Nominees: PN1376 — 112th Congress (2011-2012)All Information

The following candidates for personnel action in the Regular Corps of the Commissioned Corps of the U. S. Public Health Service subject to qualifications therefore as provided by law and regulations:

Nominee Position
Peter S. AirelSurgeon
Leanne M. FoxSurgeon
Edith R. LedermanSurgeon
Suzette W. PengSurgeon
Tiffany M. SnyderSurgeon
Daniel S. VanderendeSurgeon
Andrew H. BakerSenior Assistant Surgeon
Eli T. LotsuSenior Assistant Surgeon
Carol J. WongDental Officer
Ann N. TruongSenior Assistant Dental Officer
Melissa L. AylworthAssistant Dental Officer
Brutrinia S. ArellanoAssistant Nurse Officer
Jason J. BrownAssistant Nurse Officer
Patricia K. CarlockAssistant Nurse Officer
Kristen M. ColeAssistant Nurse Officer
James A. DaughertyAssistant Nurse Officer
Ellen I. DieujusteAssistant Nurse Officer
Symphosia A. ForbinAssistant Nurse Officer
Marcus S. FosterAssistant Nurse Officer
Rebecca GarciaAssistant Nurse Officer
Cynda G. HallAssistant Nurse Officer
Dustin K. HamptonAssistant Nurse Officer
Anastasia A. HansenAssistant Nurse Officer
Temika N. Hardy-LovelockAssistant Nurse Officer
Carita K. HolmanAssistant Nurse Officer
Ick H. KimAssistant Nurse Officer
Patrice M. LefloreAssistant Nurse Officer
Stephanie K. MarionAssistant Nurse Officer
Myrtle MassicottAssistant Nurse Officer
Randa K. MerizianAssistant Nurse Officer
Randoshia M. MillerAssistant Nurse Officer
Gustavo N. MirandaAssistant Nurse Officer
Nicole A. MitchellAssistant Nurse Officer
Vera C. MosesAssistant Nurse Officer
Nathan A. MoyerAssistant Nurse Officer
Damian P. ParnellAssistant Nurse Officer
Bryan SmithAssistant Nurse Officer
Juula StuttsAssistant Nurse Officer
Linda A. TondreauAssistant Nurse Officer
Wayne A. WeissingerAssistant Nurse Officer
Paul A. WongAssistant Nurse Officer
Katrin E. WoodAssistant Nurse Officer
Jessica M. AllenJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Nicholas R. BahnerJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Trevor A. BairdJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Jason E. BauerJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Shannon D. BrauneJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Kendall G. BrownJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Stacey L. BruingtonJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Kassidy L. BurchettJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Andrew J. ColburnJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Aida Coronado-GarciaJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Marlene CorralesJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
John F. Ehrhart IIJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Sharice N. ElzeyJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Lindsay J. GregoryJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Jeremy V. HydeJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Everard A. IrishJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Marthania Jean-BaptisteJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Billye R. JimersonJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Lynn C. JohnsonJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Jeremy J. LiesveldJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Yvette E. MacklinJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Bryce A. MayJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Matthew A. MeyersJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Alexander N. NjungeJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Joyce E. OgbuJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Okenzie N. OkoliJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Ignatius E. OttehJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Vanessa S. ParrishJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Leslie J. PoudrierJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Pilar M. PrinceJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Gina L. RyanJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Josue S. SanchezJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Celeste M. SegerJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Christopher D. SnyderJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Ini B. UpkeJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Candice R. WellsJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Kenneth ChenAssistant Engineer
Peter Littlehat Jr.Assistant Engineer
Lindsay O. QuarrieAssistant Engineer
Rafael GonzalezJunior Assistant Engineer
Shane T. EynonAssistant Scientist
Nelson H. GuadalupeAssistant Scientist
Madeline I. Maysonet-GonzalezAssistant Scientist
Leah R. MillerAssistant Scientist
Sara A. VillarrealAssistant Scientist
Christopher D. DankmeyerAssistant Environmental Health Officer
Kai E. ElgethunAssistant Environmental Health Officer
Michelle E. KenneyAssistant Environmental Health Officer
Elizabeth A. SmithJunior Assistant Environmental Health Officer
Yandace K. BrownAssistant Veterinary Officer
Adewale A. AdeleyeAssistant Pharmacist
Todd D. AngleAssistant Pharmacist
Nabeel BabaaAssistant Pharmacist
Jonathan R. BoressAssistant Pharmacist
Mitchell W. BowenAssistant Pharmacist
Kevin L. CummingsAssistant Pharmacist
Chaka N. CunninghamAssistant Pharmacist
Jordan C. DavisAssistant Pharmacist
Melanee M. DavisAssistant Pharmacist
Lindsay E. DavisonAssistant Pharmacist
Tyler C. DreeseAssistant Pharmacist
Kendra N. EllisAssistant Pharmacist
Gustave A. GabrielsonAssistant Pharmacist
Carlisha S. GentlesAssistant Pharmacist
Andrews A. GentlesAssistant Pharmacist
Monica M. HaddicanAssistant Pharmacist
Susan E. HagyAssistant Pharmacist
Shane E. HenryAssistant Pharmacist
Cindy C. HongAssistant Pharmacist
Lindsay R. KrahmerAssistant Pharmacist
Benjamin N. LeAssistant Pharmacist
Gina L. LuginbillAssistant Pharmacist
Justin A. MathewAssistant Pharmacist
Regina L. MillerAssistant Pharmacist
John P. MistlerAssistant Pharmacist
Vanessa R. MullerAssistant Pharmacist
Trami T. NguyenAssistant Pharmacist
Uchechukwu A. NwobodoAssistant Pharmacist
Bum-Jun OhAssistant Pharmacist
Long T. PhamAssistant Pharmacist
Forge X. PhamAssistant Pharmacist
Kelly H. PhamAssistant Pharmacist
Joseph S. SmithAssistant Pharmacist
Brian C. TieuAssistant Pharmacist
Ruby TiwariAssistant Pharmacist
Allen R. TranAssistant Pharmacist
Jayson L. TrippAssistant Pharmacist
Jeffrey VangAssistant Pharmacist
Jason K. VankirkAssistant Pharmacist
Phuong-Anh T. VuAssistant Pharmacist
Jason R. WagnerAssistant Pharmacist
Corinne M. WoodsAssistant Pharmacist
Peng ZhouAssistant Pharmacist
Russell J. CaseAssistant Therapist
William A. ChurchAssistant Therapist
Andrew M. HayesAssistant Therapist
Amanda C. McDonaldAssistant Therapist
Jeffrey G. MiddletonAssistant Therapist
Cara AlexanderAssistant Health Services Officer
Henry J. AllenAssistant Health Services Officer
Ayana R. AndersonAssistant Health Services Officer
Melka F. ArgawAssistant Health Services Officer
Shenena A. ArmstrongAssistant Health Services Officer
Tyson J. BaizeAssistant Health Services Officer
Kimberly U. BlackshearAssistant Health Services Officer
Monique M. BranchAssistant Health Services Officer
Onieka T. CarpenterAssistant Health Services Officer
Jeffrey M. CoxAssistant Health Services Officer
Emily T. CrareyAssistant Health Services Officer
Jessica L. DamonAssistant Health Services Officer
Terri C. DavisAssistant Health Services Officer
Ginelle O. EdmondsonAssistant Health Services Officer
Alyson B. EisenhardtAssistant Health Services Officer
Jason W. EngelAssistant Health Services Officer
Laura M. ErhartAssistant Health Services Officer
Aisha S. FariaAssistant Health Services Officer
Juana F. FigueroaAssistant Health Services Officer
Mia L. FoleyAssistant Health Services Officer
Israel GarciaAssistant Health Services Officer
Michael H. HansenAssistant Health Services Officer
Paul D. HoffmanAssistant Health Services Officer
Keemia S. HurstAssistant Health Services Officer
Margaret A. KempAssistant Health Services Officer
Brian L. LeesAssistant Health Services Officer
Travis J. MannAssistant Health Services Officer
Leticia M. ManningAssistant Health Services Officer
Michelle A. MattheyAssistant Health Services Officer
Christopher J. MeyerAssistant Health Services Officer
Ethny ObasAssistant Health Services Officer
Dustin J. OxfordAssistant Health Services Officer
Victoria L. ParsonsAssistant Health Services Officer
Seraphine A. Pitt BarnesAssistant Health Services Officer
Phillip K. PopeAssistant Health Services Officer
Kristin M. RaczAssistant Health Services Officer
Diyo R. RaiAssistant Health Services Officer
Marquita D. RobinsonAssistant Health Services Officer
Alyson S. Rose-WoodAssistant Health Services Officer
Jeffery R. ShowalterAssistant Health Services Officer
Sarah E. SwiftAssistant Health Services Officer
Devin N. ThomasAssistant Health Services Officer
Kelly AbrahamJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Matthew R. BeymerJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Chawntel M. CarteeJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Jana L. CaylorJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Louis R. CorbinJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Kimisha L. GriffinJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Richard W. KreutzJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Shawn M. NickleJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Carloyn L. NoyesJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Raymond A. PueriniJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Jezaida RiveraJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Yolanda L. RymalJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Letisha S. SecretJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Jerome R. Simpson IIJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Donnamarie A. SpencerJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Jason E. StevensJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Katie R. WatsonJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Tracee R. WattsJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Shambrekia N. WiseJunior Assistant Health Services Officer