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Actions (4)

Date Senate Actions
09/28/2016Confirmed by the Senate by Voice Vote.
09/27/2016Placed on Senate Executive Calendar. Calendar No. DESK. Subject to nominee's commitment to respond to requests to appear and testify before any duly constituted committee of the Senate.
09/27/2016Reported by Senator Corker, Committee on Foreign Relations, without printed report.
09/06/2016Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Nominees (99)

The following-named Members of the Foreign Service of the Department of State for appointment as a Foreign Service Officer, a Consular Officer and a Secretary in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

Foreign Service


  • Jorge A. Abudei, of FL
  • Daniel C. Acker, of NC
  • James T. Allman-Gulino, of VA
  • Soren G. Andersen, of CO
  • Alex F. Andrew, of TN
  • Zohra Atmar, of VA
  • Elena C. Augustine, of WA
  • Michael P. Ball, of VA
  • Tyler W. Beebout, of WY
  • Nancy J. Brant, of RI
  • Kevin L. Brendle, of FL
  • Jason F. Brown, of DC
  • Alice L. Caruso, of AZ
  • Lauren P. Cerimele-Welch, of NY
  • Tina K. Dauod-Akguc, of VA
  • Sharon M. Davies, of IL
  • Vanessa Robin de Bruyn, of WA
  • Rafael Diaz, of NV
  • Daniel B. Dolan, of PA
  • Stephen E. Dreikorn, of MI
  • Lauren T. Dunham, of DC
  • Alexander J. Dunoye, of CA
  • Erik V. E. Eisele, of TX
  • Rayna K. Farnsworth, of AZ
  • Brock D. Fox, of SD
  • James S. Gardiner, of TX
  • Kenneth C. Gardner Jr., of PA
  • Caleb J. Goddard, of CA
  • Jose A. Gutierrez, of TX
  • Jacob A. Hall, of CA
  • Thomas Leon Hayes, of TN
  • Amy B. Hebert, of CO
  • Kenise D. Hill, of MI
  • Josephine G. Hinman, of NJ
  • Andrew Blayne Holtz, of NY
  • Katherine H. Hoops, of MN
  • Sara L. Horner, of NJ
  • Andrew W. Hudson, of FL
  • Heather Yang Hwalek, of ME
  • Brendan C. James, of FL
  • Owen R. Johns, of WA
  • Timothy N. Johnson, of NY
  • Daniel N. Kanigan, of UT
  • Elaine Victoria Kelley, of VA
  • Branigan M. Knowlton, of UT
  • Griffin P. Lenoir, of TX
  • Dale H. Lim, of CA
  • Meghan H. Luecke, of CA
  • Mohini A. Madgavkar, of TX
  • Charles W. Malinak, of NY
  • Michelle L. Martinez, of ID
  • Charles A. Matack, of CA
  • Amelia S. Mathias, of VA
  • Robert M. McDonald, of CA
  • Ariadne C. Medler, of FL
  • Elizabeth P. Meyer, of VA
  • Theresa A. Meyer, of TX
  • Michelle A. Milardo, of NH
  • Helen Y. No, of CA
  • Christian R. Olsen, of MD
  • Mark S. Padgett Jr., of WV
  • Leonard T. Perry, of SC
  • Norman R. Pflanz, of NE
  • Gregory J. Porter, of PA
  • Stephanie J. Porter, of MN
  • Rafael Andrade Ravelo, of PR
  • Luis E. Reinoso, of VA
  • Jacob M. Rocca, of TX
  • Catherine A. Roden, of AL
  • James C. Ross, of CO
  • Laura Wilson Russ, of CA
  • Mark A. Saavedra, of CA
  • Ehren Scott Schimmel, of NH
  • Etan J. Schwartz, of NJ
  • Martin B. Schwartz, of CA
  • Eila M. Sepulveda, of DC
  • John A. Simmons, of MO
  • Sydney S. Smith, of MI
  • Lisa A. Spink, of VA
  • Maria Stavropoulos, of MA
  • Paul D. Stilley, of NV
  • Alexander L. Suderow, of MA
  • Eric J. Sullivan, of FL
  • Natalia T. Susak, of VA
  • Jamie Lynn Sutter, of OH
  • Eric S. Swinn, of TX
  • Jonathan C. To, of AR
  • Christian E. Torres, of DC
  • Mark F. Trocinski, of CO
  • Victoria L. Valerga, of TX
  • Alexander T. Wald, of CT
  • Pauletta M. Walsh, of CA
  • Adam J. Weise, of FL
  • Lindsey K. Whitehead, of FL
  • Vanessa Toufaily Whittington, of TX
  • Susannah T. Wood, of NC
  • Emily V. Zeeberg, of VA
  • Clare Nicholson Zimmerman, of PA

The following-named Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service for promotion within the Senior Foreign Service of the United States of America, Class of Career Minister, effective February 21, 2016:


  • Deborah Kay Jones, of NM