Nominees: PN1670-1 — 114th Congress (2015-2016)All Information

The following named officers for appointment to the grade indicated in the United States Army under title 10, U.S.C., section 624:

To be Brigadier General

Col. Alfred F. Abramson III
Col. Peter B. Andrysiak Jr.
Col. Robert W. Bennett Jr.
Col. Jonathan P. Braga
Col. John W. Brennan Jr.
Col. David E. Brigham
Col. Miguel A. Correa
Col. Clement S. Coward Jr.
Col. Patrick J. Donahoe
Col. Christopher T. Donahue
Col. Robert L. Edmonson II
Col. Scott L. Efflandt
Col. David J. Francis
Col. Paul H. Fredenburgh
Col. David M. Hamilton
Col. Neil S. Hersey
Col. Lonnie G. Hibbard
Col. Johnnie L. Johnson Jr.
Col. Omar J. Jones IV
Col. Mark H. Landes
Col. David A. Lesperance
Col. Stephen J. Maranian
Col. Douglas M. McBride Jr.
Col. Matthew W. McFarlane
Col. Stephen L. Michael
Col. Christopher O. Mohan
Col. Laura A. Potter
Col. Anthony W. Potts
Col. Robert A. Rasch Jr.
Col. Kenneth T. Royar
Col. Douglas A. Sims II
Col. Stephen G. Smith
Col. John C. Ulrich
Col. Robert F. Whittle Jr.
Col. David Wilson