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Actions (4)

Date Senate Actions
12/22/2010Confirmed by the Senate by Voice Vote.
12/14/2010Placed on Senate Executive Calendar. Calendar No. DESK. Subject to nominee's commitment to respond to requests to appear and testify before any duly constituted committee of the Senate.
12/14/2010Reported by Senator Kerry, Committee on Foreign Relations, without printed report.
09/29/2010Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Nominees (150)

The following-named Career Members of the Senior Foreign Service of the Department of State for promotion into and within the Senior Foreign Service to the classes indicated: Career Members of the Senior Foreign Service of the United States of America, Class of Career Minister:

Foreign Service


  • Patricia A. Butenis, of VA
  • Janice L. Jacobs, of VA
  • D. Kathleen Stephens, of VA
  • Alejandro Daniel Wolff, of CA
  • Donald Y. Yamamoto, of NY

Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Minister-Counselor:


  • Cynthia Helen Akuetteh, of MD
  • Richard Alan Albright, of OH
  • Wayne B. Ashbery, of VA
  • Judith R. Baroody, of VA
  • Eric D. Benjaminson, of OR
  • Jennifer V. Bonner, of VA
  • James L. Cleveland, of CA
  • Daniel Anthony Clune, of MD
  • Kimberly J. DeBlauw, of VA
  • Thomas Lawrence Delare, of VA
  • Gregory Torrence Delawie, of VA
  • Linda L. Donahue, of VA
  • Susan M. Elbow, of DC
  • Henry S. Ensher, of VA
  • John D. Feeley, of DC
  • Paul A. Folmsbee, of TX
  • David R. Gilmour, of TX
  • Sheila S. Gwaltney, of CA
  • Greta Christine Holtz, of MD
  • Mary Virginia Jeffers, of MD
  • Sylvia Dolores Johnson, of TX
  • Tina S. Kaidanow, of NY
  • Ronald James Kramer, of TX
  • Christopher A. Lambert, of VA
  • Theresa Mary Leech, of VA
  • Alberta Mayberry, of VA
  • Georges F. McCormick, of CA
  • Raymond Gerard McGrath, of VA
  • Maria Elizabeth McKay, of FL
  • Kenneth H. Merten, of VA
  • Peter J. Molberg, of MO
  • Adam E. Namm, of VA
  • Thomas Clinton Niblock Jr., of TN
  • Michael S. Owen, of TN
  • Mark A. Pekala, of MD
  • Roberto Powers, of CA
  • Edward James Ramotowski, of CT
  • Philip Thomas Reeker, of NY
  • Lawrence G. Richter, of CA
  • Eric T. Schultz, of CO
  • Karl Stoltz, of VA
  • David L. Stone, of LA
  • Lucy Tamlyn, of NY
  • Mary Thompson-Jones, of VA
  • Kurt Walter Tong, of MD
  • Mark A. Wentworth, of VA
  • Robert Earl Whitehead, of FL
  • Bisa Williams, of TX
  • Bruce Williamson, of VA

The following-named Career Members of the Foreign Service for promotion into the Senior Foreign Service, as indicated: Career Members of the Senior Foreign Service of the United States of America, Class of Counselor:


  • Susan K. Abeyta, of NY
  • Whitney Young Baird, of NC
  • Charles Edward Bennett, of WA
  • John T. Bernlohr, of CA
  • Paul Lawrence Boyd, of NM
  • David Edward Brown, of FL
  • Angela Ann Bryan, of TX
  • Judith L. Bryan, of TX
  • Kate M. Byrnes, of FL
  • Floyd Steven Cable, of NY
  • Aubrey A. Carlson, of TX
  • Anne S. Casper, of NV
  • Jeffrey R. Cellars, of CA
  • Thomas E. Cooney, of NY
  • Mary Ellen Countryman, of WA
  • Terry R. Davidson, of TX
  • Karen Bernadette Decker, of VA
  • William H. Duncan, of TX
  • Michelle M. Esperdy, of PA
  • John J. Fennerty, of VA
  • Robert W. Forden, of CA
  • Philip A. Frayne, of NY
  • Jennifer Zimdahl Galt, of CO
  • Ethan Aaron Goldrich, of MD
  • Kathleen D. Hanson, of DC
  • Jeffrey J. Hawkins, of CA
  • L. Victor Hurtado, of CO
  • Michael Joseph Jacobsen, of TX
  • Catherine J. Jarvis, of MN
  • Deborah A. Jones, of VA
  • Julie Lynn Kavanagh, of VA
  • Virginia Idelle Keener, of MD
  • Michael Stanley Klecheski, of VA
  • Deborah E. Klepp, of NY
  • Michelle A. Labonte, of VA
  • Alexander Mark Laskaris, of DC
  • Kent D. Logsdon, of FL
  • Matthew Robert Lussenhop, of MN
  • Joseph Manso, of NY
  • Elizabeth Lee Martinez, of OH
  • Larry L. Memmott, of FL
  • Robin D. Meyer, of DC
  • Marc J. Meznar, of MI
  • Elisabeth Inga Millard, of VA
  • Matthais J. Mitman, of FL
  • Michael Kent Morrow, of VA
  • Kin Wah Moy, of NY
  • Warren Patrick Murphy, of VA
  • Robert Stephen Needham, of FL
  • Eric G. Nelson, of TX
  • Beth A. Payne, of DC
  • Mark X. Perry, of MD
  • Ann E. Pforzheimer, of NY
  • Mary Catherine Phee, of DC
  • Paul P. Pometto II, of DC
  • Elizabeth Candace Putnam, of VA
  • Andrew J. Quinn, of NY
  • Robin S. Quinville, of CA
  • Michael A. Ratney, of MA
  • Scott M. Rauland, of FL
  • Christopher J. Richard, of VA
  • Elizabeth H. Richard, of TX
  • Adele E. Ruppe, of MD
  • Christopher J. Sandrolini, of IL
  • Dorothy Krebs Sarro, of AZ
  • Cynthia C. Sharpe, of TX
  • Cheryl Jane Sim, of VA
  • John Stevens, of CA
  • Susan N. Stevenson, of FL
  • Kevin King Sullivan, of CA
  • Bruce Irvin Turner, of CO
  • Thomas Laszlo Vajda, of VA
  • J. Richard Walsh, of WY
  • Patrick William Walsh, of CT
  • Brian William Wilson, of WA

Career Members of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Counselor, and Consular Officers and Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:


  • Jan D. Abbott, of VA
  • Frederick M. Armand Jr., of FL
  • Charles D. Brandeis, of VA
  • Robert J. Browning II, of WA
  • James D. Combs, of VA
  • Jasper Ray Daniels, of NC
  • Kimber E. Davidson, of VA
  • Stephen G. Fakan, of OH
  • John E. Fitzsimmons, of MD
  • Christopher F. Flynn, of VA
  • Lawrence W. Gernon, of VA
  • Robert E. Goodrich, of VA
  • Howard Lee Keegan, of TX
  • James A. Lehman, of CA
  • Jeri Lynn Lockman, of WY
  • Monte P. Makous, of PA
  • George M. Nutwell III, of MD
  • Daniel J. Power, of MD
  • Kurt R. Rice, of VA
  • Craig W. Specht, of FL
  • Keith A. Swinehart, of IL