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Actions (5)

Date Senate Actions
04/26/2018Confirmed by the Senate by Voice Vote.
04/26/2018Considered by Senate.
04/23/2018Placed on Senate Executive Calendar. Calendar No. DESK. Subject to nominee's commitment to respond to requests to appear and testify before any duly constituted committee of the Senate.
04/23/2018Reported by Senator Corker, Committee on Foreign Relations, without printed report.
03/12/2018Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Nominees (106)

The following-named Members of the Foreign Service of the United States Agency for International Development to be a Foreign Service Officer, a Consular Officer, and a Secretary in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

Foreign Service


  • Benjamin Thomas Ardell, of CA
  • Jorge Marcelo Arellano, of NY
  • Daniel R. Bailey, of WA
  • Abinet Y. Belachew, of VA
  • Aaron James Bennett, of CA
  • Teffera M. Betru, of CO
  • Nina R. Bowen, of AK
  • William Edwin Bradley, of MN
  • Sophia Brewer, of OK
  • Amber B. Brooks, of DC
  • Andrea P. Capellan, of NC
  • Sandro Carrillo, of TX
  • Melissa Ricke Chipili, of PA
  • Matt Curtis, of CA
  • Mary Elizabeth de Boer, of OH
  • Kevin Zachary Dean, of NY
  • Krista A. Desgranges Elkhamri, of FL
  • Nikhil M. Divecha, of MD
  • Jaime L. Dominguez, of DC
  • Mary O. Edwards, of FL
  • Melanie Love Edwards, of OR
  • Alei H. ElDorry, of VA
  • Katrina Erdahl, of VA
  • Armando Espinosa, of MD
  • John Robert Ezell, of CA
  • Sara Katherine Farnsworth, of DC
  • Paul Figueroa, of NM
  • Rachel Elizabeth Goldstein, of CA
  • Raymond E. Grant, of VA
  • Amina Halidou Gueye, of TX
  • Debra L. Gueye, of VA
  • Sharon M. Gulick, of MD
  • Cherry M. Gumapas, of WA
  • Bethany Ann Haberer, of DC
  • Andrew T. Hable, of IL
  • Amy Melissa Hamelin, of VA
  • Sarah Jean Harrison, of MD
  • Mark Adam Henderson, of FL
  • Daniel Russell Hicks, of VA
  • Chung Wei Huang, of MO
  • Benjamin H. Isquith, of WA
  • Debbie Patrice Jackson, of PA
  • Gary C. Jahn, of VA
  • Raymund John Johansen, of NV
  • Adam Christopher Jung, of OR
  • David F. Kauper, of CA
  • Stefanie K. Kendall, of DC
  • Michelle S. Kim, of CA
  • Richard E. Kimball, of VA
  • Samuel E. Kraegel, of FL
  • Sinu Kurian, of NY
  • Alexander C. Lane, of CA
  • Joseph Leinweber, of IL
  • Andrew Alan Lucas, of CO
  • Kimberly Lynn Ludwig, of NV
  • Erik Andris Markovs, of MD
  • Robin Morrison Martz, of FL
  • Sait Mboob, of TN
  • Michael A. McBroom, of MI
  • Edith I. McClintock, of WA
  • Donald McCubbin, of MD
  • Robert Calvin McKenney, of PA
  • Amy Elizabeth McQuade, of TX
  • Patricia Jeptoo Mengech, of TX
  • Evan Meyer, of NY
  • Erin Marie Mone-Marquez, of NH
  • Daniel Morris, of NY
  • Adam Wesley Norikane, of WA
  • Jenelle M. Norin, of VA
  • Maurice O. Ogutu, of IL
  • Randall B. Olson, of MN
  • Julie R. Ota, of OR
  • Robert Edward Pierce, of CA
  • Conor James Politz, of PA
  • Rebecca Moanikeala Robinson, of AZ
  • Patrick Edward Robison, of FL
  • Alexis Roiter, of MD
  • Zaki Mohamad Saad, of VA
  • Nathan N. Sage, of CT
  • Christopher M. Schaan, of NV
  • Benjamin Jeffrey Schapiro, of FL
  • Joseph Alan Scheibel, of VA
  • Stephen Matthew Scott, of VA
  • Ritu W Singh, of TX
  • Jeffrey M. Skarin, of VA
  • Patrick Delinde Smith, of VA
  • Michael Anthony Smith, of DC
  • Jessie Snaza, of NV
  • Adam P. Stefan, of TN
  • Amy L. M. Stenoien, of MN
  • Andrea Stone, of FL
  • Ethan Nathaniel Takahashi, of TX
  • Yasmeen T. Thomason, of MD
  • G. Jessica Torrens-Spence, of VA
  • Matthew K. Udziela, of NC
  • Erumis Miguel Urena, of UT
  • Luis Velazquez, of VA
  • Christine Veverka, of DC
  • Cheryl Yvette Voisard, of PA
  • Ann Wallace, of CA
  • Stacy L. Wallick, of LA
  • Adam Joseph Walsh, of FL
  • Kathleen K. Webb, of MD
  • Ani H. Zamgochian, of DC
  • Claude J. Zullo, of MD
  • Alexander Zvinakis, of CA