Nominees: PN1679 — 112th Congress (2011-2012)All Information

The following candidates for personnel action in the Regular Corps of the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service subject to qualifications therefore as provided by law and regulations:

Nominee Position
Mary J. ChoiSurgeon
Laura A. CooleySurgeon
Patricia H. DavidSurgeon
Duke J. RuktanonchaiSurgeon
Francisca AbanyieSenior Assistant Sugeon
Nina AhmadSenior Assistant Sugeon
Andrew I. GellerSenior Assistant Sugeon
Leah K. GilbertSenior Assistant Sugeon
Aaron M. HarrisSenior Assistant Sugeon
Fiona HaversSenior Assistant Sugeon
Rachel T. IdowuSenior Assistant Sugeon
Preetha J. IyengarSenior Assistant Sugeon
Stephen C. KoSenior Assistant Sugeon
Gayathri S. KumarSenior Assistant Sugeon
Keren Z. LandmanSenior Assistant Sugeon
Philip A. LedererSenior Assistant Sugeon
Anna-Binney McCagueSenior Assistant Sugeon
Erin McNelleySenior Assistant Sugeon
Jolene H. NakaoSenior Assistant Sugeon
Vuong D. NguyenSenior Assistant Sugeon
Monica PattonSenior Assistant Sugeon
Celia L. QuinnSenior Assistant Sugeon
Kenneth B. QuintoSenior Assistant Sugeon
Alison D. RidpathSenior Assistant Sugeon
Miriam L. ShiferawSenior Assistant Sugeon
Neil M. VoraSenior Assistant Sugeon
Joseph V. WoodringSenior Assistant Sugeon
Brian R. YablonSenior Assistant Sugeon
Kimberly A. BrinkerJunior Assistant Nurse Officer
Shalon M. IrvingAssistant Scientist Officer
Jonetta L. JohnsonAssistant Scientist Officer
Michael T. LoweAssistant Scientist Officer
Matthew LozierAssistant Scientist Officer
Leigh A. MillerAssistant Scientist Officer
Elizabeth RussellAssistant Scientist Officer
Amee M. SchwittersAssistant Scientist Officer
Alice M. ShumateAssistant Scientist Officer
Angela M. Thompson-PaulAssistant Scientist Officer
Tatiana Y. WarrenAssistant Scientist Officer
Jason A. WilkenAssistant Scientist Officer
Laura AdamsAssistant Veterinary Officer
Tara C. AndersonAssistant Veterinary Officer
Abbey CanonAssistant Veterinary Officer
Lizette O. DurandAssistant Veterinary Officer
Laura S. EdisonAssistant Veterinary Officer
Ilana J. SchaferAssistant Veterinary Officer
Ryan M. WallaceAssistant Veterinary Officer
Frank A. AcheampongAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Irene Adu-GyamfiAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Mackenzie P. BrownAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Jacqueline R. CampbellAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Kaleb ChamberlainAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Lindsey N. ChildressAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Whitney A. ConroyAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Alejandra G. CuevasAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Lauren DavisAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Allan DemuthAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Andrea R. DyerAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Alla Y. FabrikantAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Ashley A. FitchAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Jesse FosterAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Dewey FoutzAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Christopher M. FrazerAssistant Pharmacy Officer
RaeAnne G. FullerAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Amy N. GoodpasterAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Megan E. GroshnerAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Jason D. HarrisAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Kellee T. JamesAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Kendra N. JenkinsAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Anna B. JewulaAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Russell B. KernAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Anna U. KitAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Randi J. KunsAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Bryan P. LelandAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Heather S. LimAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Jennifer N. LindAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Alicia LohAssistant Pharmacy Officer
James O. LottAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Sara H. LowAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Michael J. MacMillanAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Madalene MandapAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Julia E. MarieAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Cullen M. McChristianAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Kamilah M. McKinnonAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Christopher R. McKnightAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Brock E. O'KeefeAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Jonathan H. OwenAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Kelly S. PakAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Sarah S. PakAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Heena V. PatelAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Ronnie L. RaelAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Salvador Rivas Jr.Assistant Pharmacy Officer
Matthew K. SasakiAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Marjanne V. SchnarrAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Alison M. SmithAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Kristina M. SnyderAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Thanh D. TaAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Patrick R. TullyAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Ann P. UpshawAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Jennifer M. UtigardAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Keith R. WarshanyAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Mary K. WenAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Riley J. Williams IIAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Valerie S. WilsonAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Rebecca WongAssistant Pharmacy Officer
Amelia M. BreyreJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Daniel V. DiGiacomaJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Tiphany D. JacksonJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Sarah R. KaslowJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Vinita PuriJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Christopher J. SalmonJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Leah M. SitlerJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Colin M. SmithJunior Assistant Health Services Officer
Meghan M. ZomorodiJunior Assistant Health Services Officer