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Actions (4)

Date Senate Actions
07/31/2017Confirmed by the Senate by Voice Vote.
07/12/2017Placed on Senate Executive Calendar. Calendar No. DESK. Subject to nominee's commitment to respond to requests to appear and testify before any duly constituted committee of the Senate.
07/12/2017Reported by Senator Corker, Committee on Foreign Relations, without printed report.
06/29/2017Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Nominees (53)

The following-named Members of the Foreign Service of the Department of State to be a Foreign Service Officer, a Consular Officer, and a Secretary in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

Foreign Service


  • Andrew K. Abordonado, of CA
  • Karen A. Antonyan, of NV
  • Tobei B. Arai, of GA
  • Claire T. Bea, of DC
  • Karen D. Bettencourt, of CA
  • Benjamin B. Chapman, of MD
  • Heather M. Chase, of NH
  • John T. Cheng, of DC
  • Bernardo A. Diaz, of NM
  • Carolina Escalera, of FL
  • Rebecca E. Farmer, of WA
  • Benjamin M. Fehrman, of NC
  • Paul R. Fleming, of FL
  • Eric W. Groff, of WA
  • Colin B. Guard, of WA
  • Julian A. Hadas, of DC
  • Theodore L. Ho, of CA
  • Stephen E. Huneke, of FL
  • Ariel R. Jahner, of CA
  • Christopher D. Johnson, of NY
  • Joshua R. Johnson, of CA
  • Briana N. Jones, of NY
  • Jeff Jung, of CA
  • John-Marshall Klein, of VA
  • Patrick E. Koucheravy, of VA
  • Vicky Ku, of NY
  • Adam M. Levy, of MA
  • Angelo M. Maestas, of WA
  • Mark R. Maloney, of VA
  • Shiva A. Marvasti, of CT
  • Amy R. Monsarrat, of VA
  • Theresa L. Musacchio, of IL
  • Debra N. Negron, of VA
  • Stephanie K. Parenti, of FL
  • Rachael N. Parrish, of FL
  • Sapna K. Patel, of TX
  • Sandra V. Pizarro, of ID
  • Aaron H. Pratt, of MN
  • Aleksandra Ristovic, of DC
  • Lauren B. Roberts, of VA
  • Erin E. Robinson, of CO
  • Aleksey Sanchez, of FL
  • Tabitha J. Snowbarger, of TN
  • RaeJean K. Stokes, of CT
  • Karla R. Thomas, of WA
  • Emily J. Tietze, of TX
  • Phillip C. Tissue Jr., of PA
  • Daniel G. Towne, of CA
  • Laura J. Travis, of VA
  • Sarah M. Van Horne, of CA
  • John Volkoff, of MD
  • Lila F. Wade, of OR
  • Peter B. Winter, of NM