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Actions (4)

Date Senate Actions
05/18/2017Confirmed by the Senate by Voice Vote.
05/09/2017Placed on Senate Executive Calendar. Calendar No. DESK. Subject to nominee's commitment to respond to requests to appear and testify before any duly constituted committee of the Senate.
05/09/2017Reported by Senator Corker, Committee on Foreign Relations, without printed report.
04/25/2017Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Nominees (96)

The following-named Members of the Foreign Service of the United States Agency for International Development for appointment as a Foreign Service Officer, a Consular Officer, and a Secretary in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

Foreign Service


  • Edward Francis Acevedo, of FL
  • Brian Thomas Anderson, of TX
  • Jonathan A. Armah, of WI
  • Jonathan Eric Banco, of CT
  • Razia Zarina Baqai, of CA
  • Rayma Baran, of TX
  • Sarah Atwood Barma, of NE
  • Michael Thomas Behan, of CA
  • Lillian D Benjamin, of DC
  • Kent Anthony MacKinnon Benson, of FL
  • Stephen F. Berlinguette, of FL
  • Nathaniel Bills, of VT
  • Brinton Edward Bohling, of VA
  • Kimberly Ann Bostwick, of MD
  • Cibeles Garcia Burt, of TX
  • Harold George Carey Jr., of CA
  • David B. Chalmers, of WA
  • Cory Coleman, of AL
  • Jennifer Connolly, of PA
  • Timothy Gustavo Curtin, of MO
  • Joseph B. Dever, of MI
  • Charlee Nicole Doom, of NY
  • Nicole Enersen, of MN
  • Jessica R. Faber, of WA
  • Jacinto F. Fabiosa, of IA
  • Todd Evan Flower, of MO
  • Juan J. Gamboa, of TX
  • Roy Joseph Geiser, of VA
  • Thomas Gibb, of CO
  • James M. Gilman, of MA
  • Justin Ross Gunnoe, of OH
  • Caitlin Gayle Hall, of FL
  • Francis Xavier Higdon, of FL
  • Caroline B. Hillas, of VA
  • Shawna Gillespie Hirsch, of WA
  • Christopher Andrew Hobbs, of MA
  • Colin Mark Holmes, of CA
  • Mark K. Hyland, of CA
  • Markham Anthony Isom, of FL
  • John Jirasek, of MN
  • Nery Y. Jubert Rivera, of MD
  • Christine Katin, of FL
  • Anna Iris Katz, of PA
  • Chelsea Jaccard Kaufman, of VA
  • James Patrick Kelleher, of VA
  • Julia C. Kennedy, of TX
  • Amber Lily Kenny, of MO
  • Ashley M. King, of WA
  • Dennis Knecht, of OH
  • Luke Richard Ledenbach, of IL
  • Stephen Fontaine Little, of DC
  • Jessica-Louise Bass Lopez, of DC
  • Patrice A.D. Lopez, of MD
  • Katelin B. Maher, of FL
  • Terhi H. Majanen, of DC
  • Courtney McGill Maloney, of MI
  • Ashley B. Marcus, of VA
  • Andrew Malone McCown, of TX
  • Alexis McGinness, of CA
  • Dhulce-Janice McGuire, of VA
  • Isabelle Christina Mulin, of TX
  • Sarah Muwanga-Masagazi, of NC
  • Andrew James Nelson, of VA
  • Jane Ashley Netherton, of KY
  • Dani L. Newcomb, of FL
  • Mark Andrew Newton, of VA
  • Oghale A.D. Oddo, of KY
  • Theresa Finn Outlaw, of DC
  • Oleksandra Mykolayivna Price, of NY
  • Guadalupe Elizabeth Ramirez, of DC
  • Matthew David Russell, of WI
  • Daniel Patrick Ryan, of CA
  • Melissa A. Scherer, of VA
  • Kristi Schober, of TX
  • Agathe Sector, of FL
  • Joseph A. Sidari, of IL
  • Amy M. Southworth, of PA
  • JoAnn Carla Sparacino, of WA
  • Dylan J. Stearns, of FL
  • Shannon Lynn Stone, of WI
  • David J. Strine, of CT
  • Pamela Leslie Strong, of OR
  • Alena Junko Tansey, of DC
  • Jason P Taylor, of ID
  • Maria Julia Televantos, of PA
  • John Nicholas Thurow, of WY
  • Sergiu Zgripcea Troie, of MA
  • Laura Monica Villanueva, of VA
  • Constance Warhol, of MN
  • Stacey T. Warren, of DC
  • Thibaut Williams, of VA
  • Erin N. Wroblewski, of IN
  • Grace Yang, of VA
  • Shannon R. Young, of DC
  • Katherine Younker, of CA
  • Benjamin D. Zinner, of MN