Nominees: PN2651 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)All Information

The following named officers for appointment in the United States Air Force to the grade indicated under title 10, U.S.C., section 624:

To be Brigadier General

Col. David W. Abba
Col. Christopher R. Amrhein
Col. Charles D. Bolton
Col. Larry R. Broadwell Jr.
Col. Terry L. Bullard
Col. Scott A. Cain
Col. Jimmy R. Canlas
Col. Julian C. Cheater
Col. Roy W. Collins
Col. Colin J. Connor
Col. Donald J. Cothern
Col. David S. Eaglin
Col. Steven G. Edwards
Col. Troy L. Endicott
Col. Gregory J. Gagnon
Col. Richard W. Gibbs
Col. Jennifer L. Grant
Col. Stewart A. Hammons
Col. Robert S. Jobe
Col. John M. Klein Jr.
Col. Gregory Kreuder
Col. Benjamin R. Maitre
Col. Matteo G. Martemucci
Col. Caroline M. Miller
Col. David A. Mineau
Col. Paul J. Murray
Col. Ty W. Neuman
Col. John P. Newberry
Col. Jefferson J. O'Donnell
Col. Thomas B. Palenske
Col. Evan L. Pettus
Col. Christopher S. Povak
Col. Bradley L. Pyburn
Col. Chad D. Raduege
Col. Michael T. Rawls
Col. Ryan R. Samuelson
Col. David J. Sanford
Col. David G. Shoemaker
Col. Rebecca J. Sonkiss
Col. Claude K. Tudor Jr.
Col. Daniel H. Tulley
Col. Jeffery D. Valenzia
Col. John C. Walker
Col. Steven P. Whitney