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Actions (5)

Date Senate Actions
06/28/2018Confirmed by the Senate by Voice Vote.
06/28/2018Considered by Senate.
06/26/2018Placed on Senate Executive Calendar. Calendar No. DESK.
06/26/2018Reported by Senator Corker, Committee on Foreign Relations, without printed report.
05/10/2018Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Nominees (80)

The following-named Members of the Foreign Service of the Department of State to be a Foreign Service Officer, a Consular Officer, and a Secretary in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

Foreign Service


  • George Eugene Adair, of VA
  • Katrina M. Barnas, of NY
  • Ashley M. Bartlett, of FL
  • Jill Y. Barwig, of CO
  • Caitlin A. Bauer, of OK
  • Robert A. Blanco, of CA
  • Maria K. Blees, of WA
  • Leah A. Boyer, of LA
  • Tiffany J. Burchett, of TX
  • Gabriela S. Canavati, of TX
  • Karn L. Carlson, of TX
  • Randy E. Cole Jr., of SD
  • Michael S. Cullinan, of SC
  • Renee M. Cummings, of WA
  • Evan Lamar Davis, of OH
  • Martha Johnson Demos, of FL
  • Kareem J. Dright, of CA
  • Leon P. D'Souza, of VA
  • Arthur R. Dymond, of MO
  • Kimberly M. Everett, of AL
  • Mathew M. Falkoff, of CA
  • Loghman Fattahi, of VA
  • Krista K. Fisher, of TX
  • Kyle A. Fishman, of FL
  • Bradley M. Gardner, of CA
  • Jesse P. Golland, of CO
  • Neil Gundavda, of DC
  • Lekisha R. Gunn, of AL
  • Eric T. Han, of CA
  • Stephen C. Harris Jr., of MO
  • Joshua D. Hatch, of TX
  • Tameisha C. Henry, of MD
  • Meghan L. Higgins, of VA
  • Joely E. Hildebrand, of NE
  • Daniel J. Hoffman Jr., of TX
  • Nahder B. Houshmand, of IL
  • Kayla Howe, of DC
  • Tetyana Ivanishena, of PA
  • Michelle E. Janzen, of DC
  • Katherine L. Jernigan, of TX
  • Jennifer E. Johnson, of CO
  • Leshawna R. Johnson, of NY
  • Nathan B. Johnson, of CA
  • Daniel P. Joyce, of DC
  • Audrey H. Keranen, of IA
  • Farouk Khan, of NY
  • Caitlyn H. Kim, of DC
  • Amy E. Kornbluth, of FL
  • Sun J. Lee, of CA
  • Jesse L. Lynch, of FL
  • Sally A. Meyers, of MO
  • Natalya Vadimovna Morin, of FL
  • James T. Mosher, of OH
  • Sarah E. Moyer, of NV
  • Emily Yoheved Narkis, of DC
  • Lisa L. Nesselroad, of NC
  • Dominic T. Nguyen, of CA
  • Mike Anh Nguyen, of CA
  • Amy M. Padilla, of TN
  • Brandon J. Peart, of UT
  • Abdel Perera, of FL
  • Kira M. Peterson, of MI
  • Jason E. Raskin, of NY
  • Valerie M. Reed, of VA
  • Malikat O. Rufai, of IL
  • Patrick V. Rumley, of FL
  • Bryan K. Schell, of CA
  • Glorya Cho Sing Key, of WA
  • Kristin A. S. Smith, of DC
  • Cameron D. Thomas-Shah, of NV
  • Harry R. Thompson III, of IL
  • Abigail H. Trenhaile, of HI
  • Phillip J. Walsky, of FL
  • Kristen Elizabeth Weaver, of CA
  • Benjamin J. Williams, of CA
  • Paul H. Wulfsberg, of MA
  • Ivan Vilela, of FL

The following-named Career Member of the Foreign Service for promotion into the Senior Foreign Service, as a Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Counselor:


  • Jeffrey Paul Lodinsky, of NY

The following-named Career Members of the Foreign Service for promotion within the Senior Foreign Service, as a Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Minister-Counselor:


  • Elizabeth Anne Noseworthy Fitzsimmons, of VA
  • Brian J. McKenna, of MD