, of CA
  • Robyn M. Bishop, of FL
  • Barbara K. Bodine, of MO
  • Robert A. Bradtke, of PA
  • William Joseph Burns, of PA
  • James C. Cason, of FL
  • John A. Collins Jr., of MD
  • Brian Dean Curran, of FL
  • Matthew Patrick Daley, of CA
  • Margaret M. Dean, of IL
  • Dean Dizikes, of VA
  • Eric S. Edelman, of VA
  • M. Michael Einik, of FL
  • John M. Evans, of DC
  • Lawrence F. Farrar, of VA
  • James Irvin Gadsden, of DC
  • Leslie Ann Gerson, of CA
  • Lino Gutierrez, of FL
  • Dennis K. Hays, of FL
  • Brooke C. Holmes, of CA
  • Carolyn Ruth Huggins, of FL
  • David H. Kaeuper, of MI
  • Russell A. LaMantia Jr., of IL
  • John Hargraves Lewis, of PA
  • Lee R. Lohman, of PA
  • Judyt Landstein Mandel, of DC
  • Thomas H. Martin, of CA
  • William C. McCahill Jr., of NJ
  • Douglas L. McElhaney, of FL
  • Elizabeth McKune, of MD
  • Martin McLean, of NJ
  • Jeffrey V. S. Millington, of NJ
  • John Scott Monier, of IL
  • Bruce F. Morrison, of NY
  • Bismarck Myrick, of VA
  • Tibor P. Nagy Jr., of TX
  • Michael P. Owens, of TX
  • F. Coleman Parrott, of AL
  • Sue H. Patterson, of VA
  • Robert C. Perry, of VA
  • Mary Ann Peters, of CA
  • Steven Karl Pifer, of CA
  • Roman Popadiuk, of NY
  • Jerrilynn Pudschun, of CA
  • Glen R. Rase, of FL
  • Peter Robert Reams, of NV
  • Peter F. Romero, of FL
  • Stephen A. Schlaikjer, of FL
  • Gerald Wesley Scott, of OK
  • Amelia Ellen Shippy, of WA
  • Sylvia G. Stanfield, of TX
  • Theodore Eugene Strickler, of TX
  • James Curtis Struble, of CA
  • Albert A. Thibault Jr., of MD
  • Paul H. Wackerbarth, of MD
  • David M. Walker, of VA

Career Members of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Counselor, and Consular Officers and Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:


  • Jeffrey W. Bowers, of VA
  • David G. Bowyer, of MD
  • John N. Christensen, of TX
  • Peter J. Gallant, of VA
  • John N. Kennedy, of VA
  • James T. Lederman, of FL
  • John R. Lyons, of PA
  • Arthur A. Maurel, of CA
  • Sidney V. Reeves, of TX
  • John C. Triplett, of CO