Nominees: PN1040-1 — 112th Congress (2011-2012)All Information

The following-named Career Members of the Senior Foreign Service of the Agency for International Development for promotion within and into the Senior Foreign Service to the classes indicated: Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Career Minister:

Foreign Service


  • James A Bever, of VA
  • Deborah K. Kennedy-Iraheta, of VA
  • Susan G. Reichle, of VA
  • Paul E. Weisenfeld, of MD

Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Minister Counselor:


  • William R. Brands, of VA
  • Thomas R. Delaney, of PA
  • T. Christopher Milligan, of DC
  • Beth S. Paige, of TX
  • Alexandria L. Panehal, of VA
  • Patricia L. Rader, of MD
  • Maureen A. Shauket, of DC

Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Counselor:


  • David C. Atteberry, of FL
  • Rebecca Randolph Wallace Black, of NM
  • Derrick S. Brown, of FL
  • Christine M. Byrne, of VA
  • Anthony S. Chan, of VA
  • Kirk M. Dahlgren, of FL
  • Alexandre DePrez Sr., of FL
  • Carl Brandon Derrick, of VA
  • Azza El-Abd, of DC
  • Nancy L. Estes, of FL
  • Stephanie A. Funk, of FL
  • James Laurence Goggin, of NM
  • Carey Nathanial Gordon, of FL
  • Michael J. Greene, of MD
  • Carol J. Horning, of VA
  • Gary C. Juste, of FL
  • Neil McDonald Kester, of FL
  • Nathan S. Lokos, of VA
  • Sheila M. Lutjens, of FL
  • Kathleen S. McDonald, of DC
  • Erin Elizabeth McKee, of CA
  • Alfred M. Nakatsuma, of CA
  • John R. Power, of MN
  • Diana Briton Putman, of CT
  • R. Thomas Ray, of FL
  • Frederic G. Scott, of DC
  • Kristine Smathers, of CA
  • Elizabeth Bancroft Warfield, of MD
  • A.J. Alonzo Wind, of VA
  • John Mark Winfield, of MD